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For All The Jural Assemblies - 12 Recordkeepers

By Anna Von Reitz

For All The Jural Assemblies - 12 Recordkeepers

Amid a lot of deception by others and false accusations against me, I must note that gossip and ignorance are common bedfellows, and are often used to undermine both understanding and progress. 

I must also note that the True and Living God despises lies and gossip and always encourages us to overcome our ignorance simply by asking for help: ask to receive and knock to be answered --- and feel free to do your own research.

The information I am presenting in this series of articles seeks to fully inform and help guide those organizing their State Jural Assemblies and it is not widely known yet and may still encounter those who, because of their own ignorance or their own concept of self-interest, attempt to deride and discredit things that are simply true. 

I have described the overall situation thus:

"The simple facts are these: (1) our actual government ---which we are owed--- is not fully operational; (2) it is not functioning as it should because it was never fully restored after the Civil War; (3) we have not restored it, because we were not informed that it needed to be restored---certain parties profited themselves by keeping that obscured; (4) now that we have a grasp of the actual situation, we have the means to restore the government we are owed in our hands and all we need to do, is do it."

I and others have queried a great many experts including the Congressional Research staff, the Librarian of the Library of Congress, the Librarian at West Point, the Librarian at Annapolis, and others recordkeepers of renown and it is fully and conclusively established that:

(1) Most of the Reconstruction Acts are still in full force and effect for the Territorial United States Government; "reconstruction" was never completed;
(2) That the intended Federal Government has three (3) branches, organized as Federal, Municipal, and Territorial --- not as we were told in school, Executive, Legislative, and Judicial --- which is true, but at another level of organization entirely from the level of organization we need to "reconstruct";
(3) That the American Civil War was never declared by any Congress and was an "executive" action resulting in a commercial mercenary conflict, not a "war";
(4) That the American Civil Conflict was never resolved by any actual peace treaty and that it could not be resolved by a peace treaty, because it was not a war;
(5) That the Parties engaged in the "American Civil War", whether they knew it or not, were thus acting in a private and commercial capacity;
(6) That all the fisticuffs and bankruptcies and reshuffling that occurred in the wake of the Civil Conflict did not involve the actual American States, but did involve Federal States of States;
(7) That after the Civil Conflict, the original Federal States of States owned and operated by the States, were mothballed as State Land Trusts (in the sense of being owned by the States in charge of the Land and Soil Jurisdiction) doing business as for example, the Ohio State [Trust];
(8) That people in each actual State were coerced without full disclosure by agents of the British Territorial United States to adopt "new" State of State Constitutions;
(9) That the "States of States" thus constituted were British Territorial entities run as franchises of parent commercial corporations in the business of providing governmental services;
(10) That these British Territorial "States of States" have thus been substituted for the Federal States of States that our land and soil jurisdiction States are owed;
(11) That this whole situation has been obscured by those profiting from it and from the deceptive fraud attendant upon it,  in terms of facilitating racketeering, political oppression, embezzlement of public funds and private assets, and generally, false claims in commerce ever since;
(12) That the British Monarch obligated by treaty and commercial contract to act as our Trustee "on the High Seas and Navigable Inland Waterways" has acted in Gross Breach of Trust;
(13) That our entire populace has been deceived and mis-characterized, used, and abused as British Territorial Citizens by persons in our employment;
(14) That this has all led to a perpetual "state of emergency" as a fundamental portion of our government has not been operation for 150 years;
(15) That the Municipal Government of the District of Columbia authorized by Article I, Section 8, Clause 17, of The Constitution of the United States, as a "plenary" oligarchy intended to be run by Members of our Federal Congress for the purpose of providing a common meeting ground for our Federal State of States, has instead been run by members of the British Territorial United States Congress and "representatives" of their Territorial States of States;
(16) That these "representatives" have institutionalized this national identity theft and fiscal fraud scheme and benefited themselves from all manner of criminal activity, including the enslavement --on paper-- of millions of American for profit;
(17) That these members of the British Territorial United States Congress also acting as members of the Municipal United States Congress have abused and misinterpreted their "plenary powers" to operate Municipal STATE OF STATE organizations and to incorporate municipal franchises far outside the authorized limitations of the geographic "ten miles square" of the District of Columbia;
(18) That our unincorporated Federation of States doing business as "The United States of America" since September 9, 1776, suffered identity theft by commercial corporations using deceptively similar names: "The United States of America, Incorporated" (Scotland, 1868) and the "United States of America, Incorporated" (Delaware, Roman Catholic Non-Profit, 1925) and that this process of identity theft has continued and expanded to include Municipal Corporations like the UNITED STATES and the USA;
(19) That this has all resulted in gross criminal activity including the hypothecation of debt, the issuance of false property titles, the falsification and substitution of lawful records for legal registrations, the illegal and immoral securitization of living people and their assets resulting in enslavement and peonage being practiced in the modern age, and many, many other evils all contrary to the treaties and contracts that this country is in fact owed;
(20) That this in turn has enriched the perpetrators of these schemes to an unbelievably inordinate degree and that they have used this wealth to promote the development of the same corruption in other countries via the abusive operation of Territorial and Municipal "Service Corporations" against the Countries and the People that employ them and which they are supposed to serve in Good Faith;
(21) That we have remedy for this situation by calling the actual States to Assemble, which is done by people operating in their natural unincorporated birthright capacity (instead of as "persons" obligated to act as franchises of the guilty corporations involved);
(22) That State Jural Assemblies embody each State;
(23) That these land and soil jurisdiction States in fact own all these corporations or are owed the control of them as their actual employers;
(24) That the perpetrators of these crimes and conspiracies against the actual government of this county and against our Constitution(s) have been Notified and instructed to make correction;
(25) That they have not chosen to do so and continue to run amok, except that the British Territorial United States has bowed somewhat to the inevitability of the moral imperative to serve their employers;
(26) That we, Americans, born on the land and soil of our States, have every right to assemble in whatever capacity and whenever we choose to do so;
(27) That we, the American States and People, are owed a great deal of money and credit and the return of the control of all our "borrowed" assets;
(28) That we have not knowing, willingly, or voluntarily entered the foreign jurisdiction of either the British Territorial United States or the Municipal United States and that a well-orchestrated and organized mechanism of unconscionable entrapment has been used to mis-characterize us all as British Territorial Citizens or Municipal CITIZENS and literally to substitute incorporated entities --- using the "infant decedent estate" scam--- for living Americans;
(29) That in order for our Government to be fully operational and functioning as intended, we must correct and rebut these deliberately created false legal presumptions being held against our States and our People in Breach of Trust;
(30) That we have every right, reason, and need to promptly address these matters as international crimes and treaty violations, and that we also have every right, reason, and need to form our State Jural Assemblies, operate our government, restore our Federal States of States, require Good Faith Service performance from our employees, and get on with our lives with a minimal amount of continued interference from criminals and fools.

Anyone, anywhere who thinks that they have evidence disproving one iota of what I have presented is welcome to come forward and try to argue against the Public Records and the observable circumstance, the Congressional Research Staff, hundreds of historians, and thousands of public records.

Any misbegotten idea that "I" am the "problem" or that I am misleading anyone about this needs to be promptly dispensed with.

And now to the more limited but necessary consideration of keeping the records of State Jural Assemblies.

Each State Jural Assembly needs to elect a Recorder, whose functions may include keeping "minutes" and tape recordings of Assembly Meetings initially, though it is to be hoped that a Secretary will soon be engaged to undertake those tasks and leave the Recorder free to do only actual Recording functions

Records are by definition all the paperwork associated with actual land and actual soil and actual people. 

Registrations apply only to legal fictions -- corporations -- that hold charters granted to them in some form by the State of State or STATE OF STATE organizations and are meant to apply only to the "citizens" and dependents --- Territorial Citizens and Municipal CITIZENS of the British Territorial Government and the Municipal United States Government--- working and living temporarily as "residents" on our shores.

For those of you now reading this who are recalling all the "registration" processes you have undergone, you will now realize that you were "deemed" to be operating in the capacity of such a "citizen" or as an actual incorporated entity when you did so: vehicle registrations, birth registrations, voter registrations, registration of "Selective Service" applications, and so on, are all foreign to us and our land jurisdiction States and our People --- and are all executed in the international jurisdiction of the sea. 

So, obviously, your State Jural Assembly needs to have a Recorder, not a Registrar, and the primary duty of that Office needs to be keeping Records related to the Jural Assembly and its Members in order and secure.

Membership Records are confidential for the most part and only the names and addresses of the Jural Assembly Members are generally available.

Remember that in "re-populating" your soil and land jurisdiction State, you need not become a member of the State Jural Assembly.  You are welcome to function as a State National and have no obligation beyond keeping the peace and obeying the Public Law.

Remember also that in choosing to become a State Jural Assembly Member you are operating ---at least temporarily and successively, a Public Office --- that of "Juror", and as a Juror, you are considered to be a "State Citizen" in addition to being a "State National" while serving "Jury Duty".

Remember finally that the Officers you elect within the State Jural Assembly are accepting considerably more and different obligations than just serving as a Juror. Sheriffs and their Deputies typically serve in "on duty" and "off duty" shifts and on an "as needed" basis.  Judges and Coroners serve pretty much 24 hours and seven days a week and may be rousted out of bed at odd hours, required to travel within the State, etc,  Recorders like Sheriffs and Deputies enjoy more regular hours and schedules of "duty" which at the start of the Jural Assembly process are more or less loose and as necessary.

The State Recorder function is vital. It creates and preserves the Public and Private Records upon which the legitimacy and proof of the proper functioning
of the Jural Assembly depend.  Protecting the Person and the Records of the State Jural Assembly Recorder are therefore important considerations, and securing the Records in multiple copies and in multiple locations is also necessary.

Ideally, all Records are created in original triplicate at the time of their creation, with one copy going to the Jural Assembly Member, one going to the soil jurisdiction County level organization, and one remaining with the State Jural Assembly Recorder.  Realistically, at the beginning, we are all dealing with less than ideal circumstances and photocopies of documents may have to be accepted instead.

The necessity is to provide proof of Due Diligence when operating our State Jural Assemblies.

We need to qualify our Jurors which includes the documentation and declarations already discussed -- a Birth Certificate or similar public or private record showing when and where a man or woman was born, two Witnesses affirming the identity of Jural Assembly candidate, Act of Expatriation from Territorial or Municipal citizenship, Acknowledgement, Acceptance, and Re-Conveyance / Declaration of Permanent Domicile of our Given Names back to the land and soil of our respective States of the Union, Certificates of Assumed Name also removing their NAMES back to permanent domicile on the land and soil of the State, and a signed and witnessed Mission Statement/Jural Assembly Membership Agreement of the kind I provided as an example.

This creates a Record of the Origin of the Jural Assembly Member on American soil, a verification of their living identity by people who know them, and the rest of the documentation clearly demonstrates their intention to return home to the land and soil jurisdiction and to operate in their unincorporated capacity as one of the "people" and not as a "person".

This "package" is necessary to prove that the Juror is qualified to serve as a Juror of the State Jural Assembly, that the Juror is cognizant and freely choosing the capacity in which they are operating, which in turn validates the actions of the Jural Assembly as a whole.

The Recordkeepers are responsible for collecting, securing, and distributing this information as needed. Typically, the Juror will receive back a complete copy stamped by the Recorder, one copy will be kept by the State Jural Assembly, and one kept for the County Recorder. 

Committee of Safety members should have access to this information on an as needed basis and may maintain an active secure digital data base.

To an extent, all of this is to be treated as public information pertaining to someone holding a public office, without unduly disclosing or publishing anyone's private data.  For example, It may be necessary for members to show the Recorder a verified Birth Certificate to establish their place of birth or to produce other family-related documents, and for the Recorder to keep a black and white copy, but it is at no time desirable for a Recorder to unnecessarily divulge details obtained from such records or to keep original records. The Recorder should stamp the package as complete, scan it, distribute the copies, and secure the copies left in his or her possession.

Records of times, dates, quorums, meeting minutes and similar documentary evidence in support of the State Jural Assembly's activities should also be maintained both by the Recording Secretary and by the Recorder's Office.

Hopefully soon a complete understanding of the situation on the part of Territorial and Municipal Employees will lead to vastly increased cooperation as they wake up, too, and realize that we are not upstart insurrectionists or competitors for their jobs, but are and have always been their employers exercising rights, responsibilities and duties that have always been ours.

Such a peaceful resolution and understanding should lead to more cross-communication and cooperation and assistance becoming available from Territorial and Municipal personnel. 

For example, Travel Cards are appropriate to issue to Jural Assembly Members and others who have chosen to reclaim their State National status, instead of Driver Licenses.  Likewise, Regulation Z stamps can be issued to identify private cars and trucks in lieu of registration stamps.  Whether we do this for ourselves or instruct our employees to do it for us, these distinctions need to be made, and these services need to be made readily available without any suspicion, coercion, or obstruction by Territorial or Municipal employees.

The Recorders together with Recording Secretaries and Public Notaries elected, trained, and confirmed in Office by the actual State Jural Assembly together make up a team that evidences, secures, and officially affirms our political status, our identity, the capacity in which we are choosing to act, and which ultimately secures the peace and the proper functioning of the State Jural Assemblies and the country as a whole.

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