Saturday, June 29, 2013


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Date: Saturday, 29-Jun-2013 12:48:48

Released FBI documents reveal plans to assassinate Occupy Wall Street Leaders With Snipers
Vatic Note: I find this below proves what short memories we have. About a year before this below was published by Press TV.... hmmm.... makes me wonder about Press TV now... we posted a blog proving that George Soros, who is the oprational arm for the Rothschild International Banking arm of the Rothschild family empire, had been profiled by us proving that the UN and Soros were heavily involved in funding, supplying the leaders for and equipment to the "Occupy Wall Street" organization because their website address was at the Soros's owned Lucis Trust with an office location at the United Nations.
Then after many many months of so called demonstrations and BS, it was clear, that they had taken control of angry opposition to them, and calmed that anger down and controlled it. So absolutely NOTHING got done. Here we are again, with another recent disclosure that is suppose to make you mad and LEAVE IT UP TO THE OWS CROWD to do something with it. Forget it, OWS is a farce and controlled by those bringing this nation down. I decided to check and see what, if anything the OWS did about it? Did they file a law suit? No, did they burn down any buildings? No. What did they do since 12/21? NOTHING. As usual.
So anything you get involved with, you must research and assure yourselves its truly legit. Deception are these peoples weapons of mass destruction of any effective movement against them. Notice I said "EFFECTIVE"? That is the key. Or let them fund everything and you bring in masses of people and take over leadership of the movement and do what you would have done had you created it.
How many of you saw this when it came out? What did you think when you saw it? That tells you how this is suppose to work for them. Now, notice below, the FBI will commit felony murder, but will not destroy documents that confirm their criminality on "planning" since they never went through with it. Now why do you suppose they released these? How did anyone know they were available and what they said? This now makes me somewhat suspicious of the group that obtained them at the very least and even more so with Press TV. That means they did not follow up and research it all. So are they in on it? It was easy for me to get the evidence we needed to prove Soros' involvement. Am I better than Press TV???
Why would the bad guys want us to have these incriminating documents?? AAAAHHH, i know.... the "REVOLUTION" they need us to do in order to ensure we lose WW III. Damn, I forgot about that. See how the deception works? They set up the bogus pretend opposition, create a scandel that the government, run by the same Soros pigeons, create, then they tell us and we are suppose to get mad at the FBI and at Obama and rebel. They are having a terrible time getting us to be violent so they can use GLOBAL TROOPS, to control us, since our troops are all overseas. We then get another exposure to global factual existance and if we don't rebel, they go a bit further next time. Clever indeed.
Its exactly what they did in WW I, and Russia in 1917, and Germany in 1933, with the WW II shortly after the revolution, and both lost in those two wars, now they are pumping out WW III and trying to feed us into a revolt, so some foreign nation such as Russia or China, both heavily tied in to the international bankers, comes to the rescue of our treasonous leaders, and they need reassurance there won't be an American with a gun behind every bush to destroy their military. Oh, dear..... tooo late. LOL


Anonymous said...

So Soros "owns" Lucis Trust? Wow! Isn't that interesting? Are we surprised? Lucis Trust was formerly named Lucifer Trust and started by Alice Bailey, but since many objected to its name and refused to do business with it, the name was changed to Lucis. Alice Bailey was a New Age guru who wrote and published New Age junk. Lucis Trust publishes United Nations materials and, according to some, the UN is striving for not just a New World Order but a New Age PAGAN World Order with a diabolical convergence of Luciferian occultism, apostate Christianity, Islam, Taoism, Buddhism and whatever other false religion someone may want to toss in for "good" measure to rule the world in "peace, love and light". In other words, a worldwide apostate religious government. (The Beast, the prophet and the mark?)

Well, now that we know Soros has a finger in the pie, we'd better pay even closer attention.

Oh! And don't forget! The book Obama used in his community know, Rules for Radicals by Saul Alinsky, was dedicated to Lucifer. Interesting, huh?

Anonymous said...

Obama's speech in Indonesia, note the Rubik cube. A Cube is a box, a prison for the mind. It confuses, limits and directs one's thoughts. A Rubik Cube is a matrix of cubes. Obama is an important instrument in creating Rubik Cubes globally. This is the key to Obama's unfolding agenda or whatever is using and controlling the man.

Some background to the matrix and 666 inherent to the Rubik cube

Take care