Monday, July 29, 2013

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Anonymous said...

Interesting history read.

I think a common sense question is to ask:
If Kenya were to align itself with Iran and together Iran and Kenya were to declare war on the US, to who would Obama owe allegiance?

His father's country Kenya.
His mother's country US.

His allegiance is torn by the fact that only one parent is US and his Kenyan father never ever applied to be naturalized as a US citizen before or after his birth.

If this is allowed to be done, then Putin could get a US woman pregnant and have his son run for President.


Hitler could have gotten a US woman pregnant and have his daughter run for President.

This is common sense and no revisions/changing of laws or wordings of laws created after the ratification of the Constitution or "after Obama was illegally elected president" (as has been done as detailed in these court documents) can possibly have a superior claim.