Wednesday, January 9, 2019


1/8: Tonight President Trump will address the Nation using the optics of border security and funding the wall. This comes 2 weeks after globalist assas_ination attempts were thwarted over the Christmas holidays. WIll POTUS declare a National Emergency to Prepare the country for the milit_ry tribun_ls? This channel continues to have trouble posting links- since yesterday's video. This has happened multiple times in the past, usually during heavy/sensitive news periods. I will post links as soon as YT stops preventing it. Here, at least, is the link to the Dave Janda video discussed in this video, which I was able to write out and manually put in here: Please share Dave Janda's video and subscribe to his excellent YT channel for ongoing updates on the #Storm! Thanks to everyone who supports YAFTV with comments, encouragement, news links and donations! You have made this channel possible and thriving into 2019! As the shut down continues, it is the perfect moment to get ACTIVE, in every way you can-- bringing a Yellow Vest Movement stateside with a #1776 version here in the USA! The time is NOW! YOU ARE FREE!

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