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Mitt Romney - 'The Lesser Of Two Evils' ??

Mitt Romney Is Not 'The Lesser Of Two Evils'

 (he's worse because he pretends to be less evil)

Proverb 12:22, “Lying lips are abomination to the LORD: but they that deal truly are his delight.”


Pictured to left is 2012 U.S. 'Presidential candidate' Willard Mitt Romney (1947 - present) who is a high-level member of the Mormon religion/crime syndicate.  The morphed photo of Mitt Romney as being two-faced is a perfect representation of the secretive Mormon church.

UPDATE: As of December 2014, there is increasing talk about scumbag Jeb Bush (George W. Bush's brother) running for the office of U.S. President in 2016. Now they're also talking about Hillary Clinton (a female devil) running against Jeb. Truly, you couldn't pick two more evil scumbags!!! 
I'm mentioning it now and Lord willing I'll preach it a lot more as we approach the 2016 'election' that  you should leave your church if your pastor suggests that you vote for Jeb Bush. GET OUT OF THAT APOSTATE CHURCH!!!  If I had my way, pastors who endorse slime-balls like Mitt Romney, Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush would be fired by the deacon board on the spot for not being the 'man of God' that the church needs.
Of course no Baptist pastor will endorse a pro-death, lesbian-loving, kook, liberal like Hillary, but they'll fall hook, line and sinker for scumbag Jeb Bush when he says he's against abortion. As governor of Florida in 2005, Jeb Bush requested that Terri Schiavo's feeding tube be left in. He'll win the 2016 election on this wild card alone because the churches will rally behind him.
Fox News is Illuminati-controlled as are all mainstream news media. The news media are told and paid what to say!!! Hence, you cannot trust nor believe anything from the news media. The truth is that EVERY Republican President since Roe vs. Wade in 1973 has given BILLIONS of dollars to Planned Parenthood (the biggest provider of abortion services on the planet).
The entire Bush family is evil beyond imagination. Do you really think that Jeb Bush is any better than daddy George H. W. Bush (Mr. CIA) or his treasonous son George W. Bush who helped orchestrate the 911 attacks? See, Bush Crime Family and Bush/Cheney Drug Empire. Search YouTube and the internet for the evil.  See, George W. Bush, the dark side.
In a 2006 UN speech, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez truthfully called President George W. Bush, “the devil himself” in which he made headlines around the world. President Chavez said that the “podium still smells of sulfur” after Bush had stood there the day before.
May I say kindly, the U.S. White House still smells of brimstone since Bush and his father left office, and now we have another devil in The White House, Barack Obama. They're all devils who've sold their souls to satan himself in exchange for worldly riches, pleasures and fame. Jeb Bush is another devil, and please don't let the lying satanic news media deceive you. Fox News are the biggest devils of them all.
I'm so glad that God sees all the evil and has promised to hold all men and women accountable in eternity for their evil deeds (Ecclesiastes 12:14; Hebrews 4:13; 9:29).  Jeb Bush may likely be the Antichrist's President!  I guarantee you that America will witness a thug police state rise up under Jeb Bush that hasn't been seen since Hitler's regime in World War II. END  (No - it's NOT Jeb Bush but seriously consider Hillary Clinton.)   
I witnessed to a man yesterday whose name is Jerry. Jerry said that he was saved at a Billy Graham crusade. I made a brief mention that it was sad that Billy Graham has officially endorsed Mormon Mitt Romney. Jerry began to defend Graham by saying that Romney is 'the lesser of two evils'. This is the BIG LIE that religious Americans have been sold, and I assure you by God's grace that for the next 4-8 years, if Romney gets elected as U.S. President, that I will remind you continually of just how evil Romney really is.
Same-sex marriage WILL become the law of the land under Romney's watch if he's elected. Your “lesser of two evils” president will sell you out even worse than his predecessors (or should I say 'predators').
All of these people are lying, conniving, stealing, ruthless criminals. You go ahead and vote for them if you're an idiot, but don't say that I didn't warn you beforehand. Evil is evil and we ought never to support it. It is impossible to spend decades voting for the “lesser of two evils,” and end up with anything but evil.
Brainwashed Christians, even fundamental Baptists, are going to vote for a Mormon leader who has lied his way throughout his political career simply because he claims to be against abortion. Has any Republican President done anything to overturn Roe vs. Wade or even stem the tide of abortion? Bush's Partial Birth Abortion Ban was a big joke, a fraud in every way. It was a scam!
So wake up and stop being hoodwinked by the Devil. So who should you vote for? I can tell you with all my heart before God in Heaven that it's not Obama or Romney or Clinton!
Do you know what else Jerry (the man I witnessed to yesterday) said to me? He said that his pastor showed him something from the Old Testament about how to vote. Jerry said that God put a wicked king into power named Nebuchadnezzar over Israel. And so Jerry's pastor taught him that it's OK to have a wicked U.S. President!
My friend, that is demonic garbage if ever I've heard any. It is a sinful attitude to have! The Jews did not vote for the Babylonian king to rule over them. It was God's decision because of Israel's (American's) stiff necked rebellion.

By David J. Stewart
November 2012 | Updated December 2014 

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