Monday, October 29, 2018

Anna Von Reitz: Good News

Paul Stramer

Monday, October 29, 2018

Good News

By Anna Von Reitz

Lord, love a patriot..... I do believe that the proverbial "Enforcement Nut" has finally been cracked wide open, and that we are now in position to fully credential our Continental Marshals and unleash the Bounty Hunter Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment of the British Territorial United States Constitution known--deceptively enough --- as "The Constitution of the United States of America" first published in 1868.  

This will have four more or less immediate and much-longed for affects: 

(1) An end to the crooked court system.  We will be able to enter, catch the Vermin evading or dishonoring the Constitutional provisions, arrest them on the spot, and turn them over to the military authorities for trial and execution for treason and other capital crimes including inland piracy, kidnapping, and fraud. 

(2) An end to the crooked banks.  We will be able to enter, catch the Vermin refusing to let depositors have access to their deposits, creating improper mortgages, manipulating credit to benefit themselves at other's expense and boom! --- replace the erring bankers with honest men much sobered up by their predecessor's experience. 

(3) An end to the crooked commodity markets.  We will be able to enter, catch the brokers fixing prices and supplies and running up situations like The Big Short, and arrest them by the boat loads, along with all the SEC functionaries that sold out and allowed all this crappola. 
(4) An end to the crooked double accrual accounting and budgetary system. We will be able to review the books in sum total and recapture the sequestered assets, aka, Slush Funds --that these Vermin have been creating and manipulating for their own unjust enrichment.  

And none of the phony local "law enforcement" fat asses who haven't done their duty by the Public and none of the "federal agencies" including the FBI and DHS and Homeland Security and all the rest will have a word to say about it, because we are the superior jurisdiction and we mandate the action. 

What was that I said the other day about --- where in the @$!$!@$ is John Wayne when you need him?   

I think we just found out. 


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