Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sheriffs won't pay the Income Tax?


Have each of you Constitutional Sheriffs comply with your Oath of Office and Comply with the Republic of the united States' Constitution.
No longer pay the Income Tax on your labor as the united States Supreme Court ruled in 1883!
And put together a Grand Jury for ALL your info that We The People can use!
Meet with Jeff Maehr from Colorado who the IRS fears as he fails to file tax returns!
Meet with others; Joe Banister, Sherry Jackson, & Irwin Schiff (who is still in jail for the Zero Return)!
Get a sworn statement from Former IRS Director, Steve Miller, on the Income Tax being Voluntary or have him criminally prosecuted for lying under oath to Congress!
Once this is all done, collaborate together with ALL Constitutional Sheriffs and have each of your total Sheriffs' Dept make a notice to the IRS that you will NOT support a PRIVATE Corporation!
How will the IRS and THE UNITED STATES, INC. prosecute law enforcement who are complying with the Constitution?

Supreme Court Validates People’s Rights to Establish Common Law Grand Jury
Subject: The Common Law 4th Branch Of Government-Legally Is The Common Law Grand Jury — Voted 6 to 3 Decision In The U.S. Supreme Court– Already started in CA and NY.

Former IRS Director Admits Taxes Are Voluntary
Steve Miller, former Director of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), admitted at a Congressional hearing that the taxes collected by the IRS are not mandatory – but voluntary.

Jeff Maehr, a Colorado chiropractor who has engaged in a number of business ventures, including, admits he has refused to file federal income tax returns since 2002, but he says the IRS is afraid to press criminal charges against him.

Supreme Court Denies Hearing On Major Challenge to Constitutionality of Income Tax
The U.S. Supreme Court itself said an 1883 case, “It has been well said that, the property which every man has in his own labor, as it is the original foundation of all other property, so it is the most sacred and inviolable.”


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