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For All The Jural Assemblies - 6 Pointers and Questions

By Anna Von Reitz

For All The Jural Assemblies - 6  Pointers and Questions

There are some issues being brought forward by various parties, some of whom are confused and others who just want me to address specific issues, so this is a nuts and bolts presentation of information that isn't coordinated around any specific theme beyond answering questions people have.

1. What is Mr. Trump's Republic about?  The reforms they are making sound great and in line with what you are doing.  Should we just wait and see what happens before we make all this effort to form Jural Assemblies?

Answer: Remember there are two (2) gangs, one Territorial and one Municipal, and neither one is supposed to be running this country.

It is the right, duty and responsibility of the actual people in each State to operate their Federation of States to run this country, and in order to do that, they must take up the work of forming their State Jural Assemblies.  Forming and operating our State Jural Assemblies  is the only way to fully restore the government we are supposed to have --- i.e., finish the Reconstruction-- and then determine where we want to go from there.

Mr. Trump is fully honoring his duty as Commander in Chief and protecting America and Americans.  For that, he is to be lauded and loved. A great many other Presidents have grossly abused their position of trust and have allowed personal cowardice and/or self-interest to enter into their decision-making processes.  I respect Donald Trump and so should everyone else. He does not act as a lobbyist for the Republican Party and he does not back down for the Democrat lobbyists, either.  He charts a course that is best for America as a whole and keeps steady on. 

We should all be grateful to and for Donald Trump--- including the millions of rank-and-file Democrats who have listened to their party leadership and the so-called "mainstream media" instead of using their own eyes and noses. 

Whatever Donald Trump's piccadillo roster may include, he is: (1) devoted to America; (2) an excellent businessman; (3) a generous heart.  He has, without undue pressure on the Public Purse, vastly increased employment opportunities --- especially for women, blacks, and Hispanics, expanded our economy, regained control of destructive trade agreements, and is working to secure our border --- without which, we don't have a country anymore. 

The gross self-interest and if I may say so, stupidity, of the Municipal Government leadership has led to unnecessary suffering that is entirely the fault of the members of the Congress and the bought-and-paid-for Press Corps, a social class of dishonest, arrogant pretenders who all pull their stories off the same wire services instead of doing anything resembling actual investigative journalism, yet want us to respect and trust their opinions as "law".  They are parroting whatever comes in via the Associated Press (and who are they?) and Reuters (and who are they?) and that has been the degraded and deplorable condition of American Journalism for decades.

Mr. Trump is exactly right when he calls them "Fakes" --- they are pretending to be journalists and not doing the job.  They are in fact functioning as well-paid lobbyists and propagandists with no great respect for facts or law, and are the ones pushing former CIA Chief Hayden's vision of a "Post Truth Society" --- i.e., a world run on the basis of lies, lies, and more lies.

A virtual war has been and is being fought in Hollywood, California, among those who espouse this criminal insanity and those who do not. 

So --- no, we can't afford to sit on our rumps at the stadium and watch the show and do nothing but "hope" that the Territorial Team wins.  We do have to get motivated and set up our State (and County) Jural Assemblies and do the work. Now.

2.  Shouldn't all State Assembly Members cancel their Voter Registrations?

Yes, they have to.  This goes back to the requirement that all the actual land and soil jurisdiction State governments have forbidding Dual Citizenship. You are either in or out, so far as the States are concerned.  The Territorial and Municipal Governments both allow Dual Citizenship, but in establishing and operating the State Jural Assemblies we have to work for our State and conduct its business. 

This goes back to the principle of "Checks and Balances" --- you can't allow your employees to write their own job descriptions, set their own pay and benefits, and supervise all their own activities --- which is precisely what has been going on in this country for far too long.  The Territorial and Municipal Governments are both supposed to be dependent on the States to ride herd on their spending and activities.  We are supposed to be holding them to their obligations under the terms of the Constitutions that apply to them.

In 1868, approximately nine (9) million Americans were "disenfranchised" as the original Federal States of States were moth-balled and the Territorial States of States were substituted.  Virtually nobody understood what was actually going on, because of the deceitfully similar names employed: "The State of Maine" versus "the State of Maine", for example.

However and in fact, this change meant that people were forced to give up their "voting rights" as shareholders in one set of corporations and to either accept or forego "voting rights" in a new set of corporations.  When people transferred their "voting rights" to the interlopers, they unwittingly entered a new jurisdiction--- that of the British Territorial United States --- and lost their birthright position on the land and soil jurisdiction of the States by unconsciously accepting Dual Citizenship. 

They lost their ability to function as State Electors as a direct result and became British "subjects".  This is precisely what the King wanted and what he achieved via fraud and unconscionable contracts and gross Breach of Trust.  Millions of Americans were thus "converted" from their natural birthright political status and subjected to the whims of the British King, without their knowledge or consent----simply by "doing their duty" and continuing to "vote" in what appeared to be normal public elections.  

That was the First Great Fraud against the American States and People, carried out by our own paid military and federal municipal employees and our International Trustees --- the British Monarch and the Pope, both of whom were, and are, completely culpable. 

So yes, all State Assembly Members must cancel and expunge all Voter Registrations and cannot continue to vote in these foreign corporation elections without accepting Dual Citizenship and thereby making themselves ineligible to function as State Citizens.

You may think --- but that's crazy!  I won't be able to control who is in the White House or in the Territorial Congress!  I will be giving up whatever little bit of influence I have on the direction this country is heading! 

Remember that their system is all rigged and set up as two gangs--- your vote determines very little in their matrix, and since the advent of hackable Diebold voting machines, your vote arguably determines nothing at all.  Also remember that whether the issue at hand is "Territorial" or "Municipal" both are employees of the States.  Once you take up your position as the Employer, you actually have far more power than any mere "voter" in their system. It is as a State Citizen and Elector that you have the contractual ability to control them.

You will also be doing your part to restore the rightful American Government this country is owed. Operating as a State Citizen and/or State Elector allows you to finish the restoration -- also known as "reconstruction"--- of the Federal States of States, which are supposed to be owned and controlled and operated for the benefit of your State, not the UK and certainly not the Holy Roman Empire.   

3. We are confused about which State or States we are supposed to be restoring?  You talk about setting up the State Jural Assemblies and then talk about reconstructing the Federal States of States --- ?

Ah.  It's important to realize that the actual States have never been involved in any of the chaos and chicanery affecting the States of States. 

We are so used to seeing "State of Missouri" and "State of Alabama" and so on, that we started thinking of these organizations as "the" States, but in fact they are not. 

The States are operated by the people living in the State.

The States of States are operated by employees of the people living in the States.

The States have been "missing in action" because the people have not known that it is their right and responsibility and duty to assemble their State Jural Assemblies.  They've been "letting George do it" --- literally, and for far too long.

Because the people are sovereign and unincorporated and running the actual State is their business, it has been nobody's right or responsibility to tell them that they have to assemble and conduct business---- except that the Hereditary Head of State operating The United States of America (the unincorporated version) can call upon them to assemble as the leader of their Federation of States. 

So, that is what has happened. 

You have all been summoned to assemble your State Jural Assemblies, to operate your States, elect your Officers, set up your land and soil jurisdiction courts, re-construct your Federal States of State, exercise your position as an Employer, and reclaim your birthright.

Doing so is absolutely necessary at this time, because the National Trust endures for only three (3) generations and the tail end of those three (3) generations has come.  We have taken the proper steps to re-issue our Sovereign Letters Patent to update and renew the National Trust, and now you all need to get off your duffs and pull together your State Jural Assemblies.

It is true that we need to "re-construct" the Federal States of States to act in behalf of the States, but only the People of the States can do any of this---the State Citizens of each State must act to restore the Federal State of State they are owed.  Thus it becomes necessary for us to step forward, identify ourselves as one of the "People" instead of acting in the capacity of a foreign "Person" --- and assemble the State first. Then we can reconstruct the Federal State of State.

You can't have any form of "State of Florida" without a Florida, can you? 

The very existence of a "State of Florida" depends on the existence of "Florida" and the existence of "Florida" depends on the existence of the "People" of Florida ---- which means the State Citizens making up the State Jural Assembly.

So, it's showtime, folks.

Will the actual People please stand up?

4.  Can you please explain how all this sleight of hand works?  The substitution of one thing for another?

There are two classic and fundamental such sleights of hand that have led to all the others.

The First Great Fraud, as I have described elsewhere, came just after Civil War when a Scottish Commercial Corporation secretively infringed upon the name of our unincorporated Federation of States and called itself "The United States of America" [Incorporated].

This then was further exacerbated by the same scoundrels deceitfully naming corporate franchises of their new corporation after our Federal States of States.  In this scam "The State of Virginia" (Federal) was replaced by "the State of Virginia" (Territorial).  And except for some attorneys, Territorial Congress members, and guilty Generals, the populace was kept in the dark and fed horse hunks.

The result was that instead of the States being properly represented and benefiting from their own Federal States of States, all the Federal States of States were moth-balled as assets belonging to the land jurisdiction States, and the Territorial States of States were set up to operate for the benefit of the British Monarch and the UK.

We were diddled, left in the dark, and over time, those who knew the whole story were picked off, forced to flee under threat of death (like my husband's family), or died of natural causes ---- until now, three generations later, people are in a daze without any idea of what went on here, much less how to fix it and address the problem.

So I am telling you right here and now --- the way to address it is to reclaim your birthright trust interest, operate in your unincorporated capacity as a State Citizen, and join and operate your State Jural Assembly.  Your State organization -- your State Jural Assembly --  can then reconstruct your Federal State of State to your heart's delight and operate it, too--- for your benefit and the benefit of your State, instead of for the benefit of the UK or the Holy Roman Empire---both of which merely have a service contract that they have abused beyond any rational standard.  

The Second Great Fraud happened in 1933 under the aegis of the great King Rat himself, FDR.

This was also a sleight of hand substitution fraud favoring England and the "Holy Roman Empire"/ Office of the Roman Pontiff / Romanus Pontifex Trust.

In the First Great Fraud they substituted "The United States of America" Incorporated for "The United States of America" Unincorporated, and the Federal States of States, for example, "The State of Georgia" and "The State of Maine" for Territorial States of States operating under very similar names: "the State of Georgia" and "the State of Maine" ---- only the beneficiaries had changed -- from the American States and People to the British Monarch and the UK.

In the Second Great Fraud under FDR, they substituted all our "People" for their "Persons". 

It is much the same schtick, only instead of undermining our Federation of States via identity theft and usurping upon our Federal States of States by substituting their own Territorial States of States --- under FDR, they stole your identity, too.  

Here is how they did it, and it is a very similar fraud:

Under the Constitutions and Treaties associated with them, the British Monarch is named as our Trustee "on the High Seas and Inland Waterways". Thus it is, that when we venture out on "the High Seas" and "Inland Waterways" we have unknowingly been wards of the King.  He is obligated to protect us and see to our welfare.  The Government of Westminster is similarly obligated to aid and protect us.

So, to get around this and have an excuse to plunder and pillage us, they pretended that we "set sail" and were "lost at sea".  That provided the excuse to set up Cestui Que Vie ESTATE trusts in Puerto Rico named after each and every one of us. 

The British Monarch and the Pope acting as Pontiff then eagerly charged off all the "services" they were providing via the Territorial United States corporations and the Municipal United States corporations against these phony Territorial Trusts ("John Philip Miller" a Territorial Foreign Situs Trust) and equally phony Municipal ESTATES ("JOHN PHILIP MILLER") and phony Municipal PUBLIC UTILITIES ("JOHN P. MILLER") and phony Municipal CHARITABLE TRUSTS (JOHN MILLER).

They then also unleashed the members of the Bar Associations on us (Territorial Government) to act as Licensed Privateers, and unleashed the "Internal Revenue Service" to act as Bill Collectors.  Our Public Courts were converted to run as private corporate bill collection agencies, the Middlemen in this scheme -- our Employees -- were mistaken for the actual Employers.

In this secretive way, our country and its lawful government was completely usurped by banal traitors and our States were purportedly "de-populated" and we ourselves were falsely subjected to foreign powers and treated as slaves in our own country.  

The Lynch Pin in this scam was our innocent unincorporated Trade Name given to us by our parents.  This Trade Name, also known as a Given Name, allows us to conduct both local in-state and international trade within the land and soil jurisdiction of our country.

Remember that America is a little bit odd, in that every State is a Nation. This results in a situation where "interstate" trade is the same as "international" trade.

Also remember the definition of "trade" involves business between unincorporated businesses and unincorporated businesses and corporations, while "commerce" involves business between two incorporated entities.

Trade:  John Philip Miller operating in unincorporated natural capacity buys widgets from 3M Corporation and a glass of lemonade from Sally Lou Jenkins. 

Commerce: John Philip Miller (Inc.) operating in the capacity of a franchise corporation of "The United State, Inc." buys widgets from 3M Corporation.

See the difference?

Acting in his unincorporated capacity, John Philip Miller, is engaged in peaceful private international trade.

Acting in any incorporated capacity, John Philip Miller is engaged in public commerce, and is doing so as a franchisee of a parent corporation. 

This is the kind of "enfranchisement" the rats were talking about vis-a-vis voting --- to take in all your assets, commandeer them as chattel backing their filthy commercial corporations, and subject you to both the British Territorial Government and the Pope's Municipal Government.

Looking at the name, "John Philip Miller", it is impossible to tell which capacity the man is operating in, so FDR just arbitrarily "decided" for his own self-interest, to change the legal presumptions of the day, and falsely claim that all the people in America were voluntarily acting as franchises of his favorite bankrupted Roman Catholic non-profit corporation doing business as "the United States of America" Incorporated----which is just a later version of the original Scottish fraud and national identity theft scheme promoted by the Holy See and the Holy Roman Empire instead.

This allowed the Plotters to commandeer our assets, our Good Names, our private property, even our bodies--- so that they could "legally" impose the draft in World War II, Korea, and Vietnam.

FDR unlawfully converted the identity of all the people in America to that of "presumed" Territorial and/or Municipal "persons" ---- that is, incorporated franchises --- and he bilked the National Trust, with the full knowledge and participation of both the British Monarch and the Pope.

After that, "John Philip Miller" was no longer automatically identified as a man and one of the people, but instead was "interpreted" and "redefined" as an incorporated "franchise entity" engaged in international commerce, and therefore subject to the delegated powers of the so-called Federal Government ---- that is, the Territorial and Municipal Interlopers.

In order to pull this off and make excuse for their behavior and suppositions, the plotters had to steal our Trade Names and make this appear to be voluntary on our parts.

They started the planning for this in the 1920's with various "Maternity Acts" that we supposed to apply only to Federal employees and dependents, but which morphed into a census-like recording process of "live births" in each county.  It was harmless enough and unsuspecting people accepted that it was good to have a record of who was born where.

In 1933-34, the innocuous recording of live births was weaponized by the commercial fraud artists as a means of identity theft and unlawful conversion of assets on a national scale.  Instead of recording live births, they began registering them--- enfranchising each little American baby as an "abandoned" property, "voluntarily" donated to the Territorial State of State as a "ward of the State" by an unwed Mother.

Lately, that wasn't good enough, so the lying bastards reduced the role of the Mother to that of a mere "Informant" --- as if our Mothers found us in a garbage can and just brought us into the hospital by chance.

These are our employees, people on our payroll, doing this to us. 

They have been doing this since the 1930's and it is with some justification that they look at us like Talking Horses when we object, and they say, "But, this is the way we do it. This is the way we have always done it...." which from their perspective is true. None of the Territorial or Municipal Employees we currently deal with can remember any other system or any other set of "legal presumptions". 

So, FDR and Corp just "presumed" that we were all bastard children, abandoned by our Mothers, left as wards of the Territorial State of State, and the Vermin got away with it because people trusted FDR, thought he was acting as their President and in their best interest, and couldn't imagine the evil being plotted against the American States and People by members of the Congress and our sanctimonious International Trustees --- the British Monarchs and the Popes, who have always pretended to be our Friends and Allies.

The British Territorial United States thus "seized upon" our Trade Names and hijacked them into their own Territorial jurisdiction in international commerce. This resulted in the creation of a British Territorial Foreign Situs Trust doing business as, for example, "John Philip Miller" and also resulted in the Territorial "State of Ohio" being named as the Beneficiary of his Estate, when he, poor bastard pauper orphan, was "lost at sea" ---- which also then resulted in the Municipal United States Government setting up a Cestui Que Vie Trust "in his NAME".  

Via this series of mis-characterizations and misrepresentations, our identities and our assets were stolen from us by these organized commercial crime syndicates posing as our own dear government.

As they siphoned away our wealth, the value of our labor, our natural resources, and money, they naturally became more and more powerful, more sanctimonious, and more conceited.  Like their Running Dog, Colonel Mandell-House, they thought they were so very clever that the "livestock" would never catch on. 

As Colonel Mandell-House bragged, "not one in a million" would ever know and see through this old, complex, nasty set of lies.  And if they did, it would hardly matter, because the "System" would take care of itself.

What we have done thus far is to put a very substantial piece of iron rod in their little red wagon wheels and a boot up their butts.  Every American, both Democrat and Republican, should now fully realize that they have been betrayed by members of the Territorial and Municipal Congresses beginning in 1868. 

They have been acting in treason since 1868, chiseling and plundering and pillaging the American States and People for a hundred and fifty years, and now, like Prince Philip, they have "retired" to the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, to "gush and lush" over their bankruptcy protection from the Pope, and what they intend to do to us to reduce our population of "Useless Eaters" and increase their own profits going forward.

I have a different future in view.

We reclaim our "reversionary trust interest", act in our declared unincorporated capacity, assemble our State Jural Assemblies, restore our Federal States of States, call a Continental Congress, and seize back all our purloined public and private assets, including our Good Names and Estates.

We keep our heads together and prosecute them as criminals, because that is what they are.  We give Notice to all the hired "law enforcement officers" and "agency personnel" that this is what is going on, and we remind them of their duty to uphold the Public Law and respect the rights of their actual Employers. 

Meanwhile, we get our own records corrected, join our State Jural Assemblies, hold our elections for our land and soil jurisdiction County Sheriffs, our Justices of the Peace, our Court Recorders, our Coroners, our Public Notaries --- and if our Public Servants including the members of the Bar Associations don't come to heel, we have the option of confiscating their property and deporting them, or exercising extradition and hanging them as traitors and international criminals.

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