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Dear Joan (sharing w/All Patriots bcc herein w/permission to forward),

  I am always heartened when others have come to the realization of what We Confederates have been saying and describing for years as per the article herein & below.
  It has taken years of patience amidst the turmoil of strife and attack designed to silence & miss-portray Folks such as we as less than the scrapings beneath one’s shoes.

  Nonetheless, God has stayed this Long Road with us… whose end is only known by Him.

  America is NO longer the Country it was designed to be and more and more Folks are coming to that realization each and every day.

  Equally, as We continue to ask: Is Washington the ‘Representative Government’ that acknowledges its authority from the Consent of the Governed?

  That question ‘presumes’ Washington is a Government of the People based upon the recognition We are a Republic.

  We Confederates long ago asked the SAME when it was becoming evident that ‘SOME’ NO LONGER held to that basis from which We were created.
  So We Confederates knew the ‘answer’ before most.
  But because of what Those People were able to accomplish from War, they have made the conditions of long ago, coupled with their zealous political ambitions since, all the WORSE.

  In any event, we are again at the same cross-roads of yesteryear and it is every bit 1860 again and for the same reasons as before- but Now, unfortunately, the Comparison between what Was as Opposed to what was unfolding, has been REMOVED from the History Books making of the ‘understanding’ more difficult to comprehend.

  Thus the answer to the People’s dilemma of today, resulting from the actions undertaken and pursued by the Central Oligarchy hence, is what the Folks must reconcile with and address.

  It is clear to ANYONE subscribing to the Jeffersonian Principles of Constitutional Government that a DISPARITY of enormous proportions exists because that which existed before 1860 & that which came about AFTER 1865.

  Thus the ultimate question, as noted above, that One & All must come to grips with:

  Can We ever expect Washington to ‘reverse’ course or, is Separation clearly the only alternative?

 We have had 150 years of Political Usurpation.
This was the Predicted Result echoed by Our Confederate Brethren of the Past should we lose.

There could be NO other result other than that which has come about.

If there is ANY hope, Separation is Paramount as Constitutionalists & Marxists CANNOT co-exist whatsoever under the same ‘Political Roof’ !

NO matter how hard anyone tries to make excuses, the above Question cannot be avoided any longer.
What We have today- clearly- in existence in Washington- are Marxists who have increased in number representing a variety of Special Interests NONE of whom could give a Rats Behind Less about the Original Republic.

It is a Dooms-Day scenario if the reality of these conditions are not recognized for what they are & represent.

So again, this Confederate would ask- which Country would you rather live in:

Ø The Republic of the Original Confederation of Sovereigns or,
Ø The ‘Amphitheater of a Socialized Democracy’ we have now become …..but before y’all answer that question remember this because it MUST be mentioned again:

The Founding Fathers NEVER ONCE included the word Democracy in either the U.S. Constitution or the Declaration of Independence!
Yet the Purveyors of Deceit in Washington have ‘educated’ YOU to think a Republic and a Democracy are synonymous with one another when they couldn’t be

Perhaps NOW you will be better able to answer the above question- honestly-
which Country do YOU WANT to live in?

‘A Country that knows Not of Its Origin is like a Ship without a Rudder- Sooner or Later It Will Destroy Itself on The Reef of Stupidity’

  Deo Vindice,
Craig Maus,
President, The Confederate Society of America
PS- If YOU believe in the Jeffersonian Principles of Government, then that makes YOU a Confederate!
PPS- For ‘consideration’- we have between the ‘House & the Senate’ approximately 550 ‘representatives’ representing a variety of Polarized Special Interest Groups.

         With respect to the above asked question, it would require at least 400 Thomas Jefferson’s to ‘correct’ Washington.
         Do you think that will ever happen and even if we had 400 Thomas Jefferson’s, do you think either of the 2-Party’s would allow them into their ‘Enclave’?

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