Sunday, June 30, 2013

RV Intel - Jester Morning Chat - 6-30-13

gizmo] Robertprofessor do you have any doubts that this will happen tonight/tomorrow? I believe Iraq is definitely ready, just worried about the Global Reset which has to happen. Thanks for your input!

[Robertprofessor] .gizmo Hey, there. Stepped away. First, Jester set me straight last night about Forex. We won't see anything from there first. Second, I feel certain that we will get our emails and begin banking this week. Precisely when? I don't have any good guess ...we are past the point of no return though.

[Jester] hi puppylove, peeps, lurkers, and critters... how is everyone this morning? thought i'd pop in before the race and see how it is going...

 [Jester] everyone is napping... lol

 [tenizen] Jester Oh just sitting around on a weekend, waiting for a certain currency to appreciate a few cents.

[tampa---dd] Jester Hi .. Great day for an Okie email

[snowwolfsdee] Jester there is a race? horses? cars? us?, lol

[Jester] snowwolfsdee NASCAR on tnt unless they get rained out again...

[Robertprofessor] Jester Anything to be gained by us today watching Forex?

Jester] Robertprofessor how would you watch it? takes a $100,000 a year screen to see it...

[Robertprofessor] Jester Hahahaha ... then I think I'll go car shopping this afternoon.

bigbear] Jester But Redwolf will be watching it and you will tell us ----right?????

[Jester] bigbear he does not have a trader screen... that is not what he does...

[starbucksrules] Jester Jester The Time Line you outlined a few Days ago, has expired you know!! can you elaborate??

 [Iank1978] Starbucksrule- it has?

 [puppylove] starbucksrules IT WAS A SCENERIO PLEASE RE READ THE POST..

[Jester] starbucksrules if you read it you know it has not...

[Robertprofessor] starbucksrules Is it Monday and I missed it?

starbucksrules] Jester Jester Oh ok! :) I appreciate that! The Translation: we focus on the Forex later today!!

[Iank1978] Jester- there's been a lot of doubt in here today, can you erase that please lol

Jester] Iank1978 well... doubt about what? i know they are working on it... we wanted to see some things happening that haven't happened yet... but hoping for today... and we understand they have schedules for same... just watching the process...

 [Iank1978] Jester- not really me, just want people to keep the faith thanks

[Jester] race is getting ready to start...

  [Jester] an they're off!

[mailboxmoney] Jester have you heard that The Clintons and Bushs are in Africa with O? I read that this morning just wondering if true or not

 [mailboxmoney] i think it came from someone called Jedi

 [paradisegirl] mailboxmoney good morning - just on Fox that the Obamas and Bushes will be in Tanzania at the same time with different events, and another event with Michelle O and Laura B together. No mention of the Clintons

[Jester] mailboxmoney we heard that earlier in the week... and now it is in the news... heard certain people wanted other certain people out of the way while they finish things up... hmmmm...

[mailboxmoney] Jester Lordy Lordy things are getting interesting

[johnnyjunk] Jester dude - I love it when you go "hmmmmmmm" rofl ... class is finally catching up with the teacher ...

[Jester] johnnyjunk hahahaha... you got it...

[jblb] Jester so all certain people being in africa is not an accident

[tampa---dd] Jester Judging from the scenario, I would think that an email tonight is still within the schedule!

[Jester] tampa---dd we are tracking the things that need to get done... will know more later in the day...

[triple777] Jester down at the beach this week for vacation and wanting to finalize purchase of beach house are we still on track as you felt thursday with plausible scenario? I think you will like you suite in middle section overlooking pool and ocean.

 [Jester] triple777 cool... i wish i had time to go to the beach! lol

 [triple777] Jester finish the processing on GCR tomorrow and you'll have all the time in the world

[nolaspice.] Jester what? No time for beach? that's no way to live. Bora bora baby!

[Jester] nolaspice. hahaha.... too much going on right now.. but not for long...

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