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Exposed! 5 biggest lies from DNC

Exposed!  5  biggest  lies  from  DNC

Hillary Clinton’s path to the Democratic presidential nomination has been riddled with accusations of dishonesty and untrustworthiness.

The night before Clinton’s official coronation wasn’t any different.

Wednesday’s Democratic National Convention stage was a “Who’s Who” of top establishment Democrats. President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, Vice Presidential nominee Tim Kaine, and former CIA Director Lean Panetta each took their turn trying to smooth over a political party in turmoil.

And they also took the opportunity to lay down some thick manure.

Below are the five biggest lies from last night’s speeches — and the truth behind their whoppers.

Big Lie #1
Obama: “After a century of trying, we declared that health care in America is not a privilege for a few, but a right for everybody.”

The Truth: Obama’s health care overhaul has been an expensive disaster. While it does guarantee that people with pre-existing medical conditions can no longer be denied health insurance, it also made coverage a taxable obligation for everybody. People must have coverage or face fines from the IRS. That mandate remains highly unpopular.
The law provides subsidies to help low- to middle-income citizens purchase a private plan. But even so, most find their premiums too high — and while costs continue to climb, nearly 29 million remain uninsured according to government estimates. Health care as a “right for everybody” may better describe Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ idea of a government-run system for all. That system also entails a problem: there’s no way to pay for it.

Big Lie #2
Panetta: “Hillary Clinton is the only candidate who has laid out a comprehensive plan to defeat and destroy ISIS and keep America safe.”

The Truth: Clinton’s so-called plan is anything but comprehensive.
Her three-part strategy, as described in November, involves fighting ISIS “on its home turf” in the Middle East, disrupting terrorist infrastructure on the ground and online, and protecting America and its allies — the same steps already included in Obama’s anti-ISIS strategy critics say is failing.
At no point has Clinton addressed the biggest gaps in the U.S.-led response to the Islamic State over the last two years, such as the lack of effective local troops to defeat ISIS in Syria.
At what point should U.S. ground troops step in? What levels of civilian deaths are acceptable? How exactly does she propose to end Iraq’s age-old Shiite-Sunni divisions?
She hasn’t said, because she doesn’t seem to know.

Big Lie #3
Obama: “By so many measures, our country is stronger and more prosperous than it was when we started.”

The Truth: Where do we even begin? In Obama’s 8 years, there’s been little increase in household income, the yardstick people generally consider their most important measure of prosperity. The typical household now earns $57,206 a year, according to Sentier Research. That’s barely budged since it was $57,147 in December 2007, right before Obama took office.
Meanwhile, terrorism has spread across the globe, full-time job growth remains stagnant, and crime has jumped sharply across the country since the beginning of 2016.

Big Lie #4
Kaine: “I want to tell you why I trust Hillary Clinton. First, she’s consistent.”

The Truth: “Clinton will say anything to get elected” — that’s not what conservatives say about her. That’s what then-political rival Obama said about her in 2007.
The Trans-Pacific Partnership, for example, was promoted by Clinton as the “gold standard” of trade agreements when she was secretary of state, then turned against it as a candidate who was facing a stiff contest from a primary rival who fiercely and consistently opposed the deal, Bernie Sanders.
Clinton hasn’t been consistent in her explanations of why she had her own email server as secretary of state, changing her story as investigations revealed more about her email practices. That issue has contributed to public distrust of Clinton, a problem Kaine was trying to address in broaching the subject of trust in his remarks.
And those two examples are just from the past month.

Big Lie #5
Biden, on Donald Trump: “I know he’s trying to be tough but he’s going to go out and carpet bomb. You want to make friends and influence people in the Middle East? So you’re going to go carpet bomb innocent people and bad people at the same time, and that’s going to help us fight against ISIS?”

The Truth: Flat out false. “I never said I wanted to carpet bomb. That was Ted Cruz,” Trump responded. And he’s right. It was his former Republican rival who said repeatedly he would carpet bomb Islamic State targets.
Carpet bombing, by its nature, risks killing large numbers of innocent civilians because it is indiscriminate.
Trump has indeed talked tough about ISIS, vowing to “bomb the hell” out of the group, level the oil facilities it controls and “blow up every single inch, there would be nothing left.”
But he did not call for carpet bombing; Biden put Cruz’s words in Trump’s mouth.

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Obamacare is the biggest fraud. Your government "leadera" do not use it, they have their own privilaged health care program! Obamacare gives free 'care' to illegals and the immigrants at the expense of the taxes of all Americans. Another level of Obama's treason.
btw: Joan Rivers outed Michelle (aka Michael) as a "tranny" on TMZ. Two months later Joan was dead.