Sunday, July 24, 2016

Protesters Make Move To Burn American Flag

Protesters Make Move To Burn American Flag… Then See Who’s Coming For Them

It would seem that, on the left, the mode of protest du jour is to burn the American flag because burning the flag of the country that protects your freedom to do such things isn’t ironic at all.

Surprising exactly nobody, a group of America-hating protesters outside of the Republican National Convention in Cleveland set about burning an American flag on Wednesday.

However, that defiant act of protest didn’t exactly go over well with some of the crowd, nor with the law enforcement officers observing everything.

As the protesters readied themselves to light the flag, they were confronted by a group of bikers bearing fire extinguishers ready to put out the blaze.
The bikers were in turn joined by some of Cleveland’s brave firefighters, who were also on scene for the same reason.

The flag was ultimately burned, and police used pepper spray to break up the crowd that had gathered around the flaming fabric.

Once the fire was extinguished, arrests were made of some of the perpetrators.

Now, some may say, “But wait, I thought burning an American flag was legal, as disrespectful as it may be.” Those individuals would be correct.

That said, lighting anything on fire in the midst of a crowd, particularly in a city street during a tense protest, is pretty much not legal, no matter what is being burned.

If anti-American communist protesters want to burn the American flag, they are perfectly free to do so. Just don’t expect to be able to avoid the consequences of doing so, and be aware that there is a time and a place for everything, which most likely is not on a city street outside of a major political convention.

Now, run along little commies, and try to find some other country that already has your socialist dystopia in place. 

Let me know what happens when you try to burn their flag in protest. 

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Anonymous said...

Carry Pig Fat Spray and Bacon with you for Protection when you are around this type of riffraff at an American event.