Saturday, October 31, 2015


The election of Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) as Speaker of the House is not a good thing. Those familiar with his very unconservative and unconstitutional views and voting record will recall how he was exposed in 2012 when he ran as a vice presidential candidate with Mitt Romney.
However, his newly elected position does give us insight into other individuals and organizations that we must consider to be not friendly to the American people in pushing Ryan for Speaker. 
The House Freedom Caucus was one of the chief proponents of pushing Ryan for Speaker. 

Julia Hahn reports at Breitbart:
A new PBS documentary has exposed the motivating factors behind House Freedom Caucus members' decision to propel donor-class favorite Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) into the most powerful position in Congress. 
As Speaker of the House, Ryan will have unilateral control over many aspects of the congressional agenda, including passage of Obamatrade in the lame duck session and amnesty legislation in 2017.

The two-hour long presentation reveals that the House Freedom Caucus' founding members have been among the most ardent boosters in Congress of Ryan's career and his closest allies in trying to implement Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL)'s 2013 amnesty plan.
It is this fact that explains how the group labeled by the media as anti-establishment foes is now the group responsible for placing the establishment's favorite politician at the doorstep of the Speaker's office.  In recent days, prominent conservatives and grassroots activists have slammed the House Freedom Caucus for what they described as a "betrayal" of the Republican electorate. As Rush Limbaugh said after Ryan issued his list of demands to House lawmakers:
"You would not think that the Freedom Caucus, the conservatives in the House, the Tea Party caucus, whatever you want to call them, no way would they go along with this. No way under the sun would they go along with this. … But it looks like enough of them will. … This is how we get. … I don't want to say "played," folks, but I'm telling you: the script is written offsite, backstage. We don't see that. We see everybody playing their part, including the Freedom Caucus members."
Rush is right.  The American people are being played by both sides of the aisle. This is why if you think electing Republicans over Democrats will fix the problem, then you must be awakened to the fact that sort of thinking is part of the problem. 


Jim Jordan of Ohio, Chair[19]
Justin Amash of Michigan[19]
Brian Babin of Texas[20]
Rod Blum of Iowa[20]
Dave Brat of Virginia[21]
Jim Bridenstine of Oklahoma[22]
Mo Brooks of Alabama[23][24]
Ken Buck of Colorado[25]
Curt Clawson of Florida[26]
Ron DeSantis of Florida[19]
Scott Desjarlais of Tennessee[27]
Jeff Duncan of South Carolina[28]
John Fleming of Louisiana[19]
Trent Franks of Arizona[25]
Scott Garrett of New Jersey[19]
Paul Gosar of Arizona[29]
Morgan Griffith of Virginia[3]
Andy Harris of Maryland[20]
Jody Hice of Georgia[30]
Tim Huelskamp of Kansas[31]
Raúl Labrador of Idaho[19]
Barry Loudermilk of Georgia[30]
Cynthia Lummis of Wyoming[25]
Mark Meadows of North Carolina[19]
Alex Mooney of West Virginia[20]
Mick Mulvaney of South Carolina[19]
Gary Palmer of Alabama[22]
Steve Pearce of New Mexico[25]
Scott Perry of Pennsylvania[20]
Ted Poe of Texas[20]
Bill Posey of Florida[20]
Keith Rothfus of Pennsylvania[20]
Matt Salmon of Arizona[19]
Mark Sanford of South Carolina[20]
David Schweikert of Arizona[25]
Marlin Stutzman of Indiana[20]
Randy Weber of Texas[32]
Ted Yoho of Florida[33]
Yes, sadly even Rep. Justin Amash, whom I would have supported for Speaker, should have known better, but he supported Ryan and should be called out on it! Even my own representative, Mick Mulvaney, supported Tyan, and he will be called out on it! 

Ann Corcoran has penned an excellent piece on those who supported Ryan and why it's important to expose them, especially for those of us in South Carolina and Idaho. She writes:
Paul Ryan victory party invitations are out!  See here.  (Hat tip: Cathy), and Diana West reports on the role played by the Heritage Foundation (very troubling!), here. (I've been done with them for awhile anyway!)

By the way, for me, immigration is the only issue that matters.  We will live or die depending on how many immigrants we admit and from where they come.  Once they change the demographic make-up of America, no other issue you care about will matter.

For all of you fighting to slow refugee resettlement in South Carolina and Idaho, two members of Congress (dressed in Tea Party clothes***) in your states are working against you.

While I have written disdainfully of Rep. Trey Gowdy for dragging his feet (as Chairman of the House Subcommittee on Immigration and Border Security) on holding hearings on the Refugee Admissions Program, it turns out that fellow South Carolina Rep. Mick Mulvaney has been working overtime on amnesty for illegal aliens and no doubt is helping push refugees into the state (likely cheered on by SC Senator Lindsey Graham who recently made it clear that he wants Syrian Muslims admitted to the US in large numbers).

And, no wonder Republican Governor Nikki Halley is toeing the line and "welcoming" refugees to SC.  The state's leading Republicans are working to promote MORE immigration to America.  She is obviously too weak to buck them (if she wanted to!).
Corcoran also pointed out Rep. Raul Labrador (R-ID), a supporter of the Gang of Eight's efforts to pass amnesty and expanding immigration. 

You can bet your bottom dollar that all of these people are more than willing to sell us out with an influx of unvetted Muslim immigrants into our states, as well as those pouring across our borders and rather than assimilating are often seeking to provoke an insurrection. 

These are not people who are looking to come here for a better life and assimilate into our society. They are just like the ones invading Europe and seeking to take over. Now, you know some of those behind the support for the invasion of the united States. 



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Hang em all and clean out the cesspool

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So Tim Brown knows how to govern better than the elected representatives. Who does he propose instead of Paul Ryan?

The House needs a Speaker, a member of Congress elected by the other members of the House.