Monday, March 31, 2014



Harambe:  Just Received the Email Notification from Apple (iTunses) .... I have an Apple Developer account for IOS and Apps.

 Changes in Foreign Exchange Rates …..


Within the next 24 hours, the following changes will be made to pricing on the App Store.

To account for changes in foreign exchange rates, App Store retail prices will be increased for the following currencies:

Australian Dollar
Indian Rupee
Indonesian Rupiah
Turkish Lira
South African Rand
Additionally, retail prices for Israeli New Shekels and some price tiers for the New Zealand Dollar will be decreased.
Price adjustments on the App Store are made periodically due to changes in foreign exchange rates. Within 24 hours, you will see the new Pricing Matrix in the Rights and Pricing section of Manage Your Apps on iTunes Connect.

Updates to iOS Paid Applications and Mac OS X Paid Applications contracts will be available on the iTunes Connect website. To view all current and outstanding contracts, see Contracts, Tax, and Banking on iTunes Connect.


The App Store team

Contact Us | iTunes Connect | 1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, CA 95014

Soundoc:  I am a developer as well and I got the same notice today


Bushcat:   I am an APP developer, and I got the same email from Apple. Never got one like that before.


JayJ: Folks, don't freak out!  This is standard data for this type of event.  They only highlighted the lesser currencies and not the primary movers in this currency revaluation.  The Dinar and the Dong are the big players and not safe to expose outright.  However, the other currencies will RV too but not with the impact of the previous two.  Enjoy this message as I believe it is very telling.




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