Sunday, June 30, 2013

Dinar RV Chat - 6-30-13



[alin] Hey gang, I had a question: I saw Jester's post today about the timing of O, Bush Sr, Bush Jr leaving for Tanzania. Jester said that certain people wanted certain people in certain places. You know, I was thinking the same along those lines.

 [musiccitylady] alin all of them are there? all three?

[deb2blessed] musiccitylady yep and the Clinton's too

[Readynow] musiccitylady and some reports say both Clintons

[musiccitylady] deb2blessed has this been verified Deb?

[musiccitylady] Readynow really?

[deb2blessed] musiccitylady well-- several have stated it--

[Readynow] musiccitylady was on Fox

[alin] musiccitylady, from what i've read in different places, yes

[deb2blessed] Phoenix speculated they are there having something to do with deposits in off shore accounts--- I say hummmmmmmm
KajunRedBull] All is coming together....Although its out of Iraq's hands, they are the focus for smoke to allow Global to make final checks for this to Break! Remember also, the UN/IMF will not and cannot afford for Iraq to start the next quarter without a currency..

[Robertprofessor] Jester said last night and again this morning that we won't see anything when Forex opens today.

[burk50] Well big celebration for what still have Toilet paper currency ! Citi bank there for what ? Cards loaded ,as promised to be paid ? Citizens won't be tooooo happy ,after they were told their currency would have value within 2 to 3 days after chapter 7 lifted

[burk50] Delta said on tv that their currency would have value within days after chapter 7 lifted imo

[deb2blessed] 12:03 am in Bagdad

[musiccitylady] deb2blessed so it is the First of July there NOW

[sparky-fd] Yup

[musiccitylady] deb2blessed I have been told that the Middle Eastern countries DO NOT update Forex until about 2 am our time



[hub] i just saw a post by patriotempire...i liked what he said until i got to the point bush sr was on the trip to africa,,,,,i dont know why people think he is so active in anything,,,,i would be very very surprised if this were true,,,when he was in dallas for jr's library deal, he could not stay for the whole thing and his motorcade passed my son on bush sr's way back to houston,,,i really dont think he is able to make a 15 hour flight and then participate in some such foolary......

[hub] this man is old and sick.....he doesnt care about much anymore, except taking the next breath.....

[rolynda] I thought it was GW and Laura on a trip to Africa

[hub] rolynda this guy said both were going,,,,and i dont think sr is up for such a trip

[rolynda] No, I don't think so either - think he is pretty fragile

[hub] rolynda yes he is,,,

[lovavette] hub feel like we are on a merry-go-round instead of a roller coaster...round and round

 [hub] lovavette naw, we are there,,,,,just hold on.......

 [freedom13] hub it was bush jr and his wife

[lovavette] hub thanks...I really needed that today :hug:

[hub] rolynda yeah ,,,,,but real soon,,be able to go where ever you want to for relief

[hub] freedom13 figures,,but this post said both and i didnt think that was right

 [gunny] You bringing some good stuff lately. We appreciate it.

[gunny] I am ready for this to be done.

 [hub] gunny just what i hear,,,,,,,but i think we are very in white on rice....

 [hub] gunny like stink on a skunk......

[gunny] Yes, I feel, that if all the information coming out is true, then we should be there and Iraq should be on the downhill side of the mountain.


IslandDancer] [EternalSprings] I have been lurking for 2 years. Heard my own local bank story yesterday that WF is preparing for Monday, Tuesday appointments. That branch has 2 DelaRue machines ordered.

arizona49] (*)6-30-2013 Jester: is Citi Bank opening a bank in Iraq on mon? It was in the news...excellent NEWS... Why would they want to work somewhere they could not make any MONEY...

 [arizona49] tedd123 Thought you would like that, and it isn't just Citi Bank.... woohoo1

[tedd123] arizona49 yes i know woohoo1 woohoo1

 [tedd123] arizona49 i forgot about that woohoo1 woohoo1

[arizona49] tedd123 hard to remember it all, we have had so much news this week, so much investment/development going into Iraq.... woohoo1

 [bigdogmom] Another thought why would these business, both small and big want to go over to Iraq and invest in their country without a revalued currency or one soon to be revalued, such as oil companies, banks, and people building their infrastructure. Just a thought.

arizona49] bigdogmom absolutely hon woohoo1


Nesara Blogspot dinar Update


Rumor - Going Live on Forex Front Screen on Sunday. Exchange in the banks on Monday.

Rumor - Currency Dinar and Dong showed up on the Forex In the States here yesterday. Black screen was placed at 9:00 pm EST and be replaced with LIVE TRADING RATES when it goes live.

Rumor - Last rates showing on the Forex were Dinar 11.78 and Dong 3.50. Rates are still climbing. Dispute per the Dong rate, said by some to .45. We shall see when it happens.

From Recaps Comment Section

06/30/13 From LapDog: i just finished talking to my own legitimate contact in baghdad (the U.S. Gov compliance specialist)we talked for 90 minutes and he had landed in baghdad 2 days ago from a flight back from the U.S. And he said the lower denoms are all over the place now.

The only "new" ones were the 1000 dinar note -- the rest were still the older dinar.

When he left baghdad 3 weeks ago there were no dinar being used --- but now they are everywhere. He went into a grocery store to buy supplies and handed the clerk a U.S. $100 bill --- and all of the change returned to him was in lower denom dinars ! He was stunned.

The usd is still being used, but this points out clearly the cbi is now making the shift toward the use of the dinar by the people.

What the cbi is doing is trying to remove the remaining "old" and triple zero large notes.They are slowly being indoctrinated away from the usd. That is good news for us. The implications of this are all good.


TheGateKeeper said...

I was under the assumption that the George Bush and George Bush Jr. wasnt able to travel due the the fact that they would be arrested outside the USA for War Crimes Against Humanity? Guess that was nothing more than another BS rumor manufactured from wishful thinking. All this stuff about the RV happening now and all is well on the home front.....To me, its not as much about the money as it is walking out my back door today and looking up & see them spraying the shit out of my blue skies. Within 3 hours, my blue skies were gone and hazed over with poison. I turn on the tv and i still see Barry Obamanation still signing one Executive Order right after another to run my country into the ground. cabal Congress, the Bushes, Clintons, Kissingers, & out of control Democrats still laughing & looting our money are doing busiiness as useual. They dont look a bit damn scared or backed up & in a corner to me. How come with all this good news, I cant help but feel that something wicked this way comes for us. It's like they know something we dont. I cant put my finger on it, but something just dont feel right. Maybe with this RV & republic thing going on....Its to make us feel all is okay. Maybe its a part of their "cabal" plans? Who knows. Until i can walk out my door and not see anymore chemtrails and trash cabal on my TV.....all the money in the world will never make me feel happy and free.

Anonymous said...

"I saw Jester's post today about the timing of O, Bush Sr, Bush Jr leaving for Tanzania"

Is Tanzania anywhere near hell ?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous2 is right about the RV. John Machaffie has no damn clue he is a provable idiot, and has been for many years and that is why he keeps posting false information