Wednesday, July 31, 2013

It's the whole [constitution] that's missing!

31 July A.D. 2013

There are a lot of college and graduate-level degree holders who have "no clue" what our present legal reality is.  What's worse, they don't have the analytical "attitude" or basic set of skills even to begin to work through the problem.  It seems that the farther into the educational system one goes, the less likely it is that one will "see" our present legal reality.

Key to the learning of the reality is just seeing things as they are, rather than as they are painted.  For example, the office-holder with the title "president" was born in Kenya.  He's not "natural born," but that doesn't make one bit of difference.  Conclusion:  That part of the "constitution" isn't relevant to our/the present system.

Expansion on that particular situation: 
Since the "constitution" is a "package deal," an "all or nothing deal," where when we find even one part missing, it's not just the one part that's missing.  What's missing is the whole.  Thus, we know that because the obama-nation was born in Kenya and yet the "president" (of whatever), that the system is not created by, and therefore not limited by, the "constitution."

Let's do another one.  The "constitution" says that no State shall allow anything but gold and silver Coin as payment of debt.  But, what circulates these days is "funny money."  Thus, that part of the "constitution" isn't relevant to our present system.

Because the "constitution" is a "package deal," an "all or nothing deal," we conclude that we have no "constitution," because gold and silver Coin are, not only, not the means of payment of debt but also don't even circulate generally, at the moment.  Thus, because there is no gold or silver Coin in general circulation, we know that the system in operation at present is not created by, and therefore is also not limited by, the "constitution."

As we find more and more and more parts missing, we simply have that much more evidence that we're not dealing with a "constitution"-based system.

To go through the "constitution" and take it apart and look at the difference, on a clause-by-clause analysis, between that language and what's happening "governmentally," is to see that
there's very, very, very little of the "constitution" that is even in the minds of those running that system.  Since it's a "package deal," where even one part is missing, it's not just that part that's missing.  It's the whole [constitution] that's missing!

From there, we come to learn that there's "one thing," one system, which is, essentially, the "bank," and that it's national, and that everything else is a subset of that one system.

[Thus, as it relates to the 50 States "corporate resignation," it's nuts to say, much less even to think, that there are 50 separate anythings in this system, much less that the commercial entities that pretend to be States these days are States.  They aren't.  They're STATEs.  They are "counties" within the unified plan of "this state."]

Harmon L. Taylor
Legal Reality
Dallas, Texas

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50 States ‘Resign’ From US Corporation?

Monday, July 22, 2013


Anonymous said...

come on, the upper class workers have feelings for the middle class and lower class.

they only have respect of the elite who rule the earth, just watch the lies of promises never kepted or the blackmailing of n.s.a. of the gov. worker to keep mouth shut, and the "national security gag order on everything"" use to gather infor. on its people of all class levels

Anonymous said...

Harmon L. Taylor doesn't offer any solutions, only "his" version of what he thinks legal reality is. The reality is things only work upon agreement. There are more people who want the government presented in 1776 by the founding fathers of America, and we will have to stand together for what we want as our reality and make it come to pass. In the Bible it states that the Kingdom of Heaven suffereth violence and the violent take it by force. We need to take back our country by force from the usurping thieves and commies who want to steal our country from us!

Anonymous said...

The organic Constitution still exists and has not been amended! It is the corporate "MISSION STATEMENT" that resembles the organic Constitution, created in 1871 along with the corporate USA, that is being chopped up by the Federal Government in order to anger the public and start another Civil War; so that Marshal Law can be announced and the organic Constitution suspended. The organic Constitution is reprinted ever four years by the US Printing Office because the corporate government knows that it has no authority to alter the LAW OF THE LAND!