Saturday, December 31, 2016

China dismembers Christian Human Rights activist

And China continues to refuse to release the GCR/RV so our nation can rise up from the slavery of the past 150 years and restore the Republic? 
And we Americans are trusting China to release the funds to restore our Republic? 
Which continues to not happen?


This is China, the nation that has 'elders' who are 'good'
This is China, the nation in control of our nation
This is China, which cannot be trusted
This is China which negotiates business deals 
and then turns those deals over to DBAs 
which consummate the deals and then fu**k the 
American businessmen who provided those 
business deals, cheating them out of their 
duly honestly earned commissions



Anonymous said...

Our nation got out and voted to keep the government it had.
This is not a Brexit, where people voted no, or to exit what they had.
People had two choices and rather than choose neither, and create their own, they chose one.

Stop whining.
No one owes you any money to put back into this system and to pay taxes to it, and to give it to judges and courts trying to keep it for yourselves.

You had your chance, and like chickens, you told everyone you knew to wake up and see the fraud and you ran and voted in it.

There are many who are awake and didn't listen to that hype and didn't vote, and we thought all the awake would do the same.
But no, some of you want to bash anyone that doesn't make the same decisions you do, and you shoot yourself in the foot and demand healthcare to fix what you've done.

'you get no RV', you voted to not have one.

Anonymous said...

'you get no RV' because there never was one. How long will it take for you to recognize the con? The Bushes got you! They convinced you to trade FRN's which still have some trading value for totally worthless Iraq currency they stole from Iraq and could do nothing with. You got suckered for trying to get something for (practically)nothing, the oldest con there is.

Anonymous said...

Guess We'll See who has The Last Laugh-This Year