Sunday, July 24, 2016

OPA – Come on China, What is taking you so long!

emailed by a reader

OPA – Come on China, What is taking you so long!

This has been brewing for months, matter of fact July 4th 2015 when the Chinese rolled on us to allow the Cabal to stall the Global Currency Rest (revaluation) and the Global Rest (debt forgiveness)!

Ok, one year later, we have some tangible evidence, finally, Britain removed its self from the EU, and Britain’s Prime Minister Cameron resigned! The rumors are more to follow. Well get on with it!

So, it’s a year later, where are these 4th of July 2016 announcements? The united States of America has a new currency, it’s backed by Gold and the US Treasury is in charge of the money once again and the contract with the Federal Reserve has come to completion. Another words the Cabal banking system is shut down, so where is the announcement? Elders and China seems to control the announcement?

Here we are stalled again, with the Monday – Friday Syndrome again, again, and again.

I remember when a friend called me to get my ass moving and buy a dinar because right after Xmas of 2010 the RV was going to take place and we all will be rich and make a difference in our country. Yep!

Nice job Guys!

You consistently blame the American Folks for not getting this done. Come on! So let me ask this question, WHO WAS GIVEN THE PROPHECY 1000 YEARS AGO FOR THIS TIME? Hmm!

Let me ask you guys another question, PROCRASTNORS OR PATIENCE, which is it that best describes your actions? So, why are you waiting again ... it appears you letting the bad guys win by the lack of actions on your part. I thought you wanted to get rid of the Cabal, to do that let the money go and
releasing the RV. Yea, yea, it’s complicated!

Let me share with you how complicated, General L is the lead from People’s Republic of China ... well it’s been talked about that General L has a drinking problem and cannot leave those chicken ranches alone. It has been said he will pay for all his delays once he gets back in China, so he does not want to go ... It
has been rumored that the CABAL has gotten to him and bribed him to slow boat this or stall it.

Either way, I have two questions: President Xi Jinping, why would you allow General L to slow this down unless YOU ordered him too? Second question: General D the fighting marine, you’re the man everyone talks about to run the new republique corporation for the French and the Pope, so why haven’t you jumped in and kicked General L in the ass to get this done?

So, in American, I am not sure what is going to happen ... the “O Factor” wants to create some issue so he can call Marshall Law; Cancel the elections; Name himself dictator or emperor; at same time, “Military Brainiacs” tend not do their job per the founding documents like Declaration of Independence which said arrest those usurping bastards and throw away the key.

And I thought Marines cared for their God, Constitution and Country, na! The military is more worried about someone saying coup then upholding their oath of office. I know the CIA, Department of Defense and Air force does not care, they continue to chemtrails!

So here we are on the eve of Democratic National Conference, wow! So stall the RV long enough to get “Dillary DOCS” approved as the candidate and then arrest her, really DUMB! You would have played right into “O Factor” hands and he will scream loud and clear calling the racist card and call for Marshall Law at which time he will tell his army of Homeland Security to shoot including our military ... Nice job White Hats!! Congratulation General L and others for final destruction of USA.

Yea, broke UNITED STATES, INC and so is JOINTCHIEFSCOMMAND, INC ... are you owned by the UN, ah, yep! So who is your daddy Joint Chiefs? Gen MOON? Vicar of Christ Pope? The black Jesuit Pope of War? Hmm. I thought you worked the people, you know, us, living breathing men and women who live
on the earth, walk the earth, shit, I guess not!

If I did not know better, I would say that the Pope Francis might even worship the devil with all this turmoil running around our government ... supposedly, you fired “O Factor” and he is still here, so much for that lie!

Marines, are you not pissed off by FBI actions with “Dilary DOC” my servers has your F’ing docs! Are you not pissed off by the actions of your lacking leadership? And the rest of the military, why are you watching this shit happen?

So, Gen D the fighting marine, you give me no comfort of any leadership skills to lead this country. Matter of fact, being in a marine family myself, they are pissed with your actions also.

So Gen D the fighting marine, Elders, Treasury, NSA, BSA, FUSA, etc. you need to release the funds for the RV now, or I have been told this powder keg with “O Factor” pushing riots in America with his mentor “Georgie Porgies Punned Pie” I am so Soros I could cry and the “Dilary DOC” winning the DNC thanks to lack of balls FBI director who forgot to tell the people of America OH YEA, I am on the board of Clinton Foundation, ha, ha, I get a multiple million dollar salary ... oh sucks for you common slaves, doesn’t it!
Here we are today, waiting, waiting, waiting for Military to take action, for the Elders to take action, for
those who’s responsible to take action does so. They are all on the slow boat to ... guess where ... China!

One more question: It appears that many cabal enterprises has moved to China and are setting up shop, what is up with that? Kinda brings to mind the movie 2012 with the 5 arks. Hmmm!

Oh, hell, if you leave it in the rednecks hands, we can only do one thing, _______________________________________ ... You can fill in the blank, I did.

Hope you white hat bastards do the right thing, right now! We know that the black hat bastards will eat any of us alive to demonstrate their points to us.

I say this, to God the Father, Creator of all things, Heaven and Earth, to the leadership that travels above and watches over our planet, it’s time for you to step in and stop this chaos that is happening since our freewill is being abused by an aggressor. And a historical reference, God would have saved Sodom and
Gomorrah if there was ONE believer! I turn to you at this time and look for your intervention.

One Pissed Off America, signing off for now. Remember, you too believe the same way, just too scared to say or do anything, time to buck up and man up, so let’s change this together!

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Anonymous said...

This whole nesara thing is a neutral thing I think now. I no longer view it as something unusual, bad or good.

I think the nesara thing is more like the intermission period...The cabal is ousted out. The debt jubilee which takes care of everything, ushers in the new system and so on with gold.

The tracking of what every person does, the U.N. troops tracking what everyone does and the rest of this General D. shinola doesn't start until at least a year or so later. Be prepared!