Friday, January 11, 2019

[TOPIC Video's] EXPOSING CRIMES OF THE ELITE - Child Abuse - Ben Fulford update 1/11/19 - News Updates - Anon's commentary - World Info you will not get on the MSM's

All my post will be in this format from now on, to read or view more click the small READ MORE link in the lower left of this post. Hopefully this will assist the viewer glean more concise information. Mind you, there will be a lot of video's in this post. Something else to remember: Unless you have direct Intel, we are not privy as to what is going on behind closed doors. The info we receive  is always older news. What is being said has already been decided  by those who control the events. Case in point: We are getting all the actors games on the border wall issue, but that issue has already been decided. We will have the wall completed very soon because Trump and his admin's have already settled  it. Also all the games being played is for the people to see what and who the Deep State actors truly are. Once the majority of people are awake and see the truth playing out in front of them, Trump and the Military will be able to complete their jobs and we will see our Country the way it was intended by the founders. Hope and pray we see it very, very soon.

New Q drops today 1/11/19 click this link to review:

Anonymous. Update Jan 10, 2019. POTUS in contRol. Justice For The Children

Justice For The Children. Op Mockingbird and JTRIG. Turn On ENG U.S Subtitles & Activate Chat History. Video link mentioned here:

Click this link for: [TOPIC VIEW POINT] Nikki G.

All my post will be in this format from now on to read or view more click the small READ MORE 

Conspiracy of Silence - Full Banned Documentary (1994)

Second Version

Conspiracy of Silence Banned Documentary 1994 With Extras Including John DeCamp Interview

Benjamin Fulford: January 11, 2019

1-10-2019 Gobsmack, Gordon Bowden & Field McConnell

PrayingMedic: January 10 2019 News Update

Greg Hunter - Weekly News Wrap-Up 1.11.19


How It Works - Trump Talks, Fed & State Gov'ts Walk ... UN Line - & What IT Looks Like: Climate Change

A Wake-Up Call

Universal Health Care AKA Single Payer Health Care: Good Solution Or Legalized Theft?

Jim Acosta Border Wall Video From McAllen Texas Is Unintentionally A Commercial For Trump!

The Internet Just Roasted Jim Acosta For This l The News & Why It Matters Ep. 199

Kirstjen Nielsen

Look What This Psycho Quietly Tried to Introduce During the "Shutdown"

SerialBrain2: Trump’s Cabinet Meeting Poster: The Art of Destroying the Deep State

Latest Qanon Posts 1-11-19 : More BOOMS.....

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