Saturday, October 27, 2018

Your Grandfather's Clock

By Anna Von Reitz
Your Grandfather's Clock

Let's pretend that you inherited a beautiful Grandfather's Clock from your Grandfather.  It's big and old and heavy and tall and you have to wind it every day by pulling down a heavy iron weight, but it keeps good time and the chimes marking the hour are quiet and melodious. 

You grew up with it, you like it, you decide to keep it, but in your house the only place that it easily fits is in back of a stairwell in a hallway that leads to a back door that you seldom use. 

So you put the clock out in that seldom-used entry way and over time, you forget to wind it, so it just sits there day after day, month after month, and year after year. It's still there, still usable, but because of its location and your busy life and the difficulty of moving it into the living room (where it would fit, if you took the time and made the effort to move some other stuff around) --- it just collects dust. You almost forget that its there. 

That's the situation with your actual government. 

The new hustle-bustle world of commerce butted in and grabbed all the attention, and it was so fast and easy.  Just buy a battery and you never have to worry about winding the clock.  All those private, for-profit "government service" corporations nosed in and offered you all their many, many services, and you bought them all (whether or not you realized that you were buying them). 

From then on, a "government" employee was always there ready to buy new batteries and change them for you.  You didn't even have to think about clocks anymore, except to read the time.   Everything just seemed to run by itself and you didn't have to do anything. You didn't even bother to vote in the employee elections. 

[To be fair, some of you were aware enough to realize that you weren't government employees and couldn't justify voting in their elections, so you didn't volunteer. And still others realized their mistake and stopped voting for that reason.]  

What a shock to find out that all that "government service" is costing you far, far more than anyone ever told you?  What a shock that you never actually even thought about it until now? 

No doubt it's an even bigger shock that you have to drag the old Grandfather's Clock out from behind the stairs and start winding it again if you want to know what time it actually is. 

I just read the paperwork where Obummer and Joe Biden and the rest of the completely insane former "Administration" issued 25,000 trillion "US Dollars" ---- not to be confused with The United States Dollar --- as "US" Treasury Debt Notes. 

God only knows which "United States" and which "United States Treasury" was supposed to pay for all this, but it wasn't our United States and it was not our Treasury issuing these "Notes".  That much I can assure you. 

They have seriously tried to put this country 25,000 trillion dollars in debt.  They tried to hang all that on you and your kids. And all because you forgot to wind your own clock. 

Get down on your knees and thank your Creator that everyone else in the world --- everyone except the completely insane U.S. Democratic Party ---understands that this is nuts, and knows that the books have to be wiped clean of Odious Debt, and that all the deliberate confusions about who is who and what is what must end.

Certain criminals who have sought to defraud not only all the Americans, but everyone else for the past 150 years, must be brought to justice.  The banks that colluded in all of this fraud, have to be shut down and placed under new management.  All the currencies in the world need to be "reset" against the value of an actual American Dollar--- our actual, factual silver dollar. 

All you government employees and volunteers and dependents out there?  All you welfare recipients and pensioners?  Vote Republican. It's your only chance of survival.  And I mean that literally.

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Anonymous said...

I saw a video of the HR 5404.
It is clear
Define the dollar as a fixed weight of gold.
cough cough Richie from (some city)

So they are pushing gold as a store of wealth based on this HR.
This is why people should not be forced to wake up.
They are dumped into an ocean and don't know how to swim, with a life preserver under their arms, not realizing if they ever get tired and slip through the life preserver, they will not have the skills to swim up to it, let along catch up with it as it moves with the waves.

People aren't awake just because their eyes are open.

The mind, is where the battle is...It is a battle for the way people think, and then with those thoughts they can take the soul of those with the inability to think critically.

As I watch people follow people, it is a tacit acceptance that another's thoughts are your own.
Retweeting an idea as if it is your idea
Subscribing to the ideology of a youtube channel as the words of the content creator are an extended expression of your own.

Youtube enforces this by punishing content creators, unless they are able to get you to join their religion/belief system

Of course there is the following the crowd to select a ruler to govern the people who should govern their selves, and then follow the crowd even more when the consent of the governed is overtaken by the one who is to do the bidding of the people who elected them.

But this House Resolution

When Nixon dropped the standard
the weight of gold was defined in dollars.

The weight of gold was defined in dollars

the WEIGHT of gold was defined in dollars.

Anyone sending in gold, after it was weighed, they received a comparable amount of dollars for the weight.

1 oz of gold was worth $35
2 oz of gold would give them $75

If they gave us $35 they got an ounce of gold

Because the weight of gold was defined in dollars.

Now this bill is to define dollars as a fixed weight of gold.

Does that mean people run out to buy 1 oz of gold when they have no idea how the dollar will be weighed against an oz of gold.

Do they expect someone to say $1 is the fixed weight of 1/35th an oz of gold.

So that would mean $35 would be one oz of gold.

Or are they expecting someone to say

$1 is 1/50000th the fixed weight of an ounce of gold
so $50,000 is an ounce of gold.

Now if I have $50,000 and I can buy a car or an ounce of gold, imagine what I'm going to spend it on.

And if someone is selling their gold for $50,000, they'll be lucky if I'm going to buy it, because I can go on vacation for much less than trying to figure out where to put that 1 oz of gold so it doesn't get lost or stolen.

Let a hurricane come by, and that oz is in the Land of Oz with the munchkins.
Let a flood come by, and hopefully the place I put it, didn't float down the street and get bull dozed into some landfill for someone with metal detector to go through and pull it out.

Many will be deceived, and those telling you this stuff.......well who knows what they will be doing.