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parts one and two at link below
last line from part two: “..... Most humans have no clue as to the joy an awake starchild feels, and most awake starchildren are cautious about sharing it. Of course I’m not speaking of you because you are a blabber mouth.”
“When I was a young German boy my mother called me a kvetchkopf (a head that talks too much) but blabber mouth works,” I said.
“An awake starchild has an excellent sense of humor and is NEVER offended no matter what is said about him. He does not care.
“Awake starchildren see the world through different eyes than sleeping ones. Their values are different. Their outlooks and perspectives are different. They live a carefree life, fearing neither injury or death (though seek neither) have an “I don’t care,” attitude. They engage in what they want and step aside when they don’t want. They are not concerned with what people think, like old people in that way. Though they have ego, they control it.
“Awake starchildren take each day as it comes without concerns. If they eat, great, if they don’t, equally great–nothing bothers them. If they don’t like a person or situation, they walk away. Many become hermits because it’s unprofitable for an awake starchild to constantly engage with sleeping ones. If they can help a starchild awaken, they help, but if the starchild is not ready to awaken they leave him to his journey. An awake starchild does not judge, condemn or belittle. He may criticize, but only when he KNOWS a benefit will be derived. Awake starchildren do not complain.
“A starchild who is waking up questions everything, believes nothing (he believes or is open to all things but only acts on what proves true).
“All starchildren serve each other. Service cannot be avoided because interaction at some level cannot be avoided. Whether hero or coward, both serve. Whether savior or killer, both serve. Most men value safety, peace and comfort and do not value danger, war and aggravation. An awake starchild values them all because his understanding of their value is greater.
“Sleeping starchilden have many drama in their lives. They care; they’re concerned; they worry; they fret; they angst; they stress; they fear. Sometimes it is their pain that awakens them.
“Awake starchildren still need, want and desire things, they just don’t care if they get them, or if things turns out the way they expected. For them, life is what it is moment to moment–cause and effect–and if it turns out the way they wanted, excellent, and if not, equally excellent.
“If their country is invaded, they might join in to defend it for the adventure, or they might go fishing. They take nothing seriously. If an awake starchild is laying in a mortar hole, bleeding to death, dying of thirst, dying of hunger, the sun is frying him, and he doesn’t know if his wife and children made it out of town before the rockets hit, and doesn’t know if they’re hurt or alive, it’s still a good day. Starchildren have no bad days. Awake starchildren are like young human children in their attitudes–they frolic and skip through life in joyful anticipation of WHATEVER life has to offer.
“Awake starchildren know they are one with all things, and not separate. They know they are part of the whole. They have experienced oneness. They really know what oneness means,” said Rom.
“Well then, it’s no wonder that sleeping starchildren dislike how awake starchildren look at life,” I said. “And it’s no wonder that awake starchildren are cautious about sharing their perspective with sleeping ones. On another question, “How long does the human paradigm last? And what’s after for an asleep AND an awake starchild?”
to be continued.....
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