Tuesday, October 30, 2018

The Latest From ECETI & James Gilliland: News from an impartial observer

The Latest From ECETI & James Gilliland

News from an impartial observer
The Caravan headed to America is financed by Venezuela, supported by Pueblo de Santarios a Honduras Left wing group. Yet where did Venezuela an impoverished country get the money?
These are people living in poverty, women and children in front being used as a tool to take down America. Literally, millions of dollars are being doled out with the false promise of an open door to America. This would create such a burden it would destroy the already over taxed fragile infrastructure of boarder states.
What is not being addressed is the Honduran government arrested over 100 Isis members, Isis and MS13 are throughout the caravan. Go to the center of the caravan and investigate.  Some are actually wearing Hate Trump T-shirts calling him the antichrist? Yet they want his administration to grant them entry? Common sense dictates a large majority of the caravan are depending on forced entry so as not to be vetted. Before jumping to conclusions, I am not saying they are all criminals, some have a legitimate desire to better themselves and are fleeing an oppressive life style. Forcing entry is a criminal offence, it is an invasion and does however put them in the category of illegal alien. Again, some very poor people are being used, given more money than most have seen in a life time and lied to about being given entry to the promised land. The real criminals, the real tyrants are the ones funding and organizing these marches under a hidden agenda.

No one knows who is funding Pueblo de Santarius, my bet is George Soros.
This will come out very soon someone will leak the information.
George Soros funds Open Boarders, Media Matters, Black Lives Matter, and Antifa as well as the DNC radical left. The plan is to destroy America from within, many politicians are a part of this process. If you want to know who just observe who is creating division, the lack of civility, playing the race and gender cards, this includes the lame stream media.
Soros the illuminati front man. No this is not conspiracy this is reality. Soros has a history of destroying countries culturally and economically by opening their boarders to flood them with refugees many of which are in direct opposition to the culture and beliefs of the country being invaded. They fuel separation, manipulate and crash their economies. Again, they play the race, religion and gender cards to create as much chaos and separation as possible. Unity is not their agenda. The Hegelian Dialectic, the modes operandi of the global elite are problem, reaction, solution. Now you know the origin of the problem.
Now have you connected the dots? America must fall in order for the N.W.O. agenda to be carried out. An elite group of oligarchs who what to dominate and control the world. If you are a willing or in ignorance participant in these separation and disunity games you are being used, controlled and manipulated by this oligarchy.  Lets spell this out your being deceived and used to fulfill their agenda to totally dominate and control the world. Opposite of what you thought. You’re a pond and a tool if you are playing this game. Those in upper management would fall under the category of treason by the strict definition of the word.

Almost every accusation coming from the left and the lame stream media is exactly what they are guilty of ten times over. Russian collusion is a good example. 145 million dollars of collusion with Russia selling off American Uranium some of which got into the hands of unfriendly’s. Muller was the mule that carried the samples to Russia.  The information stolen from the DNC was put on a thumb drive from the inside not Russian hacking. It was done by Bernie Sanders sympathizers after having the election stolen from them. There has always been meddling by foreign countries, hackers etc. yet let’s look at the big money behind corrupt politicians, the America for sale misusing their positions for their own selfish gain.  China had open access to Hilary’s private servers with top secret information on them. Weiner Huma’s husband had top secret information on his computer along with an insurance file with videos and photos of despicable acts that made seasoned NY police officers sick.  Let’s not forget the bleaching of computers and destroying cell phones under subpoena with hammers then granted immunity. Where is the special council investigating this?

They accuse Trump of promoting violence yet call for incivility, publicly harassing and attacking anyone who disagrees with their agendas. Hilary Clinton, Maxine Waters, Eric Holder, Mr. Fast and Furious selling guns to Mexican Cartels, Booker, Obummer and others all calling for incivility. They promote getting in the face of their opponents and telling people they are not welcome anywhere. The left wing malicia is Antifa for Gods sake. Antifa is a Soros sponsored group. It is common knowledge Soros is a self admitted Nazi, turned in his own people yet they are against Nazi’s and fascism. They refuse to allow freedom of speech, differing opinions, use violence to suppress their opposition and call Trump a fascist? Can you see the duplicity?  The paradoxical behavior. What baffles me is how can anyone miss it? Or do they?

The next question to address is the recent letter bombs. What did Trump have to do with letter bombs? As much as he had to do with the Hurricanes of which he was blamed? Who has contributed most to the lack of civility? Hollywood is calling for his assassination lock step with some politicians and left wing reporters. Who has contributed, supported and not taken a stand against the violence some have called for other than to blame Trump for everything? Could the bombs that could not be detonated be a false flag, a diversion or political move to take attention away from the left’s support of violent behavior? Playing the victim card to gain sympathy and votes? CNN has, as usual, weaponized this event to attack Trump.

Why do they show two different vans with Trump stickers as the bomber’s vehicle? The stickers are different, these are two different vans. Why are all the stickers brand new none of them are weathered?  It is classic when it comes to the modes-operandi of the left. Why did the one addressed to CNN not go through the mail or have the stamps postage marked? Were the other bombs all sent from the same city or hand delivered? Why was the CNN package hand delivered? Why allegedly according to resources were there no alarms on the clocks necessary to set off the device? Why was the powder in the packages inert non-organic?  If the true intent was to take out the people receiving these packages the person creating these bombs was either an idiot or there was another agenda. Why won’t they answer the question about the bombs not being rigged to explode or the non-biological powder? The biggest question is why was the bomber registered a democrat then recently became a republican, boasts about working for the CIA and actually worked for George Soros. Last but not least why was his social media accounts scrubbed and changed even after he was apprehended?  Are the dots connecting?

The lame stream media is outraged and blame Trump yet where were they when all the violence was carried out against republicans and their families? Did any of them call out for an end to the democrats call for incivility against republicans? Did the main stream media call out the actors for calling for trump and his family to be tortured, murdered?  How can they have any credibility when they have double standards, have a track record of extreme bias against the present administration? The left will call all this conspiracy, dismiss and avoid these questions.  Any unbiased observer can see what is unfolding, most with any intelligence and integrity would walk away. If people woke up and walked away who would be left? The brainwashed and the deceivers.  Good luck in having a logical fact based debate with them. Their entire be lie f system came from CNN. Strange how we still have unanswered questions on 911 or the Vegas shootings yet this latest bomber is all neatly wrapped up in hours? There are again to many unanswered questions as usual. Just as before I smell a patsy or a hidden agenda. These questions need to be asked and answered.  

The next topic in the news is the death of the Washington Post reporter. What the mainstream media has not told you is the Jamal Kashogi Washington Post reporter who was tortured and killed, allegedly had strong ties to the Muslim Brotherhood and worked for one of the 5 Saudi Officials suspected of participating in 911. These Saudi officials are being sued by 911 survivors. There is a rumor Kashogi was orchestrating a coup against the reigning Prince and the people he was bringing on board were the ones that killed him. Kashogi also had strong ties to Al Queda made millions in arms deals. Wait, didn’t Huma also have the same strong ties, Obama as well. Was Bengasi an arms deal gone bad? Anyone look into the Iran deal.  How about those Awan brothers the I.T. guys with the DNC having access to top secret files, where did they go? This is a terrible story which is common in these countries yet let’s not paint this as an Innocent Martyr. Again blaming Trump is illogical? This is a very dirty business nothing is what it seems on the surface.  Blaming Trump makes as much sense as blaming him for Hurricanes, my ice cream cone melting due to the solar system entering a highly energized place in space creating severe weather and an increase in earthquake and volcanic activity. Of course Trump is responsible for the climate and atmospheric changes on all the other planets in the solar system which I might add do not have SUVs.  Let’s also blame Trump for not putting the brakes on grand cosmic and natural cycles which I believe is outside of his jurisdiction and beyond his pay grade.      

Before you send the hate mail and accuse me of being a Trump supporter, racist, fascist white privileged male, take a deep breath and ask yourself, is this a program? An automatic response? Do I not have the right to ask obvious questions? is not denying that right a form of fascism? I find Trump hilarious, the ultimate button pusher. This is a massive process-oriented therapy session. He plays the left and the lame stream media like a fiddle. If he is an insider why do the insiders, the status quo deep state hate him? Did that go over the lefts head? Ask that question again let it sink in.  Why does the corporate sponsored lame stream media hate him? Why do the corrupt politicians hate him? The 99 dollar question is why are you siding with the insiders, the deep state and lame stream corporate sponsored, victim, race and gender card playing lame stream media? A media that redundantly spins, accuses, lies, deceives and never prints a retraction when their high-level sources turn out to be less than truthful. A rush to judgement, guilty until proven innocent, character and career destroying heartless media with a proven agenda which bears a remarkable resemblance to the same agenda of the global elite. Coincidence, NOT! Yet so many say they are against the system while doing the bidding of the corrupt system inherited by Trump?

There is a bigger picture unfolding very few are aware of. It is planetary liberation from Tyranny. It is a series of steps with an end goal. The world of opposites is going to be revealed. Universal Law is coming to Earth. In its most unlimited understanding is Universal Peace, Brother/Sisterly Love, Individual Freedom and Prosperity for All. Unity consciousness. The Mayans call it the 9th wave. Power returning to the individual combined with personal responsibility. It is when the left wing and the right wing realize they are attached to the same bird living on the same planet of the same race, the human race all created by the same Creator. It is when the separation and entitlement game ends.

On a lighter note President Trump was giving 6 possibilities by NASA, never a straight answer,  to choose from concerning the new Space Force.

1.     One send up some fire crackers with sleek new housings hoping they won’t explode.
2.     Act like we are going back to the Moon and Mars on new sleek fire crackers.
3.     Steal some counter gravity technology from the “non-existing” Aliens which seem to be appearing everywhere.
4.     Build a giant catapult to shoot men/women in space suits into space with a spray can and a parachute for reentry.
5.     Have the caravan stand on each other’s shoulders until they reach space.
6.     Admit we already have a space force and have been going to the Moon and Mars since the late 60’s colonizing both with the counter-gravity technology we have had for decades to take ET home.
I vote for number 6 and no I will not ever run for office. I do however support a Council of Grandmothers advised by a Galactic Federation. 

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