Thursday, October 29, 2015

Hillary Clinton Suggests The Death Penalty Should Be For Whites Only


Let's try this theory out - starting with HILLARY 1st

Hillary Clinton Suggests The Death Penalty Should Be For Whites Only
Brian Anderson
Hillary Clinton is taking her acquiescence to the Black Lives Matter movement to its liberal logical conclusion.

The lily-white Midwestern grandma is already on record as believing that black lives are more important than other lives and now she’s putting her money where her mouth is. 

At a campaign stop today, she said she supports the death penalty but not necessarily if the condemned is a person of color.  In other words: it’s okay to execute white people but not black people.

The Hill reports Clinton was speaking at the “Eggs & Politics” event in New Hampshire where she unveiled her race-based execution position:

“I do not favor abolishing it, however, because I think there are certain, egregious cases that still deserve the consideration of the death penalty,” said Clinton.  Now here’s where she inserts her big “but” into the conversation:

“But I’d like to see those be very limited and rare as opposed to what we’ve seen in some states where there are a hundred people on death row who wouldn’t be there in a comparable state,” she said.

And this is what she means by that:
Clinton added that 'new evidence' shows that the penalty has been “too frequently applied and, very unfortunately, oftentimes in a discriminatory way.” She said she’s in favor of states taking a harder look at how to use the death penalty.
          (This statement from a sociopath, pathological LIAR who speaks from both sides of her 
               LYING mouth - who changes her positions and opinions depending upon who  she is 
               talking to, meeting with and wants to persuade to 'vote' for the bitch.  All this on top
               of her (and Billary) having no second thoughts about arranging the murders of their        
If Hillary thinks there needs to be a “hard look” at the “discriminatory” way the death penalty is applied, then she 'believes' minority killers should not be executed.

However, she does support the death penalty, so who does that leave? If you guessed 'white' people, you get a smiley face sticker on your paper. In her roundabout Clinton-speak way, Hillary just said that the death penalty should only be used on white convicts. 

Try to imagine the media shit-storm that would arise if a Republican suggested that the death penalty should be reserved for people of a certain race. I think it’s safe to say that fictional conservative would be done in the world of politics.

Don’t get me wrong, I fully support the execution of white convicted killers, but I also believe in executing blacks, Latinos, Asians, etc…I think justice can only truly be served when all persons convicted of 1st degree murder are put to death.

Martin O’Malley, who has struggled in pandering to the black community, once again messed up by conveying a message of equality. In response to Hillary’s “whites only” execution platform, he gave the equivalent of the liberal faux pas “all lives matter.”

“The death penalty is racially-biased, ineffective deterrent to crime, and we must abolish it. Our nation should not be in the company of Iran, Iraq, China, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, and Yemen in carrying out the majority of public executions,” said O’Malley.

Panhandlin’ Martin is not going to earn any points with the Black Lives Matter crowd by saying that white people shouldn’t be executed. No wonder he is so far behind in the polls.

With the last debate the Democratic Party officially adopted the position that black lives are more important than others. Now, their leading presidential candidate is saying that it’s okay to kill white people but not black people. And you thought Obama didn’t represent all Americans.

What’s puzzling is why Hillary Clinton would pander so hard for the black vote when she automatically gets it as a democrat. I guess this just speaks to the complete insanity that is driving her desire to be 'president'.


Anonymous said...

Good ! Then We Need to Start With Her !

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I know; let's start with her!

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Death Penalty should be for Hilliary Clinton and every treasonist politician, judges and lawyers .

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Talk about calling the kettle black, This creature is never ending. If anyone deserves the death penalty, it would be Killery

Tracey Cooke said...

There is a video of it (her) meeting with members of black lives matter..privately...??..