Saturday, July 30, 2016

Bill Clinton dozes off during Hillary's 'historic speech'!!

Trump turns Bill Clinton’s nap into hilarious video, but it’s the caption that will have you rolling

Donald Trump took a break from campaigning (and Twitter) to post an uproariously funny video directed at former President Bill Clinton, the husband of his Democratic opponent.

At the same time that Hillary Clinton was making the biggest speech of her life Thursday night — accepting the Democratic nomination for president — her husband was busy getting in some much-needed sleep time — and it was caught on video.

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So the Republican presidential nominee and his campaign staff put together this little reminder and posted it on Instagram, along with the caption, “Even Bill is tired of the lies, SAD!”

 Bill Clinton’s nap


Lyin Crooked Hillary Clinton song


Anonymous said...

One rat ready to sing like a canary.

Anonymous said...

Bill Rockefeller Clinton is far eviller than what's her face, which is why this house of cards's gotta go.

By the way, what was the record.....Like 60 or was it 125 murders during Arkancide which Billy Bob covered up!??!
Someone should keep a tally!!

Rakesh Dass said...

Killary Hitlary Clinton....