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PANDA and OATH KEEPERS Under Fire In Oregon

Subject: PANDA and OATH KEEPERS Under Fire In Oregon

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Read this article at Oath Keepers national website:



Patriot Action For Everyone!
See below.

Our man in South-West Oregon is Tom McKirgan. I have enjoyed speaking with, and working with, Tom this year as he pushes the envelope for freedom in his neck of the woods. Right now, Tom is working in tandem with PANDA Oregon's State Team Leader Shane Ozbun of Eugene, Oregon, to fight at the Coos County Commission for a resolution banning the NDAA-2012 in Coos County. Of the three Commissioners, one is friendly to the cause of rejecting/nullifying NDAA-2012, but the other two are opposed to such a resolution.

PANDA is: "People Against the NDAA". Oath Keepers works with PANDA every way we can, same as we work with FIJA and the Tenth Amendment Center and other liberty-driven groups. Dan Johnson of Bowling Green, Ohio, is the founder of PANDA and is coordinating with Shane Ozbun and Tom McKirgan in this fight. I am excited to report that Tom McKirgan and Shane Ozbun are teamed-up and working together to bring the resolution to the attention of not only the County Commission, but also to every citizen in Coos County. The resistance is on, however, so Shane and Tom have their work cut out for themselves - and for us!

That's right - I'm calling for all who can to help fight against the NDAA-2012 in Oregon. Being basically in the middle of nowhere, Coos County would be a long drive to actually show up there for rallies, but anyone capable and willing should do that on July 15, 2013.

Resistance Is Futile?

What the rest of us can do is very simple - we need supportive and educational  "comments" under an article at the local newspaper there in Coos County, and at one other site.  We also need to launch a broadside email volley to the two Commissioners who are resisting the resolution to nullify NDAA-2012. That is the mission - just read an article at your computer and make a comment and/or send an email. Details on that are below.

PANDA Under Fire!

In Coos County, Oregon, the struggle against these provisions began when Oath Keepers S.W. Oregon Coordinator Tom McKirgan spoke to the county commission in October, 2012 and February, 2013. He, along with members of PANDA, made the case for anti-NDAA resolution on April 2, May 7, and once more with a passionate outpouring of support on June 4. Unfortunately, two of the three Commissioners, despite their oath to uphold and defend the Constitution, refuse to allow a vote.
A Coos County paper, The World, not only leveled personal attacks against the people of PANDA and Oath Keepers, but also denounced local action against the 2012 NDAA, saying "county officials obviously have no authority over federal law".
So Tom and Shane are in battle mode and they're going to have a large rally, a sort of regional "Town Hall" rally on July 15, 2013. (See below.) There are quite a few Oath Keepers and PANDAs in the area, so they are expecting a good turnout.  The next County Commission meeting is at the end of July, 2013. This is a great event at which to wear your Oath Keepers gear and spread around lots of Oath Keepers brochures, DVDs, bumper stickers, etc.

But the Town Hall event is still a couple of weeks away. Meanwhile, there is this article in a local newspaper, and it takes a couple of sniper shots at our good name and PANDA's good name. Check out the article at this link -

Here is a snippet from said article -

County should mind own business

Local activists twice have addressed Coos County's commissioners in recent weeks, demanding they take a stand against the National Defense Authorization Act. Though county officials obviously have no authority over federal law, these folk want Coos County to record a roar of futility, much like the infamous "nuclear free zone" in Berkeley, Calif.
The commissioners should resist the pressure.
The commissioners also need to be careful about lending their official credibility to organizations with dubious pedigrees. One of the two groups pressing for county action, the Oath Keepers, is a thinly repackaged revival of ultra-right radicalism. It springs from the same network of discontent that gave us the Posse Comitatus, the survivalists and the militia movement. The other group, People Against NDAA (PANDA for short), is an unlikely combination of political bedfellows, stretching from the Occupy movement to the tea party and beyond.

Now, really, Y'all! We can't let that go unanswered, can we? Hell No!

Here is what you can do:
1. Share this email with friends on your personal or group list(s).

2. Go to the World newspaper article, read it, and leave a comment. You have to register. (or)

3. Leave a comment here (where you can post much longer comments) - 

4. Make good use of this contact info for the two obstinate Commissioners -
John Sweet * (541) 396-7541* email John Sweet *
Melissa Cribbins *  (541) 396-7539 * email Melissa Cribbins *

5. Last but also important, if you've got any ammo left after doing all the above, how's about sending a word of thanks and encouragement to the one Patriot on the Coos County Commission, to thank him for standing against the NDAA-2012.
Bob Main * (541) 396-7540 *

Final note:

The Town Hall meeting is set for Monday July 15th from 6:00 to 8:00 PM at the North Bend, Oregon Public Library located at 1800 Sherman Ave.
The Coos County Board of Commissioners meeting is scheduled for July 30th at 9:30 AM located at 2ND and Adams in Coquille, Oregon (15 min from Coos Bay/North Bend.) Those wishing to make a public comment should arrive by 9:15 to sign in.  

Awesome! Let's march! You can report in here after you've commented and/or emailed in support of PANDA and Oath Keepers' SW Oregon group. Thank you Tom McKirgan and Shane Ozbun.
Elias Alias, editor

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P.A.N.D.A. National website:

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