Saturday, December 31, 2016

Woe to Babylon, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 10


By Anna Von Reitz

According to Semiramis (also known as the "Queen of Heaven", the "Great Abomination", the "Mother of All Whores" and the inventor of idolatry) if you want to rule over people, all you need is a "pillar and a post". 
What you do, is you take one object---- a tall vertical supporting column--- and you label it a "pillar" and you take another tall vertical supporting column, and label it a "post", thereby creating a difference between them.
Even if the difference is merely a name or a label, it is enough to fool people into thinking a difference exists.  
This is the essence of "divide and conquer". 
You divide people using the same methods. You apply labels to them and exploit their differences:  black and white, rich and poor, short and tall, Catholic and Lutheran, Republican and Democrat, Palestinian and Israeli. 
This is one of the essential esoteric teachings of Freemasonry worldwide and it is the foundation plank of the Babylonian Slave System which is now masquerading as the lawful governments of the world. 
Just call it something different. 
Exploit the differences. 
United States v. United States of America.
But what happens when we wake up like the dumb beasts on Christmas Eve and decide to look and think and talk? 
Then we notice that Russians and Americans are indistinguishable until they open their mouths, that black people have five fingers and toes just like white people, that most of the time the voting records of Democrats are the same as the voting records of Republicans.
We've been fed a line.  Old Semiramis has been at it again.
Having recognized the lies and enslavement of the Babylonian System, and having recognized the "pillar" and the "post" routine being played upon us, what do we do about it? 
We see through it. 
We stop believing the lie---stop seeing differences where none exist. It's not a pillar or a post.  It's a tall vertical support column.
We stop paying any attention to the labels.
We stop playing the game.
We aren't "United States Citizens" and we aren't "citizens of the United States" either. 
We aren't "vessels in commerce".
We aren't names or labels or numbers.
We aren't members of political parties. 
And at the moment you realize who you are, you set yourself free of all this Babylonian idiocy.  The illusions are shattered like a magic spell, and the simplicity and beauty of life is revealed.

So don't wait another moment.  Sit down right now and look at what I am telling you and say----- WTH?  What have I been thinking?  
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