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qeg_in_operationFree Energy Device: QEG – Quantum Energy Generator
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Free Energy Devices For March 2014
March 27, 2014 By Mike Doughty
There have been stories in the alternative media on no less than three different free energy devices in the month of March, 2014. Each of these devices works with a different new energy technology and each of them originates from a different part of the globe.
The devices and their technologies look very promising and it appears that the public can now look forward to being able to acquire them and put them to use in the very near future.
The fact that these devices use different technologies and the fact that they each come from different parts of the world is significant. This indicates that 1.) it is possible to access energy from the quantum vacuum in a variety of ways and 2.) the quest for free energy is a worldwide movement and not some isolated idea.
These stories did not appear in the mainstream media, rather they were circulating through alternative media (blogs, alternative websites and social media) beginning around mid March, 2014.
Earth Electron Captor Generator (Brazil)
In mid March there were some online reports of a free energy device being sold in Brazil called the Earth Electron Captor Generator. It is a solid state device (without moving parts) that requires a small amount of input energy and then generates a large amount of output energy.
earth_electron_captorNilson Barbosa and Cleriston Leal demonstrate the Earth Electron Captor Generator
This looks like a robust device that seems to have the potential to put out immense amounts of power. The inventors, Nilson Barbosa and Cleriston Leal, have filed international patents and are currently manufacturing units for the city of Imperatriz, Brazil. They are also working on the distribution of the units via licensing to manufacturers and hope to make them available online. Their website is located at
The story also appeared in a YouTube video of a news broadcast by Next News Network that was originally uploaded on December 9, 2013.
Keshe Plasma Reactor (Belgium)
Around the same time the story of the Barbosa/Leal device was circulating throughout alternative media sites, another dramatic story began developing around Mehran T. Keshe, from the Keshe Foundation in Belgium and his plasma reactor free energy device. He and his family were threatened with torture and death so he made arrangements to distribute his technology freely around the world to preserve the information and give it to the people.
Keshe Plasma ReactorKeshe Plasma Reactor
Keshe was interviewed by Project Camelot concurrent with the worldwide release of a USB stick with the plans for the plasma reactor. The interview appeared on YouTube shortly after the live webcast:
It is interesting that the device also generates an antigravity effect. Another free energy device, the Searl Effect Generator (SEG), also known as the Magnetic Levitation Electricity Generator, is also reported to have a similar effect on gravity. Among the files in the USB stick are plans for a flying disc powered by a plasma reactor. The Keshe Foundation website is located at
Quantum Energy Generator (USA)
On March 25, 2014, HopeGirl from Fix The World Organization announced the release of open source plans for the construction of the QEG (Quantum Energy Generator).
The QEG is a modern version of a design originally patented by Nikola Tesla in 1884. Due to the suppression of this technology it has taken approximately 130 years to bring it into reality. Because the patent has expired years ago, it is  now in the public domain. Plans for the QEG can be downloaded from
The output of the QEG is around 10-15 kW (kilowatts) and is adequate to power an average house. The manual includes a list of materials and recommended suppliers along with an explanation of the skill level required to construct it and also includes a caution to seek expert advice when building it.
The QEG is a precision device that uses some standard off-the-shelf parts and hardware along with some other specialized parts that require suppliers for motors and generators (e.g. for  laser cut laminations and a toroid winding supplier).
The Fix The World Organization is not manufacturing the unit, rather its vision for the QEG is to be outsourced to cottage industry community units (CICUs) to be established throughout the world. They envision that many people will be making the QEG and that CICUs will be commonplace, making QEG parts accessible in many locations.

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