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For All The Jural Assemblies -7 Discipline

By Anna Von Reitz

For All The Jural Assemblies -7 Discipline

If you have been doing your homework and following along, you now know how much is riding on the success of the State Jural Assemblies and the willingness and ability of the American People to learn their true and proper role and do the work associated with it. 

You are now aware of the gross profit motives of those who have betrayed your National Trust and used and abused the American States and People ever since the Civil War. 
You know that the British Monarchs and the Popes have acted in Gross Breach of Trust to allow this abuse.

You know that members of Congress --- both Republican and Democrat alike --- have deliberately and deceitfully abused your trust, too, and have operated in a criminal conspiracy designed to usurp your power and impoverish you for their own benefit and the benefit of foreign interests.

You know that all these Parties to Fraud and many other crimes have grown rich and powerful at your expense, even the expense of your lives.
And you have reason to know that this has been orchestrated in the same way that any crime syndicate is operated via "patsies" --- those who unknowingly contribute their services to evil and via "made men" who know the score and keep the scam running.

Most of us have served as patsies in this scheme at some time or another, simply out of ignorance.

In your fledgling State Jural Assemblies you will find good solid people who have their heads screwed on tight, who follow the logic and the history, and who study (hard) to get things right. You will also find four other kinds of people: (1) the sincerely confused; (2) disruptors; and (3) disinformation agents; and (4) spies.

Be patient with those who are truly confused and do your best to explain things, even multiple times. Those who have been indoctrinated in the Public Schools run by these monsters have learned and believed lies all their lives and it is difficult for them to "un-learn" all this, all at once. Then, too, much of the fraud involved hinges on words and the use and misuse of words. Not everyone is an English Major, okay? So, it will take time for everyone to completely understand the verbiage and how it was pulled on us. 
The Disruptors are all the nasty, pushy, I-am-important-my-issues-count-and -yours-don't, and the "I-have-a-problem-with-that (whatever it is) on a constant basis folks. You all know who I am talking about. They always want to argue and split-hairs and find fault and gripe and blame and do very little to nothing themselves that is constructive, helpful, or correct. They are like little cyclones causing chaos and impeding progress wherever they go, usually babbling about arcane, obscure points of law or grammar or similar ontological, semantic, or religious concerns. They are attention seekers who just won't take no for an answer or allow anyone else a fair shot at addressing other concerns.

Sometimes these characters, especially the paid provocateurs, get together in pairs or small groups, and work together to keep everyone stymied.
Take them aside and explain that people who disrupt the functioning of the Assembly or impede the conduct of business in State Jural Assembly meetings can and will be removed by the Marshal-at-Arms.

Some people are just naturally like this and go from one thing to another seeking attention with no very clear purpose at all, but a substantial percentage of the Disruptors are paid provocateurs engaged for the purpose of causing this kind of interruption and obstruction.

The adoption of some rules of order to conduct meetings can help keep them under control, but occasionally it is necessary to throw them out of a meeting because they persist in disorderly, rude, obstructive behavior. Showing them the door at one meeting does not prevent them from attending again (hopefully in a more thoughtful frame of mind) and it may discourage them from participation at all --- but, realistically, their help is that of a flat tire anyway.

Disinformation Agents and Spies are both almost always federal employees or people in trouble with federal authorities who are more or less coerced into infiltrating groups and spreading hokum. This can be any variety of lies or scam operations, but typically involves incitement to violence, baiting to trespass, introduction of illegal goods or contraband, fraudulent fundraising schemes, immoral temptation leading to blackmail, and similar activities.

One good way to provide your State Jural Assembly with a degree of defense from these provocateurs is to "excuse" them before every meeting begins. This is a simple announcement saying, "Anyone who is here under false pretenses, anyone who is working for any foreign government including the Territorial United States or Municipal United States, anyone who is being paid or coerced to be here, must fully disclose their presence and purpose now, or leave the premises."

If they subsequently show up as Federal Witnesses they are discredited for failure to disclose.

Surprisingly, many G-men and women will disclose at this point. They will simply present their badges and tell why they are present and that's that. Most times they will then leave and not come back. If they stay, its up to you to either ask them to leave or proceed as normal, according to your own best judgment.

I have always practiced a no-holds-barred-look-all-you-like transparency, which discourages these characters from getting all excited and bringing more resources and tricks to bear trying to discover activities that are perfectly lawful anyhow. That said, a State Jural Assembly is by definition a Closed Assembly, meant to be attended only by Qualified Members and known Guests. 
Please take a look at the list of typical tricks of the Disinformation Agents and Spies:

1. Incitement to violence. They will come in all red hot and spewing rhetoric and stomping mad or they will wheedle away at your outrage over the theft and injustice aspects of what has been done here. If they can't get people all riled up and "violent" and "insurrectionist" either of those two methods, they will try the "Safety Angle" --- and try to make everyone fearful and paranoid, and encourage them to do things like make "contingency plans" as a group, stockpile arms, and take similar actions. They will talk about "getting even" with attorneys and judges and politicians and similar ploys to draw people into compromising conversations in order to accuse them of threatening Territorial or Municipal government officials. 
If you simply step back from their sideshow, and observe where their diatribes and insinuations and topics all lead, it's transparent enough. They are trying to gather evidence that our State Jural Assemblies are: (1) not operating properly, and (2) are "fronts" for "rebels" and "insurrectionists" plotting violent overthrow of the government (such as it is) and/or (3) trying to get people to do or say incriminating things that can be used to accuse them of some form of "terrorism".

Though Americans may justly be outraged, the proper and profitable attitude is to "Keep calm and get even." Or as my Mother described it --- "Make like a duck, all calm and unflappable on the outside, paddling like hell underneath."

We all have lawful recourse in answer to their fraud schemes and abuses and have no reason to be afraid or to allow anger to overtake our better sense.
They are the criminals engaged in conspiracy against the Constitutions and against the lawful government of this country --- not us. They are the employees caught in gross breach of trust and fraud against their employers --- not us. Let them be looking over their shoulders and making contingency plans --- not us. 

 And as for our hurts and grudges -- criminals seldom have much that can be attached to pay restitution or damages, but in this case, they have amassed vast quantities of credit and goods, homes and lands and pension funds ---- all under conditions of fraud and unjust enrichment.

We don't have to resort to violence or worry too much about our recompense. All the Notices have been published worldwide. The Bad Guys in this case have no place to escape and the greatest danger we face is our own ignorance. 
So when you hear some firebrand ranting and raving and inciting violence and talking "more patriot than patriot" -- think twice and think: ah, a possible government agent in our chicken coop -- and play your own game instead of his.

Likewise when you encounter a wheedler, constantly moaning and aggrieved about losses and blaming others and whining in an outraged fashion and encouraging in vague terms "doing something about it" --- think, ah, a possible government agent trying to drum up business ---and again, play your own game. 
Ditto the fear-mongers trying to make people afraid of exercising their lawful and natural rights, until they are scared and looking over their shoulders like they are guilty of something for reclaiming their own Good Names and joining their State Jural Assembly. 
2. Baiting to Trespass. This is one of the likely results of the "incitement to violence" ploys discussed above, and it is what took down Bruce Doucette and the Colorado Nine. 
A Disinformation Agent named Michael R. Hamilton, an insurance adjuster by trade (which should have raised red flags aplenty) insinuated himself and encouraged the people in Colorado to make a tragic mistake. 
They mistook the Territorial and Municipal Courts and their Officers for their own "missing" courts and Public Officials. 
As a result, they addressed these foreigners as if they were actual County and State employees guilty of malfeasance and dereliction of duty ---and they transgressed into the foreign international jurisdiction of the sea and threatened these Officers of the Queen and of the Pope with the punishments that would be owed to actual State (instead of State of State) Officials.

And that is what got them arrested and thrown into jail. Michael R. Hamilton of course, was nowhere to be seen. He entrapped them using their own ignorance against them and baiting them to trespass. 
As a State Jural Assembly member, you have cut your ties to all "federal" entities now in operation and have no cause whatsoever to make threats or transgress into their watery jurisdiction at all. 
As irritating as it may be to have their continued operations in your face and to have them operating their private corporations out of your public buildings ---don't take the bait.

Realize that you have the means in your hands to correct this situation peaceably ---by operating your land and soil jurisdiction States and Counties, by educating the populace, by building up your own Courts to serve the People of your State----and by exposing their lawless and predatory criminal activities to the proper authorities who are running these corporations on our shores-- the President, the Queen, the Pope, the Lord Mayor of London, the United Nations Secretary General, the various State of State and STATE OF STATE Territorial and Municipal Congressional Delegations, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, etc.

Likewise, don't take the bait when they try to scare you. Make no "contingency plans" and store up no stockpiles of arms, etc., beyond what you may need for your family in some kind of emergency---earthquake, fire, flood, etc. 
This is the ploy they used on Schaeffer Cox and his friends in Fairbanks, Alaska. The Federales introduced moles --- Disinformation Agents --- who were in trouble already on Federal charges, and those men created a climate of fear so that Schaeffer and others were afraid for their lives and "drawn out" to make "contingency plans" and acquire dubious amounts of firearms, etc. under the guidance and entrapment of the same men who were scaring them into these actions and secretly taping the conversations.

Later, of course, this was used to make it look like Schaeffer and the others accused were "dangerous threats" and "terrorists bent on violence" and "unstable" nutcases. They were, in fact, just innocent men being "played" by experts to their own downfall.

Don't take the bait when they try to make you mad, either. When they try to "draw you out" to express anger against judges and attorneys --- you can be as enraged as you please --- but sit there quiet as a mouse and say nothing. Nothing at all. Let them do all the raging and shouting. Enjoy the show.

3. Introduction of illegal goods and contraband. When the Federales get really desperate, they will get their Agents to bring in contraband -- drugs, alcohol, and firearms, but most likely firearms --- and attempt to blame you and your State Jural Assembly for "possession" of these items. They will try hard to get you to participate and agree to having these "controlled substances" in your possession or on the premises during your Assembly Meeting. 
The original Constitution gives the Federal Government control over Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. This is how and why George Washington got involved in The Whiskey Rebellion. The Federal Government was given control over the sale and transport of these items as a source of income to fund the government. 
Since things went astray, they have also helped themselves to "control" over habit-forming drugs, though they have no specific authority to do so, and strictly speaking have no authority over possession or use ---- only over "sale and transport" across state lines.

So, look sharp and warn all your members. This was their excuse for Ruby Ridge (rumors of a single sawed off shotgun) and Waco (rumors of illegal drugs being stored and sold at the Branch Davidian Compound). The shotgun was a "gift" and the drugs were stored by the CIA without the knowledge or help of any Branch Davidian. Go figure. Before Janet Reno unleashed the fire bombs and flame throwers on the helpless women and little children you can still view the FBI footage of the helicopters safely transporting all the drugs out in white plastic bales.

4. Fraudulent Fundraising. The Federales also have control of the US MAIL and United States Postal Service. They love to get organizations involved in illicit fundraising activities by having their agents promote hare-brained Ponzi schemes and membership fraud schemes and unfulfilled product schemes, all of which can land people in jail for a long time and cause a lot of havoc. Just say no. Any fundraising you do for your State Jural Assembly should be by free donation only, or, if you are prepared to offer a product in exchange for a standard "donation" let it be something like a Veg-O-Matic, not anything produced by the members of your Assembly --- no templates for sale, no "Freedom Packages" and so on.

5. Immoral temptation/blackmail. The Federales are famous for using sex and drugs to draw people into compromising situations, filming it all, and using this against the "target" to coerce "cooperation" in any number of situations. Just remember: there are no secrets. Warn your membership that State Jural Assembly members need to conduct their personal lives as if their Mother and the entire Church Choir (or Synagogue School or Mosque Fellowship) were behind one of those two-way mirror windows, watching. Because they are.

That may be an unnerving thought at first, especially if your life up to this point has been "untidy"---but if you want to save your country and your inheritance and live at peace, then keeping your own act clean is really the least of the sacrifices to be made.

Steel yourselves to tell no lies, make no excuses, and to live your lives so that as the saying goes, when your feet hit the floor in the morning, the Devil says, "Oh, no! He's up!" ---- or "She's up!" --- whichever. Or both, for couples. And practice saying no, politely, and often.

When you are over one of their targets they will start plying you. Gee, you are such a good fellow! Not like the rest of those, well, unsavory patriots. You understand. You are sophisticated! You enjoy the finer things.... you've gone places (or you want to go places, wherever they might be---actually, the Federal Pen is what they have in mind) and so, yeah, come on, there's going to be this party at the Stag's Leap Inn on Friday, why not come?

At first the entertainment may be polite and nice. A great dinner party and intelligent conversation, interesting people.

Among those interesting people will be a "Flagger" whose only job there is very closely but unobtrusively observe everything you say and do. In a group of maybe two dozen people, this one will be the one that is always in view, but never actually coming very close to you. Only close enough to hear your conversation using a tiny listening device in their ear. Usually the Flagger won't be anyone that appears very interesting --- probably dumpy and at least middle aged. 
Unknown to you, this is an information gathering event. People will be very interested in you and your ideas and your group --- your State Jural Assembly--- and since most of them will be beautiful and younger than you, you may be tempted to expound as an elder or merely puff up with pride and brag.

Don't do that. Be modest and keep your opinions very mild. Cream cheese would not melt in your mouth. Play them like they are playing you.
Depending on the issues and their group "take" on you, this business of nice society events may go on for quite a while as they grapple with how to land the fish. 
Eat hearty. Enjoy the champagne --- but not too much, and don't drink anything that is poured from a fresh bottle. Just absent-mindedly set your glass down somewhere and forget about it as necessary, as many times as necessary.

Eventually, they will figure out what kind of person interests you and try to put you in closer and closer contact with one or more of them. If you are a married man the day will certainly come when someone, perhaps your oldest friend, a mild-mannered bachelor who as already succumbed-- suggests, "Why don't you make an excuse? Tell Jill (your wife) that you're going to go to the game with me on Friday?"

And yeah, it will "kinda sorta" be true. It will be a "game" all right, and you will lose---because in most cases the victims don't even know its a game until its over and there's a big "L" painted on their forehead.

These people are experts at this kind of seduction and most likely, you and the members of your fledgling State Jural Assembly, are not. 
The best way to go is to warn everyone up front about this kind of slow, attentive, painstaking evaluation and seduction process that the Federales use to entrap good people and turn them upside down, ruin their lives, ruin their marriages, get them fired, steal their patents, nail them on phony tax charges, etc., etc., etc.

Just say no. Practice saying no. Say it politely, but firmly. 
And if for some reason you feel that you have to accept an invitation, don't ever let yourself get in a situation where you are dependent and as much as possible, don't go alone. Bring your wife or your husband, your best friend, a couple other Assembly Members. Keep your cell phone. Have a duty driver who is loyal to you. Make sure all sorts of people know where you are going and who will be there. Let nothing at all be secret. Ever.

I regret having to talk about this kind of thing and warn grown people like Mom giving you the business before you go out on a date, but most of the people I know who are members of State Jural Assemblies are good, honest ---and unsuspecting--- people with no real exposure to the Swamp or Swamp Creatures.

Warn your members and support each other, and remind everyone to keep everything including their own private lives on the up and up. 
Be forewarned that you will be getting Swamp Dwellers coming through your doors, because losing their federal contracts is too important an issue for it to be otherwise. They will come and you all will have to be ready for them. Not afraid, not angry --- just ready.

People convicted of any serious crime are prohibited from serving as a State Citizen and from holding any Public Office in the actual American Government. They can reclaim their status as State Nationals and live their lives and enjoy their property assets. They can stand on the sidelines and support those who have to carry the torch and operate the States and reconstruct the Federal States of States, but our Forefathers did not intend to have any weak links in our leadership.

Think about that when -- as they will -- the temptations come to your State Jural Assembly.

You may even be plied with more abstract organization-oriented temptation and attempts to play upon common ignorance. The Federal Agents, however disguised, may attempt to seduce your State Jural Assembly as a whole. 
They will tell you ---hey, if you want to be eligible for "Federal Block Grants" or "HUD and Urban Development Grants" or "Agricultural Loans" or, or, or, then you "have to" incorporate and "update" and "get modern".

That is exactly what they told all the Counties back in 1965. They didn't explain that all those "Block Grants" would be pittance kickbacks from all the racketeering money the Federales intended to make from taking title to all the land assets of those counties.

They didn't explain that the strength, power, assets, and sovereignty belong only to unincorporated people and unincorporated States and unincorporated Counties, did they? 
No, they came in like the Pied Pipers they are, sang a little song and dance, waved piles of cash and tales of more in front of the hungry "locals", told a half-truth or two or three, deflowered some girls, beat up some boys, and poured a lot of drinks ---- and before you know it, Joe and Bob and Hank and Rita had signed over everything (even though it wasn't really theirs to sign over) and the Boys from DC were in the Driver's Seat.

If you all fall for that stupidity again, that's where they will stay --- and they won't stop until this country and our Ship of State is sunk, because the Swamp Creatures are what they are and have always been. 
It's up to you to be wise as serpents and gentle as doves, to politely and with absolute determination cling to your moral principles, to your unincorporated status, to your humble but actual powers, and to your good common sense.

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