Friday, March 28, 2014

Is the Citizen Grand Jury and Common Law Court Reformation for Real?

Is the Citizen Grand Jury and Common Law Court Reformation for Real?

Here in the USA, I suspect there are some who doubt the validity and clout of the recent actions to take corrupt politicians and judges to task and take back The Republic.
They may have visited the National Liberty Alliance web site and found it not “governmenty-looking” enough to be believable. Governance doesn’t HAVE to be all hoity-toity legal mumbo-jumbo and legalese from the barristers and solicitors to lord it over everyone because they think they’re superior to the rest of us—purposely using language that only they can understand.
THIS governance is BY THE PEOPLE, not by the corrupt, arrogant politicians and members of the bar.
THIS governance will be the plain and simple sort that everyone can understand. Even our youth.
There are probably people who may not doubt the validity of the Citizens Jury rollout, but the power of these trailblazers to actually follow through and make it happen.
I have NO doubt. Zero. Zilch. Nada. It’s all being done legally—as anything else The People of the Republic of USA are doing to overthrow the USA Corporation is handled.
That’s the beauty of it. We’re doing everything as laid out in the Constitution, Bill of Rights, etc. We’re beating the cabal at their own game. NOTHING they did was legal.
Here’s a status report on the National Liberty Alliance web site. They’ve started in the toughest areas. The rest will be a piece of cake.
New York 2-27-14 (62 counties)
Florida 3-15-14 (67 counties)
Connecticut 3-15-14 (8 counties)
Rhode Island 3-15-14 (5 counties)
New Jersey 3-22-14 (21 counties)

A friend of mine here in Arizona has been working on this for awhile, gradually adding more counties.
A reader on this blog reviewed the documents and left a favourable comment plus a couple of suggestions.
Just now I picked up a comment from another that reads:
“I work with John Darash and now I’m taking PA in the same direction John took NY. We are putting in place common law grand juries and there are going to be a lot of head bashing of judges and county clerks. I just love when the sheriff hands the judge an indictment when they don’t follow orders. The more pain I can inflict on these criminals the happier I am.”
So put your doubts away, my friends. This is happening, and the cabal and their lackeys don’t have a leg to stand on. As I told a reader in New York who was hopeful but still a little skeptical… there is no grey area. Either these politicians, attorneys, judges. and LEOs are FOR The People or they’re AGAINST them. They will have to toe the line or they’ll be out of a job. The really bad ones will be tried and booted off to prison. And if we run out of prison space, we’ve got the FEMA camps! LOL
What WE need to do is pitch in, do what we can to speed along the process and spread the word.
Visit the web site, read what it’s about, watch the videos and rejoice!
If you would like to be a paid administrator—contact the National Liberty Alliance and find out who is in charge in your state or county. If you’d like to add your name to the jury pool, DO IT!
No one can stop this. The train has left the station and it’s stopping in every state in the Union. It’s gathering momentum and the longer it’s on the tracks, the faster it will fly. This is no steam engine—it’s a bullet train!
The entire world will soon be using the Common Law system. There is no place for anything else on Spaceship Earth. It’s part of our social evolution.
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Dan said...

Each and Every Paid Administrator should notify their state judges, legislature, and governor of the pending actions of Common Law.
If these government officials give Notice that they will comply to assist in the Reform back to the Republic then they will be placed only under House Arrest to assist us.
Judges Roy Moore and James Rogan from Alabama and California are the two most presiding judges that can assist the Republic and make it easier as they support God Almighty.

Unknown said...

John, I am also one of your readers and i am Involved in this N.L.A., We need your readers help, please go on National Liberty Alliance .org and get involved, see what you can do for your Republic by joining. John Darash makes himself available for anyone with questions. I too was a bit skeptical but that turned quickly into optimism and with the help of John and crew they came to my state (country) of Rhode Island and we constituted Rhode Island together with others like myself in our state (country), I feel proud to say I was there and a part of this on March 15 2014. This thing is a snowball and it is gaining speed! On April 7th 2014 National Liberty Alliance will be in NY to tell them we mean business and this will not go away for them you can bet on that....We will walk together into court with honor, justice and mercy as our guide we will make this reality, I thank you for getting this message out. If anyone is in Rhode Island and can get involved I can send you info also, I am learning and John is a great teacher the site has volumes of info, always remember freedom needs responsibility! Using NY for precedence for the other states (countries) of our great nation this will get easier. I with others will be with him in NY to show them this is not just a few individuals but this thing is Nation wide.....Also john if you would like to e-mail me too great I have a question! Thank you