Monday, October 29, 2018

The Maxim of Law That Applies

By Anna Von Reitz

This is a message for the Pope, the Queen, Mr. President Trump, Karen Hudes, Kim Goguen, and Everyone Else who needs to know: 

"Possession by pirates does not change ownership." 

This is your commercial law from time immemorial. This is your Pontifical Law.  The World Commercial Law.   The Law ever since Hammurabi.  

We are pointedly reminding everyone of it. 

The bankrupt British Territorial and Municipal Corporations are in possession of stolen goods that belong to us and so are the Secondary Creditors and the Bankruptcy Trustees. 

The minions of the guilty parties have in their possession goods and gold and silver and art and titles to land and "slaves" and corporations and bank accounts and other property that belong to the American States and People.  

All these assets need to be returned to the administration of The United States of America [Unincorporated], the member States of our Federation, and the American People who are the rightful owners of these assets without further obfuscation, excuses, or delays. 

The disposition of these assets is not the prerogative of the thieves, especially as all the Delegated Powers have returned to us by Operation of Law.  

We do not accept Karen Hudes as our Trustee in any matter whatsoever, and we do insist that our actual Public Law be honored: no member of the Bar Association can hold any public office or position of trust related to us or our government.  Period. 

Likewise, we do not accept Kim Goguen, aka, "Kim Possible" as our Trustee. 

Since when do pirates get to choose Trustees for the victims of their theft and deceit?  Marduk was a pirate, pure and simple.  His choices mean nothing to us and should not be honored by anyone else.  

The pure and simple truth of the matter boils down to walking into these banks, removing the criminals in charge, and bringing enough competent troops and auditors to finally get the job done. 

Upon our arrival and our presentation of our own interests in this matter, all trusts related to us collapsed by Operation of Law.  Just like our Delegated Powers have returned to us by Operation of Law.  

Ask Mr. Alvarez at the United Nations Rule of Law Unit and Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh exactly what this means. 

Nobody can claim to be our "agent":, our "representative" or our "trustee" when we are present and competent and taking care of our own business.  We are here presenting our own interests.  

The Donors, who are also the Beneficiaries, of the legal fiction trusts, public utilities and other entities associated with our names however styled, abbreviated, punctuated, ordered, or declared, demand that all assets held in our name(s) and under our charters and all Public Assets and all right, title, and interest that logically and naturally belong to us, including control of our assets, be returned to us without further interference, obfuscation, deceit or delay.   

We are the lawful and still-standing Government of this country and it is insupportable and insufferable that various parties, including our employees, have conspired to steal from us and from our countrymen while occupying positions of Trust.  

These breaches of trust are dishonorable and criminal, in the extreme. It is owed no further discussion.  We have competent administrators in place and we have bonded President Trump's Office.  

If Ms. Hudes and Ms. Goguen have any goodwill to share with us or the rest of the world, it is high time that they came forward, dropped all false pretense of "special authority" or "trusteeship" related to us, and worked with us and the rest of the lawful governments and actual private Trustees to put an end to the gross injustices that have been promoted by these monsters in suits. 

Otherwise, all these conflicting claims and pretenses of trusteeship do no good for anyone and do not present the truth.  And why is that? 

It's because: "Possession by pirates does not change ownership."

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