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Reader, link to video & transcript: "NSA Whistleblowers Discuss Escalating Fraud and Abuse of the US Legal System"

Reader, link to video & transcript: "NSA Whistleblowers Discuss Escalating Fraud and Abuse of the US Legal System"
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Date: Tuesday, 30-Jul-2013 00:36:35
(Thanks, B. :)
Reader B. forwards to us:
On the same day last week, that
Congress shot down any notion of

curtailing the rampant and illegal
violation of the 4th Amendment
that has been ongoing by NSA for
several decades, veteran NSA
whistleblowers convened last
Thursday at the National Press
Club to share their insights into

the history of that organization, its
escalating mismanagement and
its abuse of the US legal system,
which had led to their resignations
from their positions, each of which
they'd held for 30 years or more.

All of them had reported their
concerns through the "accepted"
channels, which had been created
for the very purpose of reporting
illegality, fraud, obstruction of
justice and the mismanagement

to which they were witness and by
which they could no longer abide.

Yet, for their decades of service
and for the dutifully discreet manner
in which they'd reported the wrongs
they saw in their midst, they were

rewarded by having their professional
and personal lives destroyed, with
one of them, Thomas Drake, actually
being prosecuted by the Federal
Government for his efforts -- a man
with a highly distinguished record,

who had started out working in Air Force
spy planes in 1979 and who served at
NSA and other US intelligence
organizations for almost 40 years, as
a decorated United States Air Force
and United States Navy veteran.

Luckily, Drake was represented by
attorney Jesselyn Radack of the
Government Accountability Project
(and a Brown University Alumna, like
me), who was able to get all 10 of the
original charges made against him by

the US Government dropped.

Drake is the 2011 recipient of the
Ridenhour Prize for Truth-Telling and
co-recipient of the Sam Adams
Associates for Integrity in Intelligence
(SAAII) award.

Intrepid FKTV reporter, Tyler Bass was

in Washington DC, with his cellphone
camera and he captured most of this
session. (I will now buy him a camera
with the donations made by so many
kind FKTV subscribers, so that his future
videos are of improved production

quality! You will need to turn up your
speakers and Thomas Drake speaks
very quickly, so the transcript may
come in handy for some).

There are many jaw-dropping revelations
in this 12 minute clip. The more salient

quotes have been pulled to the top from
this July 25, 2013 conference at the link
below, in addition to a full transcript of
the video, further down the webpage,
beneath the video screen.

Video (about 12 mins):

- Alexandra
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An embassy needs to be set up to protect all whistle blowers and truth talkers.