Sunday, July 24, 2016

Mark Dice: Hillary Clinton and American standard of living

Hillary Supporters Hope 
if Elected President!!

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Ajeocci said...

This was a very good example of America today, and I hope a huge number of people watch it and pay attention. During his interviews, Mark put out a ridiculous theory and only two people seemed to get it. One, a "long haired hippie dude", got the gist of it, but the black guy caught it in it's absurdity. The only reason he didn't react quicker was because he still had his ear buds in and probably didn't hear. But when Mark repeated it, he reacted in full. It goes to show that, one, long hair doesn't mean you're stupid, and, two, the older gentleman understood what was actually being asked. Older is smarter, and being black is not a detriment to intelligence. Kudos to both these guys. The dumb blonde proves the adage about dumb blondes, although she was extremely attractive.