Friday, April 17, 2015

New Hillary Scandal – Should She Kiss Her White House Dreams Goodbye?

If Trey Gowdy manages to get to the bottom of the Benghazi scandal, we might see Hillary Clinton held responsible for the deaths of three in the terrorist attack on the U.S. embassy.
But, even if she manages to avoid being held accountable for their deaths, there’s a new scandal that’s being brought to the attention of the voting public that could have her found guilty with blood on her hands.
A 2008 donation to the Clinton foundation is now being called into question as the company who donated money was later granted a special privilege once Mrs. Clinton was nominated Secretary of State.
Frank Giustra is a wealthy Colombian oil tycoon and owner of Pacific Rubiales. Notably, he’s also a close friend of the Clintons and even serves on the board of the Clinton foundation. It’s estimated he’s donated in excess of $130 million to the Clintons various philanthropies.
He and the Clintons are inseparable.
As the International Business Times writes, Clinton performed an epic flip-flop on her treatment of Giustra once she and then-Senator Barack Obama secured their respective offices.
As the Hill writes:
When workers at Pacific Rubiales decided to strike in 2011, the Columbian military reportedly used force to stop the strikes and compel them to return to work, IBT reports, citing the Washington office of Latin America, a human rights group. Those accusations of human rights violations were part of the criticism of the United States-Colombia Free Trade Promotion Agreement, which was passed by Congress later that year. Pacific Rubiales has repeatedly denied charges that it infringed on workers’ rights.
On the campaign trail in 2008, Hillary Clinton, along with then-Illinois Sen. Barack Obama, opposed the deal as a raw deal for workers, according to IBT. The pair changed their tune after the election and publicly supported the trade agreement. As secretary of State, Clinton’s State Department certified annually that Colombia was “meeting statutory criteria related to human rights.”
The deal had originally been negotiated by the administration of former President George W. Bush, and the Obama administration won changes on labor and environmental issues not included in the original deal.
Now what’s interesting is only a few months after the deal was approved, $1 million was raised for the Clinton Giustra Sustainable Growth Initiative, supported by Pacific Rubiales.
At the same time the United States State Department was allowing hundreds of millions of dollars to flow into Colombia despite the reports of these extensive human rights violations… all while continuing to develop a close relationship with Giustra.
What we know for sure is Clinton originally opposed any trade pact with Giustra and his companies. Millions of dollars later (and in spite of the human rights allegations), all of a sudden Clinton reverses her stance and pushes forward with getting the trade-pact approved.
If that doesn’t seem suspect, what does?
Clinton is on even shakier ground than she was just a few weeks ago.
Perhaps everything will come crumbling down in the months to come.

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