Saturday, June 29, 2013

Shut Up and Go Away...

Shut Up and Go Away...
Posted By: Lion [Send E-Mail]
Date: Saturday, 29-Jun-2013 12:08:36
The current regime in Amerika doesn't like it when you call them out on their underhanded shenanigans.
"Shut up" - they scream - or else!
Or else we will destroy you with our talking heads.
Or else we will accuse you of treason.
Or else we will throw you in prison.
Or we will target you financially.
Or we will kill your family.
Or we will kill you.
The above is no conjecture. It occurs daily in Amerika.
The above are blatant actions of a dictatorial, totalitarian regime.
A regime has a dictator.
An administration has a president.
Amerika is a regime.
In my book, before you tell someone to shut up, and advise them not to tell anyone what you are doing, whatever you are doing must be on the 'up and up'.
If what you are doing is legitimate, and on the 'up and up', you would have no issues if someone explained what you are doing to the public at large.
If, on the other hand, your actions are underhanded, unlawful, or treasonous in their own rite, then you would be very paranoid the public may discover what or who you truly are when the camera is turned off.
Why would the Obama regime be so secretive about it's activities, and so paranoid it will be found out?
Want to know, as the Ecuadorian president recently asked when speaking of the Snowden disclosures:
"Who are the real criminals here?"
The answer is obvious.
The Obama regime, and the Bush, Clinton, Bush regimes that came before are the real criminals here.
The dirty little truth is that America is a Nazi police state that is a hundred times worse than the worst days of Germany under Adolph Hitler.
The dirty little secret is, the Nazi Security Agency controls the 'government' of Amerika - and the NSA - backed by a fiat banking cartel and corporate despotism - is doing everything it can to deny the people the liberty of free speech.
If you want to know the names and faces of the ranking members of the Amerikan criminal cartels, all one needs to do is look at who screams the loudest when their dirty laundry is hung out on the line.
Any predatory regime that works against the best interests of the people it represents, is a useless parasite who's very existence does more harm than good.
The people don't need them.
The people certainly don't want them.
Turn about is fair play.
Now, it's time for the criminal regime in Amerika to "shut up and go away".

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