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Killing Two Birds With One Tamiflu Stone Avian Flu: Precedent for Martial Law and Globalist money spinner rolled into one

Killing Two Birds With One Tamiflu Stone
Avian Flu: Precedent for Martial Law and Globalist money spinner rolled into one

As the Government ratchets up the fear over a global outbreak of Bird Flu, and the public scrambles to buy up stocks of antivirals, we have continued to expose how these scare tactics are being used to set dangerous precedents for future government control of our lives.
It seems that the Neo-Con Administration is cornering every possible scenario and proposing Martial Law as the resulting solution to almost any event.
For years we have warned that the police state is coming, how Martial Law will become the norm, how ancient laws, rights and freedoms are being overturned and replaced with repressive mechanisms of control.
For years we have presented the evidence, the Army War College documents, the domestic military takeover drills, the draconian legislation, officials left right and centre calling for more centralized military control domestically. Now it seems that the globalists are ready to roll and just need the right catalyst to press ahead.
In a post 9/11 America it has become clear that should another terror attack (real or staged) occur then, according to General Tommy Franks, the Constitution will likely be discarded in favor of a military form of government.
It has also become clear that in a post Hurricane Katrina America, another large scale natural disaster (real or staged) will mean a total federal crackdown.
Now it seems that a virus outbreak such as that of Bird Flu, which we have been told over and over is inevitable, will also be remedied with a police state.
During the White House press conference of October 4th President Bush confirmed that he would attempt to impose military curfews and quarantines as well as closing Schools and restricting travel in case of a flu pandemic occurring in the United States
That came on the heels of a majority of the nation's governors rejecting the Bush administration's proposal to use active-duty military assets in providing disaster relief. Understanding this in the context of Hurricane Katrina, this means total gun confiscation and enforced evacuation at gunpoint.
The critics of the Bird Flu hype have ranged from Foreign Politicians in Russia and Spain, calling it "science fiction", to US Congressmen, including Ron Paul who stated
"To me it's so strange that the President can make these proposals and it's even plausible. When he talks about martial law dealing with some epidemic that might come later on and having forced quarantines, doing away with Posse Comitatus in order to deal with natural disasters, and hardly anybody says anything. People must be scared to death."
Paul, himself a medical doctor, agreed that the bird flu threat was empty fearmongering.
"I believe it is the President hyping this and Rumsfeld, but it has to be in combination with the people being fearful enough that they will accept the man on the white horse. My first reaction going from my political and medical background is that it's way overly hyped and to think that they have gone this far with it, without a single case in the whole country and they're willing to change the law and turn it into a military state? That is unbelievable! They're determined to have martial law."
Experts all over the world are dumbfounded by ludicrous claims that we are all about to keel over and die from Avian Flu. Gary Butcher has been an extension veterinarian at the University of Florida's College of Veterinary Medicine since 1988. He was trained as a veterinarian specializing in avian diseases, and has a Ph.D. in poultry virology. He commented:
"The emphasis of all my work has changed to dealing with this madness... Realistically, avian influenza is not a threat to people, but everywhere you go, it has turned into a circus."
Dr. Marc Siegel, a practicing internist and associate professor of medicine at the New York University School of Medicine also stated that "If anything is contagious right now, it's judgment clouded by fear."
In 2003 it was SARS, the deadly virus that caused lethal pneumonia and lung failure was sweeping the globe and it was only a matter of time before the west would succumb to its devastating wrath.
Now we are seeing the same tactic used again with H5N1 - the dreaded bird flu.
Bush has announced a $7.1 billion strategy to prepare for the danger of a pandemic influenza outbreak, saying he wanted to stockpile enough vaccine to protect 20 million Americans and spend $1 billion on more anti-viral drugs. The World Bank is Also going to put up $1 Billion to "Fight Bird Flu". Not to mention the scores of foreign governments who are scrambling to stock up on vaccines.
So it comes as little surprise to discover that a whole host of globalists and Administration front-runners are set to personally rake millions of dollars in from the bird flu scare.
A year ago Tamiflu was known, if at all, as an obscure remedy for influenza, which doctors typically treat with bed rest and chicken soup. Today, with panic mounting over a potential bird flu pandemic, it's the most sought-after drug in the world.
Among the beneficiaries of the run on Tamiflu is Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, who was chairman of Gilead from 1997 to 2001 and owns at least $5 million of the stock, which has jumped from $35 in April to $47.
Former Secretary of State and long term Bilderberg member George Shultz, who is on Gilead's board, has also sold more than $7 million worth of Gilead in 2005.
Another Bilderberger regular is Lodewijk J.R. de Vink, who sits on the board of Hoffman-La Roche, Gilead's business partner in their venture into therapies that treat and prevent viral influenza.
Roche declared towards the end of October that they would not produce enough Tamiflu unless the government agreed to buy more of their products. This was very well politically timed as it meant just as the hype was reaching a peak it APPEARED that there was a scarcity of Tamiflu. They then reversed their statement and just produced more, which is being snapped up at an astounding rate as the hype continues.
Recall that it was Rumsfeld, as chairman of G.D. Searle, who got the FDA to approve Aspartame. The FDA relented for almost a decade but now Aspartame, an artificial sweetener and known carcinogen that has 92 known side effects including blindness and death, is in thousands of foods all over the world.

No further surprise then that according to Dr. Joseph Mercola, author of the "Total Health Program.", Tamiflu is
"... a worthless drug that in no way shape or form treats the avian flu, but only decreases the amount of days one is sick and can actually contribute to the virus having more lethal mutations,".
Tamiflu is not an influenza cure, it merely relieves symptoms. Therefore if it was prescribed in huge doses we would likely see a resistance build up and a mutation of H5N1 into a more lethal strain of influenza (That is IF it was transmittable between humans, which many experts say is unlikely to happen)
So not only will this anti-viral be more or less redundant against a flu pandemic, it may even make it worse. But do you think Rumsfeld et al care about that? Not when there's money to be made and power to be seized.

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