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Posted By: Seawitch [Send E-Mail]
Date: Monday, 29-Jul-2013 15:29:48
Child sacrifice eyewitness comes forward

Vatic Note: WARNING: What she describes takes place in Holland, in Europe, and this is pretty raw. Also the beginning intro music is way too loud, but when you turn it down, you can't hear the woman talking, so either suffer through the music or turn it down, but then turn it off when she comes on and put the sound back up full.

I am sorry about that, but its worth the viewing and listening since its first hand confirmation of all the written proofs we had that these elite are total Satanists and perverts and deeply insane. Way more insane than I had thought. It confirms the horrors these animals visit upon these poor children, who are helpless to defend themselves from these assaults. It destroys their childhood and in many cases their lives. You can see the pain in her face when she talks.

You are not going to believe who she names in this disclosure as being there and partaking in the blood sacrifice. What is not surprising was she named the British Royal Family. We did a previous blog on the Queen and the missing 10 children in Canada that were later found buried on the school site and they had been murdered. Sacrifices, I am sure. This is what I suspected at the highest levels of government and these people want to rule the world? They are completely and evily insane.

This reminds me so much of our first or 2nd blog on "CIA moves to Denver" and the castle that was disclosed being used in a small town outside of Denver for the same things as she describes here below going on in Holland.

What she eventually describes is the "Trauma based Ritual Abuse" that the illums, zionists and elite use on children to either mind control them and create assassins out of them, or their own children to carry on the agenda into the next generation. There is more so please watch and listen carefully since she has a difficult time reporting what had happened to her and what she had witnessed as a child. She is going to need psychological help to get her through all this.


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Please post a link for a transcription of the audio of the video.
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