Monday, October 29, 2018

Media Paints Positive Picture Of Migrant Caravan, But Check What Their Own Safety Committee Is Saying

Excellent article by Diamond and Silk shared by: Anonymous October 28, 2018 at 4:58 PM.

By Nick Arama - October 27, 2018
In many of the mainstream reports of the migrant caravan with thousands of people wending its way to the United States through Mexico, media focuses on mothers and children and stories about the people just wanting a better life in the United States. And there is no doubt that that’s what most of them want. But many in mainstream media have disparaged any concerns legitimately raised about the caravan, seeking to cast those concerns as somehow invalid or as somehow indicative of being against immigrants.

But check out the warnings their own organization is giving journalists who may be going to cover the caravan.

Here’s what the Committee to Protect Journalists is advising reporters.

Thousands of migrants that are part of a caravan that departed San Pedro Sula in Honduras for the U.S. on October 13, 2018, are currently in southern Mexico. As the caravan attempts to cross Mexico, the risk increases for any journalists accompanying it.

Based on previous caravans, numbers may dwindle and individuals may take different routes to get to the U.S. However, migrants can be vulnerable to criminals and cartels–who kidnap, extort, and force vulnerable groups into prostitution and illegal activities–as well as law enforcement and migration officials. Human traffickers known as “Coyotes” are likely to be in close proximity to the caravan. The risk of physical violence and rape is high for migrants. Journalists accompanying them, particularly the local press, are potentially also exposed...Continue article here


Anonymous said...

These ladies have soul in the bowl.

Anonymous said...

The plan of 800 soldiers seemed doubtful, but now Trump has increased the force to 5,000. With such a massive border to Mexico, it will be a tough job. Clearly all these invaders are being paid and coached as to what to do and where to go. They certainly will not cross in just one location. I expect US ranchers on the border will be out also. No account of how many Border Patrols. And now there is a Third Caravan of invaders starting out from Cent America. Why Soros and those others who instigated this mess for these people aren't being hunted down and arrested is the Big Question,

random thoughts dude in a library said...

This caravan is a joke. Im thinking about selling T shirts at the border... Front (I WAS PART OF THE CARAVAN 2018!) On the back (AND ALL I GOT WAS THIS SHIRT)... A robot couldn't make this shite up...