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Jesse Lee Peterson slams left-wing group as 'anti-American'

Oct 28 2015
Jesse Lee Peterson

The 'Black Lives Matter' movement has the 'federal government' on its side.  But its activists can’t seem to stop desecrating the American flag.

In the latest incident, activists ripped down the American flag at a police chiefs’ convention in Chicago, replacing Old Glory with their own banner.  This only days after 'president' Obama once again defended the group, and the Democratic National Committee approved a special Black Lives Matter presidential town hall discussion.

Such are the paradoxes in modern America, where one civil rights leader says Black Lives Matter is “anti-American, without a doubt,” and will continue to hate the 'government' no matter the support the movement gets.

Jesse Lee Peterson is a WND columnist, the founder and president of the civil-rights organization BOND (Brotherhood Organization for a New Destiny) and the author of the upcoming book “The Antidote.”  He said the movement associates the U.S. with “whiteness,” and, therefore, despises the very government that appears to be endorsing it.

“Black Lives Matter hates the American system of government, i.e., the Constitution and capitalism,” Peterson told WND. “To Black Lives Matter, the American system of government and the flag represent ‘white supremacy,’ and they want to tear down and destroy everything they think symbolizes whiteness.
Other observers also believe Black Lives Matter and other anti-police groups are driven by a disturbing racial agenda.

Colin Flaherty has chronicled nationwide incidents of black-on-white mob violence in “White Girl Bleed A Lot: The Return of Racial Violence to America and How the Media Ignore it.” He argues Black Lives Matter is following a philosophy that is not just anti-American but fundamentally anti-white.  “BLM is anti-white and anti-free enterprise,” said Flaherty. “They are the logical conclusion of the theory created by Barack Obama’s mentor at Harvard, Derrick Bell. He called it Critical Race Theory, and it says black people are relentless victims of relentless white racism all the time. Of course, this is also used as the excuse to attack police, because under this theory, cops are apparently always picking on black people for no reason whatsoever.

“All this necessarily makes them anti-American. But it would be a mistake to call this a philosophical principle. Their central organizing principal is simply race hate.
Jack Cashill, a WND columnist and the author of the new book “Scarlet Letters: The Ever Increasing Intolerance of the Cult of Liberalism,” believes progressive activists have reinterpreted American history and identity through the lens of racial grievances.  The result, he maintains, is a skewed perspective on the history of a country they are determined to view as eternally racist.

“Like all leftist groups, like Barack Obama himself, the Black Lives Matter movement is instinctively hostile to the America we know,” Cashill told WND. “Everywhere they look they see only degradation of the oppressed and symbols of the same. For them, there is no real difference between a Confederate flag and an American flag, between Christopher Columbus and Genghis Khan, between Andrew Jackson and Adolf Hitler.

Knowing little about real history, they cling to the disinformation they have learned every step of the way from grade school on. What will undo them is the absurd and dishonest nature of their agenda. It cannot stand the least bit of scrutiny. In the meantime, they will create as much havoc as they can.”

Anti-police protesters have often turned their rage on the American flag over the past year. In May, black college students launched the #EricSheppardChallenge in which participants filmed themselves stomping on the American flag. Protesters in New York City attempted to organize a flag burning in June. And just this month, Louis Farrakhan’s “Justice or Else” rally featured thousands of attendees chanting, “Down, down USA!”

Peterson says Black Lives Matter is a “hate group.” But he places ultimate responsibility on the Obama administration.  “This is all proceeding according to their plan,” Peterson charged. “The left has been planning this for decades and things will get worse before they get better. Obama won’t repudiate Black Lives Matter because he needs the division and chaos in order to convince the public that the American system of government is unfair to minorities. If he can convince the people that the system is broken, then he can continue to centralize the government and ‘transform’ America into a socialist nation.”

And Peterson says Obama’s form of socialism is built upon race, not just economics.  “Ultimately, Obama wants to remove whites from power and redistribute more of their wealth to minorities.”

Flaherty also contends the Obama administration is “obsessed” with race.  “It is the most race conscious group of people to ever occupy the executive branch,” Flaherty said. “The Obama administration from top to bottom holds that race is a central organizing feature of what they want to do. Every aspect of every decision is flavored with race. From 'president' Obama to the attorney general to the education department, labor, the EPA, and even the military. And let’s just say this – this crowd is not hiding anything.

“They are very up front about how they are trying to transform American to meet their vision of racial and economic justice. They are doing what they promised. If I would fault anyone, it would be all the people in this country who ignore what they say or the Republican pundits who think the Obama administration doesn’t really believe in this or doesn’t really mean what they are saying.”

Flaherty urges conservatives to understand Obama’s racially driven policies threaten not just Americans’ traditional liberties but the existence of the country itself.  “There is no doubt we are losing our country as a place where individual merit and personal responsibility are revered as cornerstones of our success,” he warned. “This race obsession is, of course, the basest form of collectivism and will fail just as it has everywhere else. But as Black Lives Matter and its stubborn anti-Americanism shows, the Obama administration has been successful in integrating their race-based vision into the fabric of American life.  “At some point, lots of people are going to see this for the hoax it is. And when that starts changing, that will be the test of how well our country can stick together.”

Peterson is even more pessimistic in his predictions about the end of America and imminent racial balkanization.  “If the violence against police continues and groups like Black Lives Matter, the New Black Panther Party and Louis Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam are not stopped, the country will fall apart,” Peterson said bluntly. “United we win – divided we will lose. Obama has managed to divide Americans along race, gender and class. Now he’s allowing the police to be isolated and made into targets of hate and ridicule.”

Peterson blames the “Ferguson effect” for increasing crime. And he warns more violence against law-abiding citizens will be only the beginning.  “Police have become apprehensive about using force to stop criminals,” Peterson said. “If we don’t recognize how we’re being divided and tricked into blaming police rather than the criminals, Obama and BLM will have their way – and it will be the end of America as know it.” 

Now that this has been revealed and warnings issued to America by black leaders themselves, WHAT ARE WE AMERICANS GOING TO DO ABOUT THIS?


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