Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Great Quote from Make War Unprofitable

by Anna Von Reitz

Here's one to think about (seriously) from
"Let’s rise above the triangle of hell-on-earth with its three players: victim (dead and wounded), culprit (Muslims), saviour (government, with extension of the ”state of emergency” and ”reinforcement of security”). Let us instead see the reality which is hiding behind this adversity: an evolutionary gift, forcing human beings to once again find their true identity as sovereign individuals. Then our terror will give way to gratitude towards the actors of these unfortunate events."
I would have added a long, long list of "culprits"---- politicians, blacks, whites, Christians, Capitalists, Communists---- indeed, the list of those we blame is longer than my arm or my patience to sit down and write. 
Richie has given us the more soulful version of the Hegelian Dialectic -- create a problem, solve the problem, profit from the solving of the problem--- and put it all in more human terms so that we can see how allowing ourselves to be "victims" and to blame "culprits" instead of being proactive and taking responsibility, leads to being victimized by the supposed "saviors" over and over and over again.
It also brings to mind the reason that there is no peace in the world and why there can never be peace in the world despite so many people wanting and needing it.  As long as war is profitable, we will be beset by war. First, the parasites who profit from this bestial "business" destroyed Europe.  Now, they want to destroy America.  China will be next on the list, forty, fifty, a hundred years from now. 
Just watch the progression and how these war-mongers operate. 
They were originally headquartered in Europe.  When they left Europe and migrated to the United States, they unleashed not one, but two World Wars to cover their tracks and create opportunities to plunder, plunder, plunder.
Now they have moved on to China, and they are trying their best to repeat their whole schtick here in America. 
When they leave China they will no doubt move back to Europe again---- and around and around it goes.
The ONLY way to put an end to this is to recognize that we are being played like violins.  Recognize it for what it is.  See the pattern.  See who is actually responsible for and supporting and profiting from war.....and then figure out how to make war unprofitable forever. 
It could be as simple as a United Nations accord in which all the nations of the world agree that whoever starts a war has to pay for it regardless of who wins.
That would nip it all in the bud pretty neatly.
I am sure there are other solutions we can come up with to make war unprofitable. That's just a "for starters".  Now that you are thinking about it and seeing the problem (perhaps for the first time) as a matter of taking the cheese from the rats----what's your answer? 

How do we make war permanently unprofitable?
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Anonymous said...

Again when speaking about war I have to admit it always depends

I don't normally support war. I definitely never supported the Iraq war and only part of the Afghanistan war when our troops were tracking the saudis, but again it's a no-go.

Yet when I look at a country as heinous, and indeed evil as Turkey happens to be....I have to say all bets are off. War is inevitable.

Some say, well look at John Kerry he raised up these Turks. He's responsible for this mess. And again, I have to tell you that isn't possible because he has no such power...

Once we arrest John Kerry and under Trump, he tells people how this all came about. What do you think he's going to say? The Turks went off the rails, and the Turks did the crime. These Turks they have bio-metric ID's on people now, they are tracking people around the world...

Certainly the Turks have always been dangerous racists to a high extent. I have more than six stories of people who traveling through Istanbul, were attacked and murdered. I don't think the Turks have ever had a genuine liking for Kurds, Israelis, Uygars or pretty much anyone who isn't a Turk.

I've met some interesting Turks even in the USA who pretend to be nice people...but they seem extremely psychotic and on the verge of an angry outburst. To be honest the Turks are Ottomon Muslims, it is in their culture and I feel we must accept.

The government of Israel, many Israelis are extremely frightened and upset because Turkish people have become premiers in their government. These are Turks for sure, and they have customs that would offend anyone's God.

Point being, I think a lot of the corruption that got into Israel and other places in our time is due to Turkey. I would not pretend in any way that these are choice people, many of them are thugs and indeed they do not take kind to outsiders. I support an invasion of Turkey which I see will come to pass, because they are trying to erect a new Ottomon empire. The New World Order, it's like that is in their heritage. It will likely be one of the US's last wars because there is an awful lot of violent Turkish muslims who have a grip on United Nations. Who are the United Nations in the end, really..?

penny4yerthoughts said...

the answer is you DONT have them! "we" "you" "they" "us" "them" are ALL responsible for funding and allowing it to happen. STOP, STAND UP UNITED and lets stop this instead of watching NFL football in our name brand houses, our underamour clothes from head to foot, our 500,000 dollar man caves with 100 ft big screen tvs while making beer and nacho runs in our BMW's......

Hello is there anybody in there? SO WHO is actually responsible for these wars? Hmmmmmmmm