Thursday, December 29, 2016

What Happened? Apache Explodes In the Air, Crashes On Texas Gulf Coast

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Anonymous said...

Obviously Israel and the cabal sabotaged the helicopter. It couldn't get anymore glaring by the available evidence.

I'm not a fool and able to sugarcoat or cover up Israel's demented actions. We can't sit blind and not admit that Israel controls the Vatican, Lutherans and all these churches and that they along with the Egyptians are pure evil filth!

Yet I'm also not stupid or colorblind. Their attempts at tossing people into prison camps can also be explained.

Israel has gone insane, not that they are born evil: The state of Israel simply has no idea their leaders are fascist fools who signed a deal with the devil known as ISIS.

ISIS is after all not an innocent religious group or version of Islam that can be tamed. It is a barbaric, Shariah law invoking cult which is among the most cruel version of Islam to date.

A totaltarian organization who demands obedience and a new Caliph spear-headed from Jerusalem that worships Baphomet, and will kill all of them. This is the state of spiritual poison these traitors to Israel have consumed....It is like a blind man waking up with blood on his hands, demanding nothing less than suicide. Imagine if you were the blind man.