Tuesday, October 27, 2015



ear Reader,
See the image below?
This controversial lab photo is going viral, and exposes a fatal flaw in the way mainstream medicine treats cancer.
Pulled from a new study at the University of South Florida, this series of pictures reveals a stunning reversal.
And the ramifications are HUGE for anyone who suffers from cancer, or knows someone who does.
Take a look...
The researchers used "bioluminescence" to mark and illuminate the tumors and where the cancer was spreading. That’s where the colors come from.
The first mouse on your left, is your typical cancer patient, treated with chemo and radiation.
It still has all of its tumors and never went into complete remission.
But with this new discovery, the mouse made a complete transformation. The picture on the far right is the same mouse after receiving a very different therapy...
One that includes a protocol I call the "8th Element."
In just three weeks, the tumors vanished.
All without dangerous side effects, prescription drugs, or invasive surgeries.
In fact, you can apply the 8th Element from the comfort of your home.
All the details of this cancer-killing treatment in a special report.
To your good health,
Al Sears, MD

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Anonymous said...

Why tease us with that (huge) propaganda link when you could just list the source?


SNIP: When ozone gets into your blood, that extra atom of oxygen breaks away and zaps the bad guys like viruses and cancer cells.

Some people call ozone “energized” or “activated” oxygen. That’s because it’s so ready to react with anything around it. It’s too unstable to gather from the air. So I use a special machine to make the O3 from medical-grade O2.

Then I draw a small amount of the patient’s blood. Next, I infuse the blood with medical-grade O3 mixed with O2. Finally, I slowly reintroduce the oxygen-rich blood back into the patient with an IV.

The activated oxygen releases its energy throughout the body. It improves circulation, stimulates stem cell production, and flushes out toxins.

For someone with cancer, ozone can lower inflammation and help remove free radicals. It can also destroy cancer cells on contact.