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   "The two enemies of the people are criminals and government, so let us tie the second down with the chains of the Constitution so the second will not become the legalized version of the first." - Thomas Jefferson 

    "Listen to the truth and the truth shall make you free!" - The Bible
     "Listen to the lies of your enemies and their lies shall make you a slave or else destroy you!" - Erasmus of America

     THERE ARE TWO FORMS OF LAW: "Laws can be passed to make you free. And laws can be passed to enslave you." - Old Proverb

      The American people have enormous toleration for corruption from Wash., D.C. Wash., D.C. knows this and uses this trait of the American people to the fullest to expand corruption in Wash., D.C. There may be some honest leaders in Wash., D.C., but not receiving support from the people when they dared to speak the truth, soon they became pretty much silent as it is political suicide in Wash., D.C. to be too honest and speak too much truth openly in America. The federal government is pretty much captured and controlled by corrupt interests behind the scenes. I once in Maryland talked at a Chamber of Commerce meeting where 10 candidates for public office appeared to seek support for a coming election. I roasted the federal government for corruption. I think it was a couple of candidates said how could I say such things about Wash, D.C. A couple of other candidates talked to me afterwards and said I was totally correct in what I had charged and they knew it. However, if they said so publicly, the news media would smear the daylights out of them and the people would never hear what they were saying about corruption in government. It was political suicide in America to speak too openly the truth in America.
    Normally the people break the honest leaders in America by not supporting them when it counts. We had an inventor in California who got a state merit award from Gov. Ronald Reagan of California then. But he was stepping on the toes of the oil cartel because he had invented an electric car engine that was too good and effectively solved the oil and energy crisis for America and the world. He was soon savagely attacked by powerful sources in America to suppress his great discovery in engineering. He was out to help the American people have a permanent booming economy in America with his great discovery as a major foundation to this happening. But the people were indifferent to the hell the power elite were putting him through. When he sensed that the people were totally indifferent to what happened to him, he finally threw in the sponge on the American people and walked away. Probably he was secretly paid off by the power elite where he finally agreed to shelve his great engineering discovery as he totally disappeared after that and was never heard from again. If he had not been suppressed by corruption in government, there might not even be any unemployment in America today and everyone doing so well on jobs and in businesses, maybe nearly all of America would be basically rich at this time instead of sweating cold blood whether the economy is going to crash or not. I have the engineering papers from his project and know the lab test results from Hollywood, California which confirmed his electrical car engine worked as claimed. But with no public interest to support a drive to resume what he had pioneered, I would be wasting my time to try and revive what the public does not care about. At this time, the public support does not exist for a national drive of this kind.
     I posted nationally this year about an ex-Navy seal had worked for C.I.A. in Wash., D.C. and left in disgust because C.I.A. was secretly hacking basically all banking accounts in America to get more money for secret C.I.A. purposes. Maybe pocket money for themselves as they felt Wash., D.C. did not pay them enough? They could take as little as 15 to 25 cents from one bank account, multiply that by 10 million banking accounts one night and they stole from you even $25 million on one night and you paid no attention as you thought a 25 cent difference in your bank account was either your error or else that of the bank. And they analyzed what bank accounts they could hit much harder and it never be spotted such as taking even $25,000 or more from one personal, corporate, or maybe even a state government banking account. I am reminded of hearing about the woman who lost $50,000 from her banking account in Roanoke, VA and could never force the bank to try and locate her missing money, could not force a legal investigation into this grand larceny theft of her money (probably the U.S. Justice Dept. was secretly protecting C.I.A. from legal investigation is why she could not get any source to legally investigate the disappearance of $50,000 from her personal banking account.) 
     The Navy seal who had worked on the federal computers involved indicated that they in C.I.A. could hit from 10 million to 25 million bank accounts nightly and no one was ever the wiser that C.I.A. had just hacked their banking account for some of their money either smaller or could be larger. Apparently C.I.A. secretly had all the passwords to all the banking accounts in America. I did hear of I think it was a Florida corporation where suddenly $195,000 disappeared from their banking account and outraged they couldn't get the money back as it had been transferred to Nigeria in Africa. A thought did occur to me as I know that C.I.A. runs out-of-nation accounts abroad. Maybe C.I.A. hacked their bank account from Nigeria and then later quietly transferred the money back to C.I.A. controlled bank accounts in America.
     The American people hear about this federal hacking of their private and business banking accounts in America and what happens? Why of course nothing happens! Why? Because the American people are like sleeping zombies and by the next day have forgotten the whole thing. The American people by federally conditioned brainwashing of Wash., D.C. are nearly emotionally incapable of intolerance and demanding legal investigation when Wash., D.C. legally wrongs them. Most Americans are quietly surrendering all their legal rights to Wash., D.C. Why? Because they have been pre-conditioned by psychological warfare of Wash., D.C. not to care about corruption in Wash., D.C., about lost of their legal rights under Wash., D.C., and brainwashed into thinking that if the American people would never harbor such dark, evil plans to hurt the ordinary Americans, then Wash., D.C. is governed by the same more decent morality as possessed by the average American nationally. The American people think the traitors in Wash., D.C. are governed by the same decent basic feelings as the average American citizen. 
     Now America has murdered over 80 million aborted babies so far since legalized according to figures given me a few days ago. America soars past Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union in number of their own citizens they have murdered and this is fine with the moral standards of the American citizens? As America gets morally callous and now has no more respect for life than the traitors in Wash., D.C., it gets easy to murder the senior citizens who cost too much in federal medical expenses, easy to federally finance the chemtrail campaign to help sterilize part of the American people for "population control" and give deadly ailments or else death to those Americans with physical weaknesses to their bodies by toxins dropped on them from the skies from federally paid for chemtrail attacks on the American people engineered by Wash., D.C. but I understand run by C.I.A. Much of the world is starting to outlaw G.M.O. food in their nations and also the sprays supplied by the same corporations as supply the G.M.O. food seeds which are now starting to ruin more and more American farm land made poor farm land or else ghost soil after raising G.M.O. crops on it too long. But Americans want to trust "Big Brother" Wash., D.C. seriously cares about them and Wash., D.C. would never betray the American people in important issues. And Wash., D.C. would never lie to the American people or try to deceive them through con tactics which is a propaganda line pushed by too many of the companies of the main news media of America. 
      Reports I have seen have indicated that Obama has had the money available to pay off the national debt and instead this gets turned over to privileged federal sources and their allies and all these trillions of dollars disappeared which were in reality stolen from you the American people. If the national debt is paid off, then China and the Rothschilds, etc. do not have legal claim to take over all American land and kick the American people out of their homes, farms, businesses, etc. and even evict them from America as their national land. Now to shoot down Rothschilds claim that they can legally seize the land of America for money owed them by Wash.,  D.C., their money came from counterfeit money through the Federal Reserve System, money swindled from the American people such as the $295,000 that disappeared from my mother's NY bank account as a child  actress during F.D.R's 1933 "10 Day Bankers Holiday." The reason why no banks got charged with legal fraud when the main bulk of private banking accounts disappeared when the banks reopened 10 days later is that the Rothschilds and their allies got the missing money such as the $295,000 from my mother's banking account went to the Rothschilds I figure as I studied economics with six of the most brilliant economists of America and Europe. And the Stock Crash starting the Depression was set up by the Federal Reserve on behalf of the power elite. Sir Winston Churchill was the guest in New York of the power elite on the day they crashed the Stock Market of America to show Churchill what they could do to England if he did not play ball with them later on as a major leader of England. 
     They had to put a legal strait jacket on the stock market as it was the biggest competitor of central banking for financing industry, government debt, etc. and they blamed the stock market for the Depression they had engineered by withdrawing up to half of all money in circulation to create the Depression of the 1930's in America. The S.E.C. was to be the legal strait jacket so the stock market would be eliminated as the main competition to centralized banking for the financing of the major needs of America then. 
     I am a little too frank am I not?!! I can topple may of the brainwashed beliefs of the American people if I want to be that truthful. There was an abortion drug in the Roman Empire when Christianity got started. Christianity in its first days condemned abortion as murder of the unborn as taught in the Bible. History teaches that when nations go in for all this "gay rights" nonsense being pushed by the power elite to destroy the family in America, the nations going in for this all seem to shortly afterwards collapse and cease to exist. Destruction of the family does not sound too smart to me in national economics! The churches do not fight street level to win the masses to believe in God. I fight common man level and for that reason am extremely deadly to the atheists and other enemies of Christianity. Christianity is easy to sell to the masses because it is loaded with endless Miracles of God to it from its start through 2013. I dig up the real Miracles of God which are heavily documented and pretty soon even the dumbest among the public suddenly realizes that there is a God for real and not myth! My "Miracles of God" report overwhelms the critics and enemies of Christianity. Why are the churches not mass promoting it now? Why fight amateur level when you can fight professional level and win nearly all of America back to Christianity? If we have excessively warm weather, there are more answers than what is claimed  as carbon dioxide created "Global Warming." I was an amateur astronomer when growing up and real, not Washington propaganda version lies about the weather, can include a tilting of the earth's axis can create some hotter weather patterns, increased solar flare activity can create hotter weather patterns, our dishonest, Satanic controlled federal government can be playing its "H.A.A.R.P" weather control system to alter the weather in order to push federal propaganda lines to justify a total federal police state for America, we could have influence from a foreign object in space such as a huge meteorite, comet, etc. not seen yet but will come close to earth at some point, etc. 
     Okay folks, time for serious reality. The power elite think you are incapable of standing up on your own and showing national unity over any important issue. Pass my Omni Law and now. It is the only smart, practical answer you have to save America and its future from very evil sources in Wash., D.C. who care nothing about the American people nor America as a nation. There are patriots in the military, yes, even Congress, etc., but you tie their hands to stand up for America until you show you care about America and stand up now! There are very smart, credible reports in America indicating the power elite are about to finish off America forever as you are leaving the power in their hands to do what they want to concerning America. The power elite hire top academic brains and other smart sources to tell them how to trick and smash you the American people forever. I am their deadly enemy. I also attract many brilliant people to my side and we collectively are a match for the best brains they have on their side working for them. You back me for two reasons. One, they thought me smart enough, several times they approached me to join their side, but I refused to do so. Two, I have unorthodox angles I can come up with, and their side does not know how to fight my smart, but unorthodox angles which are sound and will win if used. You morally support me by promoting my stands across America. And financially back my side also. They stole $525,000 of my money from me back in 2004 to try and head me off from helping you the American people out and leading you to victory against them. They broke up a legal deal I had with trucking sources, etc. which could have paid me up to maybe $27 billion and they were scared to death what I could do for my side with billions of dollars behind what I stood for in America. We have a criminal gangster government in Wash., D.C. But while I have too much publicity behind what I am posting in national reports on the internet, they can't make it too obvious that they want to be a federal police state government, not a free, constitutional government for America and the American people, so with great pain, they have to allow me to post the truth in America even though they hate to see the American people find out the truth through my national reports. There are many other fine reports available in America also. The difference in my reports is I am telling you how to win in America and I don't see any other national reports telling you how to do this for the American people. 
     I have posted on my national website two reports I had previously posted with Nesara News. Of course look up my likely 190 or more national reports posted with Nesara News now since April, 2012 through end of June, 2013. Put in my pen name of Erasmus of America and then read those reports listed on topics you especially want to research on. I just posted on my national website the report on "America's Hope" if we don't want American to end up as suggested in this report "America Third World Country" meaning poor as the poorest nation in the world due to the sabotage of our economy by the current wrecking crew running Wash., D.C. And I posted my report on "Camelot" showing my dream and vision of a great leadership community for America which will show America the right way to go in world industry, booming economy, legal rights under law, moral values for society again, quality national culture, etc.  
     My report with the three rainbow pictures on it is the test as to whether the American people are capable of standing together or not. The power elite will watch to see if the American people are capable of standing together when it counts or else so full of brainwashed anarchy to their belief system that they cannot ever stand together and therefor the power elite are going to win America as the American people are incapable of being a serious opposition to the takeover and destruction of America by the national enemies who are inside of Wash., D.C. today. If the American people will stand up now, there are good men and women in government who will then find the moral courage to stand up and join the American people in opposing the treason now going on in Wash., D.C. against the American people.
      My report with the three rainbow pictures on it says if the American people will seriously back our national drive for the Omni Law, etc. with even just $10 but have hundreds of thousands, millions of Americans, etc. all doing this, then we can counter the moves of the other side and ram through the moves that save America from pending disaster and termination or else ruination of America as a nation otherwise. Our button on our website labelled America's Hope can enable you to join our $10 drive to save America now. Our report on Camelot on our website shows a quick way to restore a booming economy and much freedom to American society again. Read it and see my vision of something so powerful, Wash., D.C. cannot stop it once built from saving America as a nation and economy. 
     Pass this report around nationally. You know that only by passage of our Omni Law will C.I.A. ever be legally investigated for stealing from your bank accounts in America, the trillions that Obama has had disappear from Wash., D.C. be recovered and help to or else pay off the national debt of America. The national debt is paid off and we can start talking of small or else no federal income taxes in America. The power elite think that the countless trillions of dollars they swindled from the American people are your gift to them and you will never want back the many trillions of dollars given to private sources in your name by corrupt politicians in Wash., D.C. Let's pass the Omni Law and you may be surprised if we recover much of the swindled money stolen by Wash., D.C. from you that you  suddenly have a booming economy again, good paying jobs, a good, secure future for America and we head away from a pending nuclear World War III Obama is trying to engineer America into. The plan of Gen. Pike said if this World War III can be engineered, it gives the excuse to create a One World Government and then declaration that Lucifer is now the "god" of the world. Nearly all the Arabs are scheduled to be killed off in a World War III and most or all Jews in Israel as the plan called for the recreation of the nation of Israel as the basis to engineer this World War III afterwards. All parts of the original plan have been successfully carried out except for the World War III and then killing off of most of mankind on earth except for those left alive so they can be slaves to the "Global Plantation" over the earth to be ruled by the Satanists for their declared "god" Lucifer. Wild scheme but billionaires and trillionaires are committed to this plan as was reported by Russian intelligence just before the 9/11 attack in 2001 which predicted the attack before it occurred in public print in Moscow and they said this group had over $300 trillion to use to overthrow the U.S. Republic and other governments in their way so they could establish their planned One World Government on earth.  They indicated this 9/11 attack would be financed by this secret world clique of vast wealth and would hit America in 2001 as the leverage to turn America into a total federal police state and later power base for the establishment of a One World Government after they reached their first goal for America. 
     Folks, financial support gives us the muscle to stop this conspiracy of high treason currently going on in Wash., D.C. Promoting our reports to others enlarges our base of support in America. Talk us up and promote us. We are the only national movement in America seriously committed to victory in America. We go to the root cause to end the disease. The others hit the symptoms, but not the root cause of what is trying to kill off America as a nation. 
      Our national website is Our email address is   Our mailing address if you want to send in an order that way instead of through our website is NIFI, P.O. Box 1465, Seneca, SC 29679 Make any checks, etc. out to NIFI and tell us what the payment is for. Orders for products also helps finance our drive to finance the passage of the Omni Law which is the power angle the other side already recognizes as the deadliest angle they have seen for the American people to recapture control of Wash., D.C. which they have lost control of at this time in American history. 
     The other side is trying to move fast before the American people wake up to the hellish future waiting them if they don't act fast in return to stop the other side before it is too late to save America and the American people. With your backing, we will have the muscle and will stop them before it is too late and win victory for America. As a top Pentagon source got news to me shortly after the 9/11 attack, Washington intelligence knew of the attack before it occurred and wanted the attack to occur in order to set up the understood planned federal police state in America. That is why they did not stop the 9/11 attack they could have stopped if they had wanted to. When I was told the general's name, I made sure that I did not listen to it so I could not be pressured into identifying him later on. I always protect my sources in military intelligence work.
      Yours for God and Country, Erasmus of America (pen name for the one called "A Loose Cannon" in military intelligence by some sources as no one could ever control me. And I have a tendency to blast away those who stand in my way! I have a tendency of winning, not losing, at games with top professionals who are enemies of America!)                           

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