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     I have always been fascinated by history. I was born with a gift for it. While still in high school, I won a postgraduate college scholarship in political science after taking a national history test given to top honor students in American high schools. I always seemed good at cracking secrets of history. One that opened up an entire professional field to me is I was curious why Hitler was able to finance the rearming of Germany so much faster than economists of America and Europe in 1937 said he could. On the side for three years from 17 to 20 years old I studied English translations of German documents from that time period. Finally I knew how Hitler had done it and it was very clever. When I first showed my analysis of the Hitler economic trick system, the economists said I had an interesting theory but couldn't be right. Later I got the testimony of the exile German captain who headed his security guard at his mountain retreat. Once in an idle moment, Hitler boasted to this German captain of the great economic secret how the German economy moved so fast and financed the super fast rearming of Nazi Germany into a world power. It was code named "The Inverted Inflation" and Hitler explained why this secret name for it. I had not guessed the code name for it, but I had figured Hitler out like a blueprint and my reputation skyrocketed with economists as they saw by the doumentation that I had been right in my analysis of the Hitler economic trick. Years later I finally tracked down Nazi intelligence while studying Bernard Baruch for how he organized the American war industry in World War I had discussed his idea at the end of World War I how to boom Western industrial economies. No one in America listened to him as it was party time in America after World War I, but Nazi intelligence reported his concept to Adolf Hitler who along with his advisers was impressed with it and it with German touches to it became the "Inverted Inflation" of Nazi Germany which was the fastest growing economy in the world during the world Depression during the 1930's. In 12 months unemployment was eliminated in Nazi Germany and the economy skyrocketed after that.
     Once cracking the top economic secret of Nazi Germany and confirming it by the testimony of the exile German captain who heard it directly from Hitler in a boasting moment at his mountain retreat, my reputation skyrocketed with economists and I was then able to study with six of the most brilliant economists of America and Europe including the German economist personally endorsed by Albert Einstein to be teaching the only true economic science in the 20th century. It was wild but I had to learn about the Jesus Money System from the atheistic German economist but incredibly brilliant in economic history, etc. But to my surprise my economic formula I developed said there was more to Jesus Money than what this German economist knew about. My economic formula told me what to look for and I found the missing proof in medieval European records that they had done the entire Jesus Money System correctly as taught by Jesus Christ.
     When in military school, I used to call correctly coming world events by my "pressure theory" of history that the side with the most pressure behind its stands would win in a nation. Fellow military cadets were amazed that I called correctly coming changes in government, military events before they occurred, etc. I could predict who and what would win so long as my base information was correct in relevant facts. My pressure theory of history predicts that in any time period the American people mass push and stand for passage of the Omni Law, the politicians will be trapped and have to pass it.      
     Two early teachings of Apostolic Christianity were valid from a practical historical standpoint. One, they taught that man had natural law placed in him at birth and so regardless of formal religious teachings or not, people would know that murder was wrong, stealing was wrong, lying was wrong, etc. Sir Winston Churchill called this "moral force" in people which could force governments to change laws or policies if moral force was effectively mobilized against the government opposing the will of the people of the nation. Two, the early Christians taught that they were a separate race and nation inside the Roman Empire then. Analyzing this far enough and we come to a hidden teaching of early Christianity that mankind has a natural tendency to form and join tribes on earth. Examples will show what I am talking about. Supposedly three men started the Mongol Tribe in Asia. As they grew as a tribe, they later became a large horde and threatened potentially overrunning Western Europe with their armies. When Mohammed founded Islam a few centuries after Christianity, he built a tribal spirit in his followers so they fought for Islam as they would have fought for their nation or race otherwise. When a man and woman seriously bond together in marriage, they form a natural form of a tribe. They have children and the tribe grows larger. The Old Testament lists the 12 Tribes of Israel starting from 12 men with offspring and each forming a different family line that turned into 12 tribes as they grew in numbers.
     What forms a tribe in nature? Animals such as dogs may join together into a pack of dogs which is their animal version of a tribe of dogs. When people form together into a united body in spirit and loyalty, we have the beginning of a tribe in nature of men and women effectively bonding together as a united movement forming a nation, army, religious movement, political movement, church, school bound together in spirit and loyalty, community binding together into what nature programmed us to turn into a tribe. Though misused for the wrong purposes, gangs of hoodlum kids on the street in major cities is a form of a natural tribe though criminal in nature. When bonded together in spirit and cause, the Nazi Party became a form of tribe for those joining it. The same for the Communist Party. When we have weak political causes such as the Republican Party, they are at best a partial tribe and not total as they do not have the unity of spirit and principles they believe in and uphold to establish an effective tribe in nature. The Black Race in America is super racial at this time and very tribal in nature normally placing race above other interests of the nation. If Mexicans come to America and they remain culturally or tribally just Mexicans and never transform into serious Americans in character, then tribally they are and remain members of the Mexican tribe instead of joining and becoming part of the American tribe evolving from those who founded the original American tribe in 1776 when divided people became one in race and principles as expressed by their political and legal documents written back then that they bound themselves to uphold. American culture by stressing diversity of cultures and races for America instead of a united culture for all does not create an effective tribe called a nation and instead like horses pulling in all directions against themselves when bound together can get nowhere and can not achieve effective tribal goals which we call political goals in more generic political language.
      European races normally got their start by a strong leader whether king, duke, count, or knight who won the loyalty of people living together and formed them into an effective tribal unit which could turn into an independent nation with its own unique culture and naturally developed talents which became trademarks for the newly founded races and nations.  America did basically the same except by creating a national founding charter called the American Declaration of Independence expressing principles for all to support and join under to form a new race and nation and then writing the U.S. Constitution to further expand the base of principles to found this tribe of America upon, basically achieved the same effect as a duke, king, knight, count, or other form of strong leadership forming the tribe but without need of using a king, duke, count, knight, etc. to supply the leadership to form this new tribe called America with its own newly founded nation and race living in North America now.
      Wash., D.C. having disavowed by legal double-talk the founding legal principles of America in 1776 has created confusion in tribal identity where the people no longer know what the tribe stands for nor know their identity in role in this prior tribe melting down into a congregation of people and races living in a common area of land but strangers to each other and no longer one tribe in anything that binds a people together in as a tribe under the laws of nature. American education back in 1776 heavily taught Christian concepts such as God-given rights and natural law and the character traits which made the ancient Roman race the masters of the world then. Americans were a combination of the tribal cultures of legal rights and character as taught by serious Christianity then and the best quality features borrowed from the prior tribe of the Roman people. Remember George Washington helped found the Society of Cincinnati with American veterans as their way of honoring Roman principles they had incorporated into the culture of the newly founded tribe of America with Americans being a cultural mix of legal principles taught by Christianity, legal principles taught by the ancient Roman tribe, and the legal principles of the English tribe in England which strongly respected legal rights for the English such as Magna Carta.
      Christianity is weak in America today because it is no longer a tribe in nature because it t has no principles of unity upheld by it to make it the tribe Jesus founded on earth.  Early Christians referred to themselves as a separate race from the pagans in the Roman Empire. They now are so pagan themselves, what is the difference between a Christian and pagan in America? Very little as both love the world so much and do not want God to rule over their lives in America in this age.
     As America melts down from a national tribe into many tribes with no common loyalty or principles, it has no vision left in its culture of how to remain a free people, it has lost its respect for practical answers in America, and with all the "politically correct" garbage vomited out as pretended "wisdom" in society, the answers supplied by the political leaders in Wash., D.C. is based upon political nonsense and fiction, not practical answers such as science and engineering could supply America if honestly used. One of the leading child expert doctors in America used to get his orders from Moscow in the Soviet Union to teach policies on raising children that cancelled out all the teachings of the Bible on raising children in America. No spanking of children, self-esteem was more important than teaching children moral values in life, and the list goes on and on. The Americans abandoned the Christian raising of their children and the result is a society which knows no moral values, cheers for liars in politicians and hates political leaders who tell them the truth, and taught that Wash., D.C. is their "god," not the God of the Bible, and so Wash., D.C. must be listened to and not what the Bible says for America. When an F.B.I. undercover agent asked this top Communist official in America in the medical field if the Soviet Union also taught his teachings there, he said no. His teachings were intended to undermine and destroy America from within, not the Soviet Union to be undermined by his teachings he released in America. When the Soviet spy ring met with my industrialist father in 1950, they told my father they would win over America and make it a Communist nation (tribe as I define it) as they had captured control of American education and were teaching Marxist teachings in America as "American history" of what America was founded upon! My father reported this meeting with the Soviet spy ring later to the F.B.I. as they had admitted heavy successful penetration of American society with their Communist plants in American society in high positions of authority over America.
      I think my tribal concept of history is an accurate way to identify what has happened to America by 2013. For those wanting to join the tribe of Early Apostolic Christianity, get my book off my website of "The Early Roots Of Apostolic Christianity" By Erasmus of America (my pen name). I prefer 100% real early Apostolic Christianity more than 10% of Christianity tolerated to be taught or practiced in America under current pagan American culture. I don't do it for the reward, but I will get 100% of rewards of Christianity for all eternity rather than 10% of Christian rewards for all eternity because as a pagan American claiming to be Christian, he (the pagan) will only tolerate 10% of Christianity taught shortly after Christ and the Apostles to be taught to him in America today. In 1776, Americans had a strong tribal respect for practical answers for life the same as ancient Romans did which is why they conquered the known world back then. They respected the answers that worked, not nonsense like "politically correct" positions today. In ancient Rome when ancient Carthage had beaten their Roman naval fleets several times, the Romans refused defeat because they were a tough race and they stripped themselves of the gold jewelery from women, gold from homes, and everyone financed one more building of a Roman naval fleet to fight Carthage. They won and became masters of the world for several centuries after that because you could not defeat the Romans in warfare as they refused defeat as a tribe and nation. As Gen. Patton commented at the end of World War II, the trouble with American politicians is they fought wars but never finished them so America would later have to fight another war left for them by the Washington politicians.
      I am a combination of the Christian character which was very practical in 1776 and Roman character of Americans in 1776 which was also very practical in nature and these two cultures with a touch of English common law culture from medieval England formed the character of the Americans of 1776. Those who want American greatness of 1776 restored to America now, back me and my Omni Law. Those who don't mind watching America melt down from a nation to a garbage dump before them, just sit still and do nothing and let the evil finish their plans for America which is terminal in intent to finish off America as a nation and race forever. I don't know why the evil hate so fiercely the America founded in 1776, but they do! Their dream is the Satanist run and ruled America ruled as a total police state and with freedom non-existing in America under Wash., D.C.
      Good leadership for America must not be dumb in what it can do. I was told by a powerful rich man of GMO food being infected with genes from the AIDS VIRUS in order to hurt the health, help induce death in ordinary Americans, and depopulate much of America gradually so you won't notice what was happening to America. I gave out a hint without naming the main food that this businessman said was engineered to have and raise for you to eat as food the genes of the AIDS VIRUS.  I wanted further verification before I said too much. I have since been supplied with information that Alex Jones and some other sources have exposed that our corn has been infected by genes for the AIDS VIRUS. Now I have been the only American leader giving you a plan how to block the wiping out of the main food supply of America through passing of the Omni Law. If you have the practical nature of Americans in 1776, then you have to back me in passage of the Omni Law. If truth and practical answers mean nothing to you, then let Obama and his wrecking crew finish wiping out America, only don't complain how God could do this to America when it is you, not God, who decided to do this to America.
     Backing of any cause always means to help promote their positions, help back financially if you can, and support them as a position of yours in life, not a one-day stand and then forget them. I receive many publications both Protestant and Catholic. I noticed that the Fatima Crusader (Magazine) of the Fatima Center which is the main promotional center for the Catholic message of Fatima of 1917 is about to collapse due to finances not coming in unless they can get financial support soon. I am sure also other serious religious groups whether Protestant or Catholic feel the pinch when the economy is tough as it is now. When you have groups you think should be heard nationally, help them what you can whether a lot or else a little. Money always helps! But also helping to get their message out for them if you agree with them is important too! When money was plentiful, I was once called in by the I.R.S. for an audit because I reported contributing 30% of all my money the prior year to help promote Christianity in America. I shocked the auditor as the records showed I had done this and I left with no problems with the I.R.S. office. I merely mention this to illustrate if you can spare it, help the worthy causes in America when you can! You often decide whether truth and justice wins in America, or else evil in America!
      Pass this report on to others. My website is and has many interesting things on it both free reports and unusual products for sale which help finance my Omni Law drive in America. My email address is . For mail orders if not using my website to place orders, send to NIFI, P.O. Box 1465, Seneca, SC 29679 and tell what any check, etc. is for made out to NIFI. As I am the only leader in America publicly committed to stopping this GMO food situation which is threatening the survival of America, I have many reports on it you do not know about, back me or apparently America will have no future otherwise. Wash., D.C. is totally crooked in matters like this, so honest leaders like me have to arise before it is too late to save the future of America otherwise. I frankly enjoy research work in science and engineering far more than bothering with political matters, but you need my help so I will help you. But once I can, I want to resume research work good for the future of mankind and building my Camelot Project which I think will greatly bless America once built.
      Yours for God and Country, Erasmus of America (pen name for the American Christian belonging to the tribe of Early Apostolic Christianity, not the tribe of 10% Christianity in America today!) P.S. If you want to be added to my email list, send us your email address and say, "Add me to your updated reports list." My email address again is Additional note July 29, 2013. I had a proofreader on July 27, 2013 review this entire report and state to me that this report had no misspellings, typo errors, and was a classic as a report to be released. The proofreader asked me if we should review this report once more in case federal operatives should try to tamper with it to scramble egg part of a report as they had done before with a couple of more of my reports back then. I thought since we had both just proofread it and found no errors, should be no reason to proofread it again. We promptly sent this on to John at Nesara News who promptly posted it on his blog. To my startled surprise, the report posted had been tampered with and changed in some of the material along with a key paragrph turned into scrambled eggs in reading. On July 28, I went to a friend of mine who has an elaborate computer center and checking out my computer used on July 27, it was found to have special computer viruses on it intended to let Wash., D.C. know who I was sending to the second I posted an email address and direct links to NSA which is the National Security Agency so they could read my reports as I wrote them. We cleaned out all computer viruses so Wash., D.C. could not change my report in part of its material just before being sent out. Also, this is what provoked me to a notice being sent to Nesara News that I will now sue Wash., D.C. and involved federal officials for $50 trillion in damages for pulling dirty tricks like this to try and stop my drive to pass the Omni Law in America and help Christianity find its original Apostolic Christian roots again. Pass this report on to everyone now. I will not tolerate this Al Capone type political leader from Chicago called Obama trying to turn the federal government into an Al Capone gangster operation but headquartered now in Wash., D.C. instead of Chicago. Obama gets sued, Eric Holder, and other guilty parties in Wash., D.C. I fortunately had made an earlier copy of this report which clearly showed that this report had been tampered with by federal operatives as part of the report had been altered in content, so I copied from the earlier copy so the report is now correct as I wrote it and not tampered with by Wash. dirty trick federal operatives. American people, are you going to tolerate a federal police state government like this under the would-be dictator Obama or else pass the Omni Law to restore a free and honest national government to America? It is time to impeach Obama and co-conspirators and remove them from office in Wash., D.C.!

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I know this guy bring lots of information to light, however his postings for some reason really irritate me.

Are his postings from some book he has written that he then re-edits?

Other than promoting his "Vatican approved food processing secret" which even the mention of the Vatican sends chills through me, his self promotion of how smart he is just grates at me.

Almost no one in life or on line irritates me.

Facts can be presented without self promotion and would be better received, at least by me.

I have nothing against him and applaud his dedication to educate the masses but......Am I the only one that feels this way?