Thursday, July 28, 2016

DNC Paid “Seat Fillers” - ABSOLUTE CHAOS

DNC Paid “Seat Fillers” HALF of $15/hr to Attend Convention ABSOLUTE CHAOS ENSUES AT FENCE TO KEEP DEMS OUT

By Bethany Blankley July 28, 2016


After all of the Democratic clamoring and pandering to force businesses to raise the minimum wage to $15/hr. — the DNC turned tail. Quite literally. 

Contrary to any mainstream media reports: There is no support for Hillary Clinton at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia. There is no unity.


Instead, the DNC had to pay “seat fillers” and hired actors to attend the Convention. But not for $15/hr. It advertised $50 for seven hours (4-11pm). The DNC resorted to hiring fake democrats and would only pay them $7.14/hr.– with no bathroom break.

Contrary to all of the obsession Democrats have built against national security and American borders, the DNC ensured that several high fences were placed around the Convention to KEEP OUT Bernie supporters and democrats who oppose Hillary Clinton. 

 At 3 a.m. absolute chaos ensued:

Eye witness accounts convey shock over the emptiness of the convention and how “seat fillers” are treated.

This delegate explains that there’s no unity at the DNC.

Bernie Delegate Speaks Out 
Against Fraud at DNC *Seat Fillers*


He says:
“It’s real — they’re in here now. There are a lot of people sitting there who I do not know or have seen the entire time I was here.
“It’s because the Bernie people aren’t here and the people that are here are getting paid to sit in their seats and clap their hands.”
Attendees are also blocked from getting back in if they leave their seat at any point – even to go to the bathroom.


Anonymous said...

People often hem or haw about the future, but do they truly know what it will be? Or are they only twisting in the wind?

Truth be told, Philadelphia just demonstrated that future. This future that is here today is nothing less than mad max two.

It will resemble a dystopian tyranny that the elite will proclaim is good for the masses, however few believe them. In the largest cities and unified urban zones it will look like thieve's emporium with docile puppets. There will be rioting, digital serfs and outlaws no different than philadelphia.

In eschatological religion terms a picture is painted of DC being bombed. Whether it is of a natural nuke device or unnatural is of no consequence. But what does matter is it will happen.

Perhaps it happens once the white knight he who everyone trumpets rides to office. Perhaps it happens before that...or much later. Regardless, it doesn't change the fact the outdoorsman succeed.

Every one who has everything to lose may lose it all. The forces at work in the world are not smart enough to avoid this inevitable consequence. But those who have naught to lose, may wind up gaining more by making society again by hand.

You remember those TV shows called the Walking Dead right? That's what is fast approaching your doorsteps. And in the cross roads a weakened, but predatory digital government of thieves.

Anonymous said...

I agree!....Time to be ready