Sunday, July 28, 2013

Loechin - RV Intel - 7/28/13

FROM LOECHIN: 4:04 PM Please please hear my heart.... There is no window that we have to wait for. This is an event that has never been done before and I can only say what I can say. Wish I could tell you all the facts and what's going on but I can't. We are waiting on the final word and you will see it BANG

[hollyberry]  booyah] loechin day or night?

[loechin: booyah or dusk to dawn 

[loechin: Guys I am trying to tell you all I can without getting my butt kicked.

[loechin: Tony said on a call a few weeks ago that I share to much info even though it's right so I am trying to tell you what I know to be truth and hope Tony will give us some more details and Info today MarkF Close very close

(loechin] blessedinohio There is no window

loechin] jbob77 seconds, minutes or a few hours 

[loechin: Dang I think we are about to fall into a RV hole

[hlrive] Dusk till dawn??? That meeans most likely maybe any time tonight???

[Sweetpeas7] hollyberry hmmmmm,....

[cigarhero] I personally believe loechen is privy to alot of intricate details about what is going on at each stage of the process. I am a little envious... I would love to be "In The Know". I also see it as a bit of a burden for him........ To know so much and have to be careful not to get pinched for saying to much (especially when we all beg for the info.)


Anonymous said...

i am so sick of bs. but keep it up someone must like lots and lots of it? lmao!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Again PIG Liars = Wrong intel = Self claimed Dinar Gurus calling RV
everyday for years to hype dinar sales.

Anonymous said...

It is an impossible situation that the economic future of humanity is being determined by a minority. Let's have a worldwide referendum about the RV allowing every human being to decide in an informed way the merits of the RV system. Currency exchange is at the heart of global economic activity. The banksters are setting up a new / old system from which they can profit more than ever.