Saturday, October 27, 2018

Judicial Watch Update on the Migrant Caravan: It’s Not What You Think

Judicial Watch has had boots on the ground this past week investigating the situation and their observations and statements are invaluable as the mainstream media are adhering strictly to their agenda and presenting the situation as they see fit.
For anyone who is thinking this caravan is an organic army of people springing from a need for food, jobs, or human services, keep reading. The true picture will emerge. This caravan was no accident. Nor was the timing.
These people are not victims; they were paid handsomely for hopping aboard a semi tractor pulling flatbed trailers to deliver “goods” (people are considered chattel—or cattle) to America. Lies have been told and they’re not walking for thousands of miles. The media is having a field day with this. Training has been done to instruct these “migrants” what to say if they are interviewed.
Do they look starving? Sick? They were paid and manipulated for political reasons—and what timing! Right before the mid-term elections. Quite the stunt on the part of the desperate leftists who see the “red tsunami” approaching.
Children and women are going to be hurt. They have been for a long, long time. It has to stop. 
This whole thing is a psychological operation, pure and simple. How many will fall for it?  That is the question.  ~ BP...continue article here

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Anonymous said...

The ugly side of the invading hordes, that MSM ignores. Also that children are being stolen (the few that there are - as single young males are 80+% of these hordes - including gang 13, isis, and other criminal groups.