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     The report 'TRIBES ARE THE FOUNDATION TO HUMAN HISTORY" By Erasmus of America may be found in its earlier, shorter version on Nesara News for July 30, 2013. This material below has been added to the report and is to show how Wash., D.C. under Obama engaged in Watergate style criminal tactics as was similar to what was called "The Watergate Breakin" back then, just got caught in massive federal criminal activity, and is now facing a pending $50 trillion lawsuit as Obama's gang got caught redhanded in what they did in violation of law. The entire report with the new material added to it as shown below may be obtained from us asking for the "TRIBES REPORT" from . Also, the entire report with this material below added to it we plan to shortly have posted also to our website . We want all of America to see how criminal is the federal government under Obama at the White House. And we suggest impeach him right away! Also, Eric Holder who ran legal cover for Obama so he could do this. Also, for other federal officials involved with this massive violation of federal felony laws.

     Pass this report on to others. My website is and has many interesting things on it of free reports, health products, and unusual products for sale which help finance my Omni Law drive in America. My email address is . For mail orders if not using my website to place orders, send to NIFI, P.O. Box 1465, Seneca, SC 29679 and tell what any check, etc. is for made out to NIFI. As I am the only leader in America publicly committed to stopping this GMO food situation which is threatening the survival of America, I have many reports on it you do not know about, back me or apparently America will have no future otherwise. Wash., D.C. is totally crooked in matters like this, so honest leaders like me have to arise before it is too late to save the future of America otherwise. I frankly enjoy research work in science and engineering far more than bothering with political matters, but you need my help so I will help you. But once I can, I want to resume research work good for the future of mankind and building my Camelot Project which I think will greatly bless America once built.
      Yours for God and Country, Erasmus of America (pen name for the American Christian belonging to the tribe of Early Apostolic Christianity, not the tribe of 10% Christianity in America today!) P.S. If you want to be added to my email list, send us your email address and say, "Add me to your updated reports list." My email address again is  Additional note July 29, 2013. I had a proofreader on July 27, 2013 review this entire report and state to me that this report had no misspellings, typo errors, and was a classic as a report to be released. The proofreader asked me if we should review this report once more in case federal operatives should try to tamper with it to scramble egg part of this report as they had done before with a couple of more of my reports back then. I thought since we had both just proofread it and found no errors, there should be no reason to proofread it again. We promptly sent this on to John at Nesara News who promptly posted it on his blog. To my startled surprise, the report posted had been tampered with and changed in some of the material along with a key paragraph turned into scrambled eggs in reading. On July 28, I went to a friend of mine who has an elaborate computer center and checking out my computer used on July 27, it was found to have special computer viruses on it intended to let Wash., D.C. know who I was sending to the second I posted an email address and direct links to NSA which is the National Security Agency so they could read my reports as I wrote them. We cleaned out all computer viruses so Wash., D.C. could not change my report in part of its material just before being sent out. Also, this is what provoked me to a notice being sent to Nesara News that I will now sue Wash., D.C. and involved federal officials for $50 trillion in damages for pulling dirty tricks like this to try and stop my drive to pass the Omni Law in America and help Christianity find its original Apostolic Christian roots again. Pass this report on to everyone now. I will not tolerate this Al Capone type political leader from Chicago called Obama trying to turn the federal government into an Al Capone gangster operation but headquartered now in Wash., D.C. instead of Chicago. Obama gets sued, Eric Holder, and other guilty parties in Wash., D.C. I fortunately had made an earlier copy of this report which clearly showed that this report had been tampered with by federal operatives as part of the report had been altered in content, so I copied from the earlier copy so the report is now correct as I wrote it and not tampered with by Wash. dirty trick federal operatives. American people, are you going to tolerate a federal police state government like this under the would-be dictator Obama or else pass the Omni Law to restore a free and honest national government to America? It is time to impeach Obama and co-conspirators and remove them from office in Wash., D.C.! They broke the criminal law in this matter as covered by federal civil rights acts making it a federal felony to try and block a national drive for a constitutional amendment and to try to block an important research report for Christianity by forging part of it into nonsense to stop its circulation in America.
     When out to win the nation to an important cause, it takes money. My website shows three ways to help finance the Omni Law Drive to pass the law that restores control of the federal government to the American people. First of all the Omni Law is posted on my website so you can see what we plan to pass as a constitutional amendment in America. We have the America's Hope spot where you can help with $10 in finances or more to help pass the Omni Law. We have the Omni Law Loan Program where in loan units of $25 you get credit in the loan pool and when Wash., D.C. is forced to pay financial settlement as they will under the Omni Law, you get 10% of the settlement money pro-rata share per units of $25 loan money you have the program. Also, you get 10% of the net profits for 30 years divided pro-rata per units of $25 loan money you have for the world food industry to be founded planned in America based upon the Vatican endorsed trade secret food process Pope Pius XII indicated was potentially the most important news for mankind since the coming of Christ since it could potentially solve the twin problems of malnutrition and starvation in the world. We also have the NIFI 15% Club which uses $25 units of loan money and is designed to start paying you 15% in royalty on your loan money starting at the end of the third month and we hope this program will be even for a lifetime. We started at the end of January, 2013 with our own private club fund based upon a special angle we saw and one half year later like clockwork we produce a profit sufficient to pay you 15% monthly as a royalty on net profits from your loan money. So long as Obama or Wash., D.C. doesn't bankrupt America or some dumb thing like that, it looks like we could maintain potentially for the rest of your life this 15% monthly on your loan money but we call this a royalty on net monthly profits. We make more than what we pay you and this helps to finance the Omni Law Drive now and will help finance new industry for America later on. 
      And on our website we have the free report on Miracles of God. We picked spectacular ones and supporting material so overwhelming that this should basically win nearly 100% of America to firm belief in God once all Americans see it and much of America should be won to firm belief in Christ and Christianity because of this report the atheists cannot answer. And part of Christianity is Jesus Money taught in the New Testament by Jesus Christ. The ordinary people became so rich under Jesus Money, businesses skyrocketed under it, and governments prospered so strongly with this they no longer needed high taxes to finance themselves. Jesus told us how to do this in the New Testament and the bankers censored it from your history courses after they overthrew it 4 times in history because it created too much prosperity for all in society and society did not go into high debt as it does today because our current money system is that taught by the Satanists and their allies running America today. Also, under Jesus Money, crime nearly disappeared in society, wars nearly disappeared, and when such as used in France in part of the Middle Ages, people finally only needed to work each week only 4 days 6 hours a day and live very nicely with basically everyone owning their own homes, eating apparently better meals than modern Americans, and people could retire at the age of 45 to 55 and live off their investments in real estate and business. Historians back then indicated mankind had come into a virtual golden age on earth. The bankers did not like this, overthrew this wonderful way of rich life for all 4 times in history, and then censored your history books so you wouldn't know that you don't have to suffer poverty, unemployment, and bad times in human society. You only suffer because you are following and practicing the teachings of the pagans and Satanists now in society rather than the teachings of Jesus Christ which were intended for living by in this life and not just for the hereafter. Tiny France using Jesus Money became so prosperous with it that the French people built 80 giant beautiful Gothic cathedrals and 500 cathedral grade Gothic churches with it from roughly 1170 A.D. to 1270 A.D. just out of their wealth under Jesus Money and not needing taxes, loans, etc. to build these. Tiny Chartres, France with less than 2,500 population built the large Cathedral of Chartres in maybe 38 years. The Washington National Cathedral in Wash., D.C. with groundbreaking by Teddy Roosevelt, etc. in 1907 and the cathedral completed basically in 1990 was built by the old Gothic method of the Middle Ages. When completed, it was commented that America was not rich enough as a nation to ever build another large church in America by the old Gothic method. Tiny France with Jesus Money built 580 large beautiful Gothic churches versus one for America in nearly the same time span but built with the American Federal Reserve Money instead of Jesus Money of the Middle Ages and started by the Catholic Archbishop of Maglesburg, Holy Roman Empire (Germany) in 1150 A.D. All this history is censored from you to keep you poor and controlled in America rather than no unemployed and no poor in America such as happened in France when they practiced what Jesus taught on money in the New Testament. The clergy ignorant of their own church history did not know of this golden age of mankind when man actually practiced what Jesus taught in the New Testament. Jesus was a lot smarter in national economics than the clergy and laity of Christianity know about today. Christianity has the answers needed by the modern world. The pagans do not!
     Pass this report around until everyone in America sees this report! And once we win America, then we can effectively preach Jesus to the entire world starting from America! I studied with six of the most brilliant economists of America and Europe is how I first learned about this Jesus Money the banking interests did not want taught in the colleges and universities of America and Europe! They bought off governments to keep this history censored from you! And when the Thirteen Colonies used Jesus Money for up to 150 years until outlawed by the British Parliament and triggered off the American Revolution a few years later, virtually all Americans owned either their own businesses or else their own farms under it. That is why slaves had to be brought to the Thirteen Colonies. Nearly all the Americans were so rich under Jesus Money, it was hard to find anyone left to do manual labor jobs in America! It was the prosperity of the Thirteen Colonies that mass attracted Europeans to migrate from Europe to the "New World" called North America and the Thirteen Colonies! How they suckered you in by censoring your history so you don't know the real early history of America!
     So push this report everywhere to raise "Jesus Over America!" Jesus Money will do the trick to skyrocket America once we follow what Jesus taught us to live by on this earth today! And you thought the Bible had nothing to teach modern man! How ignorant you are if you think that!
      Again our website address is  Our email address is  Our mailing address if needed to mail in an order instead of doing it through our website is NIFI, P.O. Box 1465, Seneca, SC 29679 . Make any checks, etc. out to NIFI and tell us what the payment is for. Pass the P.S. and then added note of July 29, this all is new material and was not included with the original report. Well, if we have got one shot to win most of America, then let's make this report powerful enough and complete enough to potentially win America in a quick blast! God bless all of you who back and promote this report now!
     And a new note added July 31, 2013. Briefly now until the end of August, 2013, we will give double credit on $25 loan credits created with our Omni Law Loan Program. If one million dollars is reached before the end of August, 2013, then this brief bonus offer has fulfilled its purpose ahead of time and so will be withdrawn then rather than at the end of August, 2013. We get the giant $50 trillion federal settlement from Wash, D.C., your 10% share pro-rata per number of $25 credit loan units to your name should be quite an impressive amount of money. You may look up the Omni Law Loan Program on our national website if not familiar with it. We have several ways to win including using a foreign nation as co-plaintiff with us meaning that we can present deadly legal claims against Wash., D.C. on the floor of the UN and have this directly filed with international courts such as at the Hague and in Rome. Exposing to the world how all nations and races on earth are threatened with extinction by Washington genocide policy if not stopped in time, we can force a quick international ruling and then Wash., D.C. saddled with the ruling which will probably turn Wash., D.C. over to us in legal receivership until we are paid off the ruled upon international settlement figure. The actual money can be paid off with the vast trillions of dollars of swindled money taken from Wash., D.C. without your knowledge and recovered by us until the final settlement figure is paid off to us. By the way, strange as it may sound, we may suddenly have trillions of dollars to pump into the American economy not there before and finance a giant national economic boom with this. We may allow Wash., D.C. to lower the figure a bit by some land concessions to us, passage of the Omni Law, etc. but the settlement figure will be huge regardless. Whatever cash settlement we receive, we will split 10% of it pro-rata based upon those who had $25 loan credit units in our Omni Law Loan Program. When we have reached our goal of $100 million maximum in $25 loan credit units in the Omni Law Loan Program, this offer will no longer be available to anyone. The Obama White House and loyal Obama officials tried to block obtaining the finances to set up this great world food industry for America based upon my father's Vatican endorsed trade secret food process Pope Pius XII said was potentially the greatest news for mankind since the coming of Christ since it could potentially solve the twin problems of starvation and malnutrition in the world. And since they used illegal, quite criminal tactics to try and block us from getting passed the Omni Law in America, they became personally liable under both national law and international law for the following legal action against them. They will each separately as to those identified who did this be valid legal targets for us to sue for each of them $50 trillion in actual damages. Obama and Eric Holder have already been identified as having engaged in these illegal tactics and so each is scheduled to be sued for $50 trillon they personally owe me and allied business interests at that time. By making each federal criminal in the federal government personally liable for himself owning us $50 trillion, we will establish the legal precedent that all such federal criminals including the man in the White Houe or head of the U.S. Justice Dept. will all be liable for the total amount of damages and such figure not reduced by others paying off part of the trillions of dollars in damages owed us. We can push the actual damages owed us up to maybe $100 trillion if we decide to push for the maximum figure of actual damages that can be claimed before we enter the area of punitive damages on top of that. We have enough trade secret technology from the National Institute For Inventors which I own through a corporation to be worth at business market value potentially up to $100 trillion dollars. We have the big answers for all the branches of the American and world economy and the public does not know about these powerful types of technology being available for the good of mankind.
     I have won legal upsets before such as crushing in court the Jewish lawyer who had never lost in any state court until he faced me. He was stunned when he lost and looked bewildered. I will win under international law if I choose to go that way. And I can win under national law but have a trick maneuver so corrupt federal courts cannot stop the legal actions nor give dishonest rulings trying to protect Wash., D.C. from losing when so much money is at stake. Having spent eleven calendar years in military academies, I do not commit to battle before I already know why I am going to win. I was trained to be a military mind also in legal battles and play to win! Wash., D.C. lost the court cases already in advance by never returning the federally stolen $525,000 to me despite repeated legal demands for years that they return it immediately. And I had witnesses that the money was federally stolen! And Obama ordering the dirty tricks federal operations of trying to block me from getting financial backing of up to $100 million from a wealthy source who expressed interest this way and also using federal dirty tricks operations such as rewriting apparently by NSA or else CIA under NSA part of my "TRIBES ARE THE FOUNDATION TO HUMAN HISTORY" REPORT when it was obviously a major pivot to help advance both my drive to reunify Christians to win America back to Christ and Christianity and also to pass my Omni Law in America violated a list of federal criminal acts and Obama and co-conspirators can either be sued now for $50 Trillion each now in damages or else be sent to federal prison for even up to life. Or they can be sued for $50 Trillion each and sent to federal prison for life if I push it legally! Right now some Washington officials are not feeling too smart as they may have finally figured it out I set up a legal ambush for them and they fell into it giving me coming national victory in America! I was a pro in military intelligence and always knew how to bait traps for the enemy.  
     So American folks push this report all over America and the reign of would-be treason in Wash., D.C. stops now! Once we pass the Omni Law, we have won America back to control by the American people who do not control Wash.,D.C. at this time and Wash., D.C. does not want to be controlled by the American people, but instead crush them under a planned national police state Obama wants for himself for intended lifetime dictator of America if he can get away with it.  
     Erasmus of America - champion of the people, of Christianity, of a booming economy for America, and restoration of true legal freedom for the American people including return of control of government to the American people who do not have control of runaway gangster Wash., D.C. at this time.    

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Erasmus - WHY would you be looking for the corporation 'Congress' to pass the Omni Law? This 'Congress" does NOT represent the people! It is a sub-servant of the private criminal corporation THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA INC - which itself is posing as the valid government of our nation - which it is NOT. It is THE PEOPLE that need to 'pass' the Omni Law. Then it is valid. The criminals currently in power need to be removed - period - and the TRUE government of this nation implemented. WHAT ON EARTH ARE WE WAITING FOR? The time is coming when it will be too late. The current rogue 'government' holds rigged 'elections.' There will NEVER be an honest 'election' in this nation - to vote on your Omni Law or otherwise - UNTIL THIS CRIME SYNDICATE IS PERMANENTLY REMOVED and the RIGHTFUL REPUBLIC GOVERNMENT INSTALLED. This is true nationally as well as for the individual states, which should be returned to their rightful sovereign.REPUBLIC status. Perhaps the primary focus should be on that, followed by voting on the Omni Law when the people are able to vote on who they want to represent them in the new state Republics and the national Republic positions?