Friday, December 23, 2016

For all you Snopes fans!!!!

UNREAL: Snopes Founder Marries Ex-Porn Star, Escort… Hires Her as Fact-Checking Site Admin!

I guess America will now know what part of David's body is the most important to him, and what the words 'faithful' and 'trustworthy' - or is it 'unfaithful' and 'not trustworthy' means - married or not!!!!

Well, here are a few well-checked facts for you…

Snopes —  neutral, reliable, trustworthy Snopes — is a quagmire of embezzling, pot-smoking licentious greed. There, I’ve said it, but I don’t feel one bit better. (haha!!)
Founder (with wife Barbara) David Mikkelson is embroiled in a legal battle following their highly contentious divorce last year. Barbara claims that David embezzled $98,000 in company funds, took private trips and paid for prostitutes as a business expense, and that he put his mistress, Elyssa Young, now his wife, on the payroll, according to the U.K. Daily Mail(WOW! Real trustworthy businessman!)

A few years and at least 50 pounds ago, Young was a porn “actress.” She now works as an escort in her spare time, or at least she did until her marriage last month; her current status is a bit unclear. Nice bio, eh?

Snopes’ other resident genius is Kim LaCapria, a former sex blogger (is that really a thing?) who also goes by the name Vice Vixen. LaCapria admitted to the Daily Mail that she smoked pot while writing for Snopes. Also while not writing for Snopes so, presumably, all of the time.

All of this is more than entertaining. It’s of serious concern for people who take factual news seriously, since Snopes was recently named as a news vetting site by Facebook. The idea that the staff is dallying with porn performers, smoking pot on the job and heaven knows what else could compromise their credibility for most readers.

Young is a real brainiac, too, which is probably how she landed the job at Snopes. She ran for Congress in Hawaii in 2004 in an unsuccessful race against the Republican incumbent. Rumor has it that misspelling her opponent’s name on her campaign website may have been a factor, but that hasn’t been fact-checked with Snopes.

Prostitution? Check. Pornography? Check. Pot? Check. Embezzling? Check. Infidelity? Check. Check-check-check.

It’s important that the people checking facts for Facebook (and the rest of us) care about right and wrong, and nothing seems right over at Snopes.

Please share on Facebook and Twitter to let people know that Snopes is not the "neutral, balanced fact-checke" it purports to be.

And some will STILL support Snopes irregardless of FACTS about their 'business'.  Oh well. You can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink!  That's life for ya!!!  At least we can get a good laugh out of Snopes!!!

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