Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Congress Moving to Cut U.S. Funding to U.N.

The U.N. Security Council votes to condemn Israel for establishing settlements in the West Bank and east Jerusalem. In a striking rupture with past practice, the U.S. allowed the vote / APCongress Moving to Cut U.S. Funding to U.N. in Wake of Anti-Israel Vote


The U.N. Security Council votes to condemn Israel for establishing settlements in the West Bank and east Jerusalem. In a striking rupture with past practice, the U.S. allowed the vote / AP

Congress is already setting the stage to cut off U.S. funding to the United Nations in the wake of a contested vote last week in which the Obama administration permitted an anti-Israel resolution to win over whelming approval, according to congressional leaders, who told the Washington Free Beacon that the current administration is already plotting to take further action against the Jewish state before vacating office.

Other punitive actions by Congress could include expelling Palestinian diplomats from U.S. soil and scaling back ties with foreign nations that voted in favor of the controversial measure, according to multiple sources who spoke to the Free Beacon about the situation both on and off the record.

The Obama administration is still under bipartisan attack for its decision to help craft and facilitate the passage of a U.N. resolution condemning the construction of Jewish homes in Jerusalem, a move that reversed years of U.S. policy on the matter.

The Free Beacon was the first to disclose on Monday that senior Obama administration officials played a key role in ensuring the measure was passed unanimously by the U.N. Security Council. This included a phone call by Vice President Joe Biden to Ukraine’s (cabal U.S.A. crime syndicate installed by overthrow of the people's choice for president) 'president' to ensure that country voted in favor of the measure.

While Biden’s office continues to dispute the claim, reporters in Israel and Europe confirmed in the intervening days that the call between Biden and Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko did, in fact, take place.

With anger over the issue still roiling, leading members of Congress told the Free Beacon on Wednesday that they will not delay in seeking retribution against the U.N. for the vote. This could include cutting off U.S. funding for the U.N. and stripping the Palestinian mission’s diplomatic privileges. (Cutting off funding of the UN and evicting them from the united states should have happened many years ago. The UN is the vehicle for imposition of the anti-christ communist/socialist NAZI government of the new world order, and the UN is NOT the friend or supporter of the people of the united states.)

Lawmakers also will work to rebuff further attempts by the Obama administration to chastise Israel on the international stage. This would include freezing funds that could be spent by the administration on further U.N. action.

“The disgraceful anti-Israel resolution passed by the UNSC was apparently only the opening salvo in the Obama administration’s final assault on Israel,” Sen. Ted Cruz (R., Texas) told the Free Beacon. “President Obama, Secretary Kerry, Ambassador Power, and their colleagues should remember that the United States Congress reconvenes on January 3rd, and under the Constitution we control the taxpayer funds they would use for their anti-Israel initiatives.”  (WHEN IS THE RESTORED REPUBLIC GOVERNMENT TO BE ANNOUNCED AND RESURRECTED IN AUTHORITY? WHY IS THIS CONTINUALLY BEING PUT OFF?)
“The 115th Congress must stop the current administration’s vicious attack on our great ally Israel, and address the major priorities of the incoming administration,” Cruz said, expressing his desire to work with the incoming Trump administration to reset the U.S. relationship with Israel.

Senior congressional sources currently working on the issue further disclosed to the Free Beacon that lawmakers on both sides of the aisle are in an uproar over the Obama administration, which they accuse of plotting behind closed doors to smear Israel.

Not content with spending the last eight years using the United Nations to undermine American sovereignty, the Obama administration has finally trained their sights on Israel and is trying to exploit this unelected and unaccountable international body to impose their resolution of the Palestinian issue on Israel,” one senior congressional aide told the Free Beacon. “Enough is enough.” (Let's not be double minded America and claim that it is OK for Obama and his unlawful cronnies to do what he is doing to Israel when it is NOT OK to be done to us in America. You can't have 'it' both ways. Our policies should apply to one and all nations - including the USA - so consider negative anti-semitic responses to backfire upon us in our nation as well - which it will.)

While the Trump administration will not take office until the end of January, Congress will be working overtime before then to stop the Obama administration from further damaging the U.S.-Israel relationship, according to the source, who hinted that a full cut-off of U.S. funding to the U.N. currently is on the table. 

(Our nation should NOT be funding the UN to commit unlawful actions against other nations, including rape, genocide, pedophelia, theft of nation's assets, kidnapping, coup of duly elected government officers, etc.  These acts do NOT coincide with our nations Republic Organic Constitution nor the moral values of the majority of the people of our nation. Our funds should be provided to help people, not provide funding to DESTROY the people on this planet. Once our funds are provided to the UN, we do not control the use of those funds provided from the hard work of the Americans.)

“A new administration will arrive on January 20th, but in the intervening weeks Congress has an important role mitigating the damage President Obama can do in his final hours,” the source said. “Why on earth would we throw good taxpayer dollars after bad in support of the UN, which has proven itself again and again utterly unable to encourage any positive progress? Just take Syria — if they were doing anything over the last five years, it should have been working out a fair and equitable adjudication of the Syrian war.”  “Instead, they’ve proven themselves utterly useless–in fact they’ve probably made a gut-wrenching catastrophe worse,” the source explained. “There’s no reason to think this action will turn out any more favorably.”

A second senior congressional aide working on a package of repercussions expressed fear that the U.N. vote was just the first salvo targeting Israel.  “The question now is whether this was the finale or the prologue of what this administration has planned against Israel,” the source said, adding that “everything is on the table right now — including funding cuts and scaling back diplomatic relations with countries that brought forward this resolution.”

A similar list of punitive actions was confirmed by multiple congressional sources who spoke to the Free Beacon about the matter. The sources were granted anonymity so they could speak freely.  “Obama went to the U.N. because a U.N. resolution is functionally irreversible by normal means,” added a veteran foreign policy insider who is currently working with the incoming Trump administration. “Obama’s goal was to eliminate any limited options that could be used to repair the damage to Israel, and Obama gambled that Trump and Congress would be too intimidated to use the remaining big stick options. He’s going to lose that gamble.”

“American leaders will now use exactly those options,” the source explained. “Everything is on the table, from systematically going after the U.N., to moving the U.S. embassy into parts of Jerusalem the U.N. says aren’t Israeli, to kicking the Palestinians out of Washington.” “Members on both sides of the aisle are furious, so our response will be swift and forceful,” the second congressional source said. “With a Trump administration in place, any nation that seeks to delegitimize the Jewish state will need to answer to the United States.” 



Anonymous said...

I agree with regular americans who voice their disapproval for Israel or who know right from wrong. Why else have free speech?
But when it comes to international regulatory agencies invading with armies and telling other nations what to do, I don't agree with the UNITED NATIONS having the authority on Israel or anywhere else.

There are over sixty five charters in the U.N. legal code that we know nothing about. Should the U.N. continue to exist after its true colors have been exposed? That is the real question, and americans support gutting their funds until that question is answered.

Anonymous said...

Time to defund Israel. Israel get 1/4th of all US Foreign Aid, according to Kerry. And Congress recently gave $52 BIllion to war criminal Neten-a-ho.
And it was Israeli Mossad, Silverstein and Bush WH who bombed NYC and Pentagon on 9/11!!! They are playing USA for idiots. Congress has sold out to their interests over Americans. This is treason.

Meanwhile, Obama is wrecking havoc everywhere to cripple USA for his NWO handlers.
Obama-Trump Secret Hawaii Meeting Erupts Into Secret Service Standoff

Lovely Critters said...

This blind loyalty to Israel is stunning! Yes, I know what the Bible says about Israel. In 1967 Rothschild's donated the land they owned to form Israel. The Star of David is Rothschild's family Flag or symbol.

When are people going to come to a decision regarding Israel, that includes fact, and not hyperbole? When are we going to research religion enough (or listen to those that have--Jordan Maxwell, for example) to accept that these Criminal Bankers have probably edited our precious Bible and have been pulling all kinds of fraud for YEARS?

Israel does not do dink for the united States! But we sure donate and cover for them. They are NOT our greatest ally, Britain is, and again, that's by design. The coercion that likely occurred within the UN is appalling, yet par for Ovomit and his kind. I don't agree with how it was done (like a postulant child - his signature move), and the UN needs to be unfunded, at this point. We The People never agreed to have the UN Rule us, and we do not consent now. It is my belief they are all part of this Satanic Pedophile Ring that WikiLeaks leaked re #PizzaGate and John and Tony Podesta.

This Congress and every Congress before them in our entire lifetime has been committing Treason against the people, and it should be crystal clear to everyone by now, that there is "NO LAW ENFORCEMENT" left in this country that is willing to do their job.

I'm thinking its Revolution time...Donald Trump (whether you love him or hate him) CANNOT fix this alone. Congress is bought and paid for by the Criminal Banking Cartel, and full of active pedophiles (as proven by 2 different study's in the early to mid 2000s that one said 28% of Congress were Active Pedophiles, the other, later study said 35%.)

We have a Mafia type cartel in this country, and its coming down to, Law Enforcement do your damn jobs (not free the children from some no name bust, but bust the idiots that any LAY person can see is up to their neck in this garbage - John and Tony Podesta, James Alefantis...HRC FOR espionage and Treason) before We The People declare LEOs the enemy of the people. If that happens, the hell that we think could happen here, will be 100 times worse in reality.

Its time..either pony up and do your jobs, or don't...but I don't want to hear about you being picked on for doing your jobs ... When you won't take care of open criminality in our face. Reminder: you are We The People too...saddle up!