Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Dinar Rumor - Badgerbill & Mort - 7/30/13

badgerbill] mort What are you hearing from your Lawyer?

[mort] badgerbill -he told me the someone who held it up over the week end-but said that was resolved and it should down mon -tues and he should be sitting in reno on wed if all goes as planned and china & largard are p"""" over this one person who keeps trying to stall it-i gave that to lgtennis yesterday who found out i was exactly right when she did some digging

[skysthelimit] mort i know who it was to..mums the word

[GracieDog] mort Thx.

[mort] -sure looks good and  he said if everything went as its planned he should be sitting in reno on wed am

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